I am reading about what is happening in the world while simultaneously seeing projections that this could be the beginning of world peace, astrologically speaking. It is puzzling to me. It seems like places are on fire and many people in charge are asking us to look at anything but the truth. And we all want peace, but are we all willing to go to war?

This month is pivotal for a lot of reasons. On the 11th, Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio, which will bring justice to dark times. There is a lot of release in death and rebirth. This marks a time where sexuality and sex become lighter and more comfortable as a rule. Find peace in loss however it comes. Find peace in the chaos of birth and rebirth. Jupiter as a planet can be summed up this way: when one door closes, a whole world opens.

On the 12th, there is a solar eclipse in Cancer. We all need to check in with our inner mother and inner child. We need to revolutionize and promote deep caring for all humans. We need to see the humanity of people we do not like as much as those who need our support. We need to connect with how we take care of ourselves in order to care for anyone else. This eclipse has the power to change the way we care forever because of the opposition of stiff and serious Pluto and Saturn. Balancing Cancer’s soft side with get-to-business Capricorn can move mountains. We have to remember ourselves fully as we wage our battles. Take time for what you need; ask that everyone do the same. Fight for those who are not allowed those rights. On the 26th, Mercury goes retrograde in Leo, which brings a lot of potential for big, dramatic miscommunications. Watch yourself, and be patient with messages you receive during this time.

On the 27th, there is a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, which has potential to bring about a totally new era of human interaction. This finishes a couple year eclipse rotation in Aquarius; and it seems that every time a new eclipse happens we are learning more and more about how we interact with one another and how we use power and influence on a global scale. Aquarius promotes peace, love, and a better, more complete understanding of each other. Arriving at those outcomes vary from person to person; and when you know that what is happening is wrong, you need to work within your power to make it right. Aquarius reminds us that no human being is illegal, that borders are imaginary, and that when you find people, you find love.

The big overarching thing happening all month is that Jupiter and Neptune are in a trine, which has the possibility to unite all sides in ways we haven’t seen for hundreds of years. Promotion of freedom and equality is a good start if you want to get a handle on how to use this energy.


How do you work to make yourself better without a lot of constant affirmation? This month, on the 12th, there is a revolution happening in your home. You will have to get uncomfortable to find your best life. The problem, Aries, is that there is not a lot of planetary ease in this month’s forecast for you. You like to move through things, get immediate (if not sooner) results, and flex your feelings. The stars suggest slowly, carefully considering the entire planet before you make any big moves. Be cautious of your own explosions. Use excess energy for emotional change. Our best outcomes are achieved from years of returning to the same people and places with new energy and resolve. What does it look like when we are not the eager one, but the one asking to be changed?


On the 11th of this month, Jupiter goes direct in your opposing sign, Scorpio. It has been retrograde for a couple months, bringing some haze to your general direction in life, and causing some confusion about where you are supposed to be and who you are supposed to be with. When Jupiter goes direct, there may be some swift movements to realign yourself with your best life path. This month also promotes a lot of movement. I mean this literally: you need to get up, and you need to go. This is prime time for setting new standards for how you treat your body. Committing to travel and exploration is also a good way to exercise this transit. On the 27th, there is a lunar eclipse in your house of public attention; what message do you want to share with the masses?


Shaking a bottle of champagne will blow it up. If treated gently or untouched, it will never overflow. This month you are the champagne, and the size of this explosion is up to you. On the 12th, there is a solar eclipse in your house of personal values. What agitates you, rocks you, or wakes you up to what you actually care about is fully your decision; but a lot of action will be happening in this realm. On the 27th, the lunar eclipse will happen in your house of adventure and justice, and because it follows this exceptional self-awareness, you may feel the rumblings of an explosion in a way that you didn’t know you possessed. Get out there! Chase the story and the justice. Experience is better than secondhand accounts this month.


There are these iconic scenes in action movies of someone hanging by their fingertips to save themselves from falling off a cliff or a skyscraper. This month, things will appear that will make you feel exactly like this. In this scenario, instead of falling to your death, you are falling to a vat of love and support and new life. What are you holding on to for dear life? What are you holding up that is not ultimately doing anything for you? There is a solar eclipse in your sign on the 12th, bringing a sonic boom of personal empowerment and awareness for exactly what needs improving. Saturn and Pluto are camped out in opposition to your sign for the next few years, reminding you constantly of what you ought to do. This eclipse balances out what you actually need. Take time to contemplate a well-rounded outcome: it is right in front of you.


