When the sun is in Gemini, so many truths come out. We all think it’s the heat that makes people fight about what is right to them and say how they really feel. It is Gemini. Gemini season is the exact time when you need to know more. You need to fight to understand the other side. You need to joke to lessen the blows of the previous year. Gemini season is the time of year when we should universally approach freedom of expression, information, and language. The way people show themselves to us is usually after years of practicing being themselves. Have a conversation to see where it goes. If you argue, listen to the other side. Share your information, your secrets, your let-downs. Be vulnerable in the stories you tell. To understand how grand the world is, we need all the voices and stories that have come before us, gathered and retold until they hold the power they deserve. We are in the storytelling time of year, so get close.

On the 27th of this month, Mars goes into a retrograde phase. This happens every two years, and this year’s retrograde happens in Aquarius. Aquarius energy is humanitarian and collective in its approach to the world. And while Mars is usually tangled in fighting, fighting at this time is over the betterment of humanity. When you feel like starting a dialogue, ask yourself: how does this help everyone? In addition to this retrograde phase, Jupiter is still retrograde in Scorpio, and Pluto and Saturn are retrograde in Capricorn. This is an exact crossroads to pay attention to in terms of future planning, how we are treating the planet, money, and human life. Pay attention to your elected officials; ask repeatedly for transparency. Truth illuminates; do not be afraid in your approach to it.


With the planetary whirlwind of last month, there are plenty of directions your heart is telling you to go. You can feel the force of change, and this month brings knowledge necessary to lead you in exactly the right direction. The problem is, sometimes we have to be patient to act on the things we know. And with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and (later in the month) Mars all retrograde, this is a time to start a plan with patience. The new moon on the 13th is a powerful time to get practical answers, as well as tackling the paperwork and nitty-gritty business of making dreams real. Mars goes retrograde in your house of community on the 27th, bringing clear messages of how you want your circle to be different. This is not a time to start anything new, but it is a perfect time to fine-tune or pick up the things that already exist. It is hard to assess without action, but patience and dedication do incredible things.


Absorbing does not equal processing or reflecting. You have a natural tendency to let the world run past you. There is no need to make room when you are not involved. This month until the 12th, spend time daily (if possible) thinking about the ways you have grown from five years ago. Write about it, talk about it, make something about it. Dissect it: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The sun and Mercury are in a space in your chart that need you to see yourself for what you are capable of and how much you talk yourself out of your own freedom and joy. When you absorb without consideration, sometimes the impact something leaves is completely shocking—where are you with those feelings, currently? When Mars goes retrograde on the 27th, you may feel pulled to a spotlight. Showing people your best self can go hand in hand with showing people your real self. You do not need to hide.


Mercury, your ruling planet, is in your sign until the 12th. Fatigue and over-saturation of information can make new information feel jumbled and shaky, but when your ruling planet is back in your sign, you feel a sense of renewal about purpose, knowledge, and the messages you are getting out. This renewal can come through in your work, or just through more efficient communication. Socially, this renewal can also show up as being more focused and interested in the world around you. The new moon on the 13th is an especially nice time to feel exactly yourself, and celebrate the wild ride that a year can bring. When Mars goes retrograde in your house of adventure on the 27th, you may feel a pull to uproot and change everything. DON’T. Be cautious, be careful, and wait. Urgency in change signals a deeper need. Inspect this reaction.


What does it mean to you that the sun is illuminating your shadows for most of this month? Is there something you have forgotten about yourself? Has your need for comfort driven out your logic? The 12th house in astrology represents a space in our lives that is profoundly spiritual. When you think of yourself as a sacred being, are you being treated (and treating yourself) that way? The new moon is a strengthening time to search inward for what your dreams really look like—align your expectations appropriately. When Venus enters your house of self-worth on the 14th, there will be a heightened focus on your love life. Mars goes retrograde every two years, and this month it will do so again on the 27th. This might be a big reality check to take yourself as seriously as you take everyone else.


There are important lessons to be learned this month in your social circles, Leo: connections you need to make, places you need to be, conversations you need to have. These lessons are especially powerful on the 13th with the new moon. When Venus enters your sign on the 14th, new prospects come into your romantic life. If you are dating someone, this could mean a new, deeper understanding of your connection. If you are single, this could be a time to pay attention to who has your attention. When Mars goes retrograde on the 27th, it will be in opposition to your sun sign. You may feel pressure to get moving on a lot of things you have been meaning to get to, but this is a time to simmer and be gentle with yourself and everyone around you. This is a time to reassess where you put your energy. Some of the changes being made now can be lifelong. Be cautious about acting too quickly.


