I’ll keep this short and sweet as we begin 2019 with quite the wordy feast, and I don’t want to hold you up any longer than I have to. (I may also just be suffering from a touch of year-end frazzled nerves. Who’s with me???) It’s always exciting to turn a page, start a fresh calendar (and we have two for you to choose from this month!), make some resolutions, and try and leave behind as much bad psychic energy as possible in the past year. 2019 will lose its new year smell soon enough, but for now let’s all bask in the glow of these early days. I hope you find as much inspiration in our in-depth conversation with Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick as I did. It’s always amazing to see two people who’ve somehow managed to fuse their creative passions with companionship. Our romantic partners are not always on board with our artistic pursuits (as you may find on this issue’s back page), but when that does happen? Magic. Pure atomic magic. Take care and have a safe, happy new year. Let’s get to it! —Dan Fox

January 2019 cover photo of Keith Calhoun & Chandra McCormick

Top photo: Dolly Pardon? and Napoleon Complex at MAKE UP improv + drag: Stocking Stuffers at Cafe Istanbul by Josh Burns