Imagine the biggest boulder you have ever seen. In the very middle of it, there is a small space for you to cram all of your feelings about comfort, money, self-worth, and your values. They don’t have to be perfect, but declare them as they are, to sit, untouched, on the inside of an unmoving rock in your life. These boulder feelings are the actual foundation to how we protect ourselves. Generally, we find ways that work and stick with them. Have you done the work of examining your coping mechanisms, fears, or relationship to being excessive in your actions and responses? It’s the worst! You can understand the deep, world-shifting roots of your own existence, and still be unable to change your own coping mechanisms. You are a good person standing next to a good person with a completely different set of values. This month, on the 16th, Uranus goes into Taurus. Uranus is the bolt of lightning that strikes this boulder and turns it into pebbles. You can spend the rest of your life trying to get these pebbles to the exact places they held in the boulder (impossible); or you can examine each smaller rock and figure out how it works in your life as a moveable object. This is not a painful transit: it is here to provide fully new, inspiring ideas about how to change parts of yourself that are so deeply embedded you don’t even think about them. Follow the inspiration, follow the lead, get comfortable with a little discomfort. Uranus only comes around every 84 years and it camps out in Taurus for seven years.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was during the Great Depression. Historically, when we look back at that time, we see how fragile money can become. We can see now how the following generations were hell-bent on pursuing a feeling of security. This transit, mixed with the superpowers of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, has potential to shift a lot of our power structures. Often, in order for things to get better, they need to be confronted and considered from a lot of different angles. Uranus is the exact force that does this, and the mammoth energy of Saturn and Pluto makes it stick. As we head into new territory, consider your own relationship to power. It is OK to be comfortable with the exact way things are going, but what could a perfect world look like? It is OK to be furious with the way things are going, but what do you want it to look like instead? Offering alternative ideas is the name of the game here, and trying something that hasn’t been done before is key. Experimentation will get you far during this transit.


When Uranus entered your sign in 2011, it took every part of your identity and threw it into the air like confetti. Slowly, you pulled things down to look more closely at them, settled them, and then Uranus threw them right back up to be reassessed again, over and over, until this month. Of course, everyone has plenty of change over a seven year period; but you, Aries, have had to completely reinvent yourself. You’ve had to grow new understanding and courage, and just keep trying all the time. The new moon on the 15th is a good time to reflect on where your values have settled, and how much you love yourself for getting through the last seven years. When Mars moves into your house of community on the 17th, you can expect a new adventure with friends—they will bring you somewhere you need to be.


Uranus is entering your sign for the first time in 84 years on the 16th. A lot will change, and a lot will seem possible that probably hasn’t for most of your lifetime. If you see yourself already moving in totally different directions, keep going. If you feel stuck and unsure of what move to make, it is important to know that there are no wrong approaches. Uranus provides an experiment with our time and energy, and even when you hit a dead end, the journey teaches you a lot about what you are capable of, how much the world will bend at your will, and how badly your energy is needed in spaces where you haven’t existed before. The new moon on the 15th is in your sign, bringing magic and light to your emotional experiences. When we name and celebrate the ways we have become ourselves, we point to places for growth. Get moving.


The last seven years have been a crash course in finding your power independently of other people. On the 16th of this month, Uranus enters your house of community, bringing a lot of surprising collaborative energy along with it. This is a time to connect with friends and become a part of something bigger than yourself. Ultimately, we do our best when we bring everyone else up with us. Connect with old friends, attend networking events, and call your community together to share their stories with each other. The new moon on the 15th will bring up some much-needed ideas for where to start. Pay attention to who reaches out, and how their words land. When Mars enters Aquarius on the 17th, you will already have a lot to work with; and while the transit of Uranus is long, there is plenty to do.


Spirituality is its own vast experience over a lifetime, and every person has their own experience in how their faith is shaped. Faith is something people take for granted and also base their whole lives on, but at the end of the day it is fully individual and independent in our experience. When Uranus enters your house of spirituality on the 16th, you will need to reassess your relationships to your own belief systems. This transit also brings totally different ideas on how to connect with your internal, sacred energy. For some people, this could be a radical deepening of what they already know, but this is mostly a surprise-filled transit that will last the next seven years. A good place to start is asking other people what their experience has been. Ask someone you know to tell you what they dream about; or attend a service at a worship center that is new to you. Inspiration comes in many forms.