OK, you are given a microphone for 20 minutes to bring a message to everyone in the whole world: what do you want to say? Within this exercise lies a truth about where your energy should be dedicated this month. Your passion, energy, and truth is front and center. We want to hear you; it is up to you what you want to share. The new moon on the 13th brings a bright, emotional boost to the belief of what you are capable of on a universal stage. When Mars goes retrograde on the 27th, it will be in your house of health and work. There is a tendency to be stressed more easily, and have silly accidents, especially when we are not taking care of ourselves. Slow down. Don’t overcommit. A work and life balance must be maintained—a ridiculous thing to casually say to a Virgo, but if you are having anxiety, take a break.


This month, the sun is illuminating the part of your chart that needs adventure. There is a tendency to visit friends or relatives, places that are familiar, or places where there’s work to be done. I urge you during this time to make plans to take a trip that is fantastical, ungrounded by familiarity, and as lightly planned as possible. There is a lot of inspiring energy that comes from disruption, and you need a scene. From the first to the 13th, Venus is in your house of public identity, bringing lots of crushes to the surface as well as a lot of potential for long-term relationship renewal. Do something new and you will get something new. When Mars enters its retrograde stage on the 27th, it will be in your house of ego. Make sure to keep your self-importance in check during this time. Hurt feelings are easier now, but make sure you are seeing things clearly.


Some things may come to light this month that urge you to move to a different home. This month, Mars goes retrograde on the 27th in your house of home, while Jupiter is retrograde in your own sign, and Pluto and Saturn are retrograde in your house of communication and learning. While this is a good time to move to a place that would be exactly right for you, hasty decisions and wild reactions are generally the propellers. This is not a good time to move in any direction on a whim, or as an overreaction to a singular experience. The new moon on the 13th should provide a deep understanding of the psychological changes that a new place could bring. Focus on the ways you want to feel now before making the actual move (if you still want to) later this summer.


The sun brings a lot of life to whatever it touches, and for most of this month it is in your house of long-term relationships. Celebrating these relationships is especially great on the 13th with the new moon landing in the same house. When Mercury moves on the 13th, it will also provide a time to more deeply understand the intimacy of these relationships and talk about any secret dreams, fears, or loves with your chosen mate(s). When Mars goes retrograde this month on the 27th, it will be in your house of communication and learning. You may feel a strong pull to do something totally different with school or your communication methods, but be careful that you are not overly dramatic in the way you commit or speak to people you want continued relationships with.


With the sun and Mercury in your house of health and daily routine from the first to the 12th, go see your doctor. See a dentist. Start a new health routine or try a change in diet. This is a time where these activities get lit up, but there is nothing to be alarmed about, just to get information about. When Venus moves on the 14th into your house of transformative energy, expect some changes to your sex life. Being direct in needs, wants, and desires feels a lot more freeing during this time. Mars will be retrograde in your house of personal identity on the 27th, which stirs up a lot of deep, buried feelings about yourself—be gentle and careful with these feelings. Create a mantra to remind yourself during this time that you are worthy of all the beauty of the world, because Mars will bring a wrecking ball. It’s better to knock down walls of self-hatred than forts of self-love.


Mars is the planet of passion and war, and on the 27th of this month, it goes retrograde in your sign. Mars transits Aquarius every two years, which always brings an intense need for taking action in all things. Mars highlights wants with a considerable amount of urgency. A retrograde phase flips this energy over and makes it really murky. While you feel the energy for change, this is a bad time to start something as big as you think you might be ready for. This is a time to take stock in what motivates you. Brainstorming ideas for passion-based life decisions will be especially strong around the new moon, from the 12th to the 14th.


With the sun and Mercury lighting up your house of home from the beginning of the month until the new moon on the 13th, you should feel a lot of inspiration to clean house. Declutter, move your space around, give away special objects. This energy could also bring a lot of positive power towards moving to a perfect place, if you are not already there. When Mars goes retrograde on the 27th, it will be in your 12th house, the house of spirituality and wisdom. This phase will bring a lot of awareness to your personal practice around spirituality, and a lot of activity in your dreams; but be cautious in following the spiritual path or teachings of someone you do not fully trust. Spend time creating emotional and psychic boundaries during this time as well, because while this energy is strong, it creates a lot of possibility for clashes and aggression.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

illustrations KALLIE TIFEAUX @thesubtleneedle