Where do you get to act out your vulnerability? Where is it safe for you to show yourself, be yourself, and be imperfect? A lunar eclipse on the 27th in opposition to your sign asks that you bring humanity to everything you do professionally and personally. Sometimes, because of the boldness of your personhood, people forget that you need space and time to thrive. When you show “flaws” during this time, everyone can understand the multitudes contained within. Mars is also in opposition to your sign this month in retrograde. The groundwork that is laid during this time will show its functionality for years to come. Be patient; be raw. Leading with vulnerability is harder than most things for your sign, but everyone will be better for it.


Venus enters your sign the same day Jupiter goes direct, bringing a lot of attention to the ways you shine. This is an ideal time for your love life, and if you are feeling anything less than happiness, it is a stellar time to make new connections or moves that work better for you. The lunar eclipse on the 27th brings a new emotional element to your work life. If you want a new job, this starts a six-month period to land a dream spot. If you love your job, this is a good time to add emotional depth to your work experiences. In practical terms, this could be anything from joining the committee that chooses charitable giving, to attending happy hour more regularly with your coworkers. If you thought you couldn’t love work more, get ready.


Every once in a while there are turning points in our personhood after a period of self reflection. This month there is a lunar eclipse in your house of personal motivation. Mars is also camped out in this space in a retrograde phase, which creates a lot of ideas before actual action. So, create a map of yourself. What do you do when you feel happy? When you feel victory? What do you do when you aren’t feeling like approaching the world? Do these behaviors represent how you want the world to see you? You are a ruler of beauty and love—what you put out represents everything that you are. With intentionality, your product will mirror your truth.


A lot of really big, bold, and beautiful things happen when Jupiter enters your sign. Jupiter first entered your sign in October 2017, and then went retrograde in March. On the 11th of this month, it goes direct, which will feel just as powerful as the big boost it provided last fall and winter. As the ruler of justice, luck, and positive experiences, Jupiter provides a lot of possibilities to whatever in your life is lacking inspiration. The solar eclipse on the 12th trines your sign, bringing a lot of necessary belief in yourself, your vision, and what you know you are capable of. The planets are setting the groundwork for you to make big moves, and this transit provides stamina unlike most other times in your life. When you open one door, another one opens, and on and on. What do you want to do with this potential?


So much action is happening this month in your most private and emotional spaces. The 10th to the 14th could provide some of the most healing direction you have been given in years. There are bursts of genius in your intuition, so pulling the thread and seeing what unravels is highly ideal. When the lunar eclipse happens in the same space as Mars retrograde on the 27th, you will learn new lessons in the value of staying put. What is the adventure if it is not a change of physical scenery? If you approach yourself with the same wonder you give to a new place, where can you go?


There are times when our business is so fluid, important, and constant that we forget the human parts of our lives. You need to sleep. You need to be with people. You need to eat. On the 12th, there will be a big necessary slow down with the solar eclipse in opposition to your sign. It asks that you consider yourself a human, with a beating heart. It asks that you slow down to understand yourself in the larger world. Of course you understand the impact of your actions, but have you taken time to appreciate what you need to maintain your level of perfection? Have you taken time to assess where you need help, and ask for love and appreciation? Mothering ourselves is revolutionary. This month, put some work in towards this theme.


Eclipses bring so much unexpected action to our lives that at a certain point we forget what it’s like to just lazy river our way through a day. The last year and a half has been packed with eclipses in your sign, and in opposition to your sign. This month, on the 27th, you have a final eclipse in your sign for a while. It is a lunar eclipse, so the most important resettling will be in your emotional realm. Of course, this coincides with Mars retrograde in your sign, which begs you to consider the spaces in your life where you haven’t believed in yourself, and take a different approach in the ways you work toward goals and physical barriers. You can Kool-Aid Man that wall, climb it, or take the journey around it.


Please pay special attention to what you are called to do between the 10th and 14th of this month. There are very strong, very empowering shifts happening in the stars that will bring a massive amount of information your way. As an inspector of all things unknown, you are intuitively a beacon to more people than you will ever know. We need your input now more than ever. On a grand scale, this could be a good time to start a new business, win something, or be recognized for a job well done. On a smaller scale, you will feel busy, and should intentionally spend as much time networking, socializing, and playing as possible. When the lunar eclipse happens on the 27th, there will be signs all around to confirm your new life path. When you pay close attention to your direction and stay motivated, a lot can happen.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

illustrations KALLIE TIFFAU @ultramirror