Your relationship to power is very unique, Leo. People give you power even if you don’t want it. You are a designated leader, as a rule. This month, Uranus enters your tenth house of social dynamic and power and will stay there for seven years. In the parts of your life where you run things, do you understand the impact you have on the world? Are you happy with it? Is it structurally sound? Are there elements that need to change? Do you need to change? Uranus brings a lot of unexpected twists and turns when it moves, and it is a make-or-break time for where you hold authority. When Mars makes an opposition to your sign on the 17th, you can expect to hear more about how you could be better. Listen and absorb without anger, and head in the direction that these comments lead you.


Stability and structure is what you thrive in. If it has a system you can learn, you can rule any world. This month on the 16th, Uranus moves into your house of liberty and into a trine with your sun sign. This brings a once-in-a-lifetime boost of personal freedom to do and be whatever you want, especially in front of people who have asked you to be something you are not. Sometime, in the next seven years, plan your dream trip, save for it, and go. This transit will bring so much empowerment when you see dream landscapes or places you have fantasized about. The new moon on the 15th of this month is a good time to make a sort of emotional bucket list. Ten things you want to give yourself permission to be free from, ten things you want to see in the next seven years, and ten things the last seven years have shown you to believe in.


If you could choose to live life over again, what would you change? This month, on the 16th, Uranus enters your house of death, rebirth, and sex, bringing lots of change to the deep psychology of personal history and resilience. As a justice-seeking person, it is common to have a lot of heartbreak in a lifetime. You see the world with so much compassion and love, and when you see the best in everything, it has a lot further to fall. Examine these falls. There is a shift that is necessary in your sex life too: maybe you are having sex that is underwhelming, or maybe it is with the wrong people. Uranus brings the revolution of being here now, with the liberty to access history and ghosts from the past. A safe start is experimenting and visiting lives that feel more fulfilling. This is a forced awakening in your life.


Uranus moves into opposition with your sign on May 16th, bringing a lot of change. I can almost hear the collective Scorpio voice saying “Oh no!” out loud. But if you are an early Scorpio (the end of October) you have probably already started experiencing some of these changes. We have to disrupt our ways of thinking to elevate our experience on Earth. We have to find better ways to treat ourselves. We have to honor the things that matter to us, and hold them close. You are good at these challenges as a rule, but Uranus brings messages about how to get better and permanently believe in yourself and your capabilities. Do not be afraid of change: you are ready for anything.


When Saturn left your sign in December, there was a lighter note to everything you did. This month, Uranus leaves a seven year trine to your sign, which ends decades of the outer planets angularly on top of something in your chart. That’s not to say these energies don’t still matter in your chart, and how you are being moved isn’t important—you just have a break for a few months to exist without a lot of pressure to do the “right thing.” May 16th is your day of freedom. Some places to grow without pressure: you are graced with huge advantages in chasing your professional and work dreams. This is especially true if you are using your education to its highest potential—education including life experience. Take some real time with your partner (or partners) or crush (crushes) without distraction of work or responsibility around the 20th. There is a lot of clarity in relationships during this time.


When planets or signs “square” each other, it is a 90 degree angular stiff arm from two forces that have to figure out how to coexist in harmony, or at the very least, exist at the same time. When planets “trine” each other, there is a 120 degree relationship between two energies that need each other for support, so they work more efficiently together. This month, Uranus transitions from a square to your sign, to a trine on the 16th. This transit will move into your fifth house of creativity. There is a lot of pressure in the Capricorn life right now, and this shift will create a lot of gigantic creative ideas in how to deal. To get better, you have to face the unknown. To be the best, you have to embrace change and spontaneity. If you are called to something completely different—especially if it has something to do with a creative outlet or self-centered need—try it out.


This month, Uranus moves into your house of home, where it will live for seven years. This energy brings some unexpected changes that could grow your family or change your home completely. We hold both of these things so dear that it might be hard to imagine big changes in either, but the change is quick, and it works. The new moon on the 15th is square your sun, bringing frustrations to the surface that can be handled well if they are approached directly. When Mars moves into your sign on the 17th, you will hit the ground running on all of these changes. None of these energies are gentle, but none of them are bad either. When you try doing the opposite of the usual, you get totally different results.


In 2011, Uranus entered the house in your chart that deals with how you value everything, including yourself. It brings chaos and lessons that fully disrupt, all in the name of personal growth. As you reflect on what grew after the big surprises, growths, and let-downs over the last seven years, there are constants—constant people, constant passions, constant work to show up for. These things are sacred and worthy of a lot of continuing dedication. On May 16th, Uranus moves to your house of communication and learning. This brings unusual approaches to our intellect, and how we gather information. If you have always meant to go to school (or go back), get at it. If you want to teach a class or speak in front of a group of people, get to it. The spark that brings these lessons is the same spark that shares these lessons. We want to teach you; we want to learn from you.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

illustrations KALLIE TIFEAUX @thesubtleneedle