Jupiter, the planet that rules expansion, growth, freedom, adventure, and even basic philosophical ideas, enters the sign it rules, Sagittarius, on the 8th of this month. It will live here for a year, urging us to abandon the parts of ourselves that keep us hidden and small, while expanding our worldviews through art and adventure. Change during this time is inevitable, but it is not hard change. It is like suddenly waking up to the most beautiful reality and acting without internal boundaries to be your best self. In this transit, we reject isolation and hate, because there is limitless space for everyone to exist. As you watch the events that unfold over the next year, consider this: am I moving forward with curiosity, respect, and an open mind? Are my personal liberties harming others? What have I created to add to the beauty of the world? This could be a beautiful sandwich you made, or a mural that took years to complete. This is a time when difference is celebrated, where the voices of the hateful are dimmed because we have so much more to focus on. You should try the thing you have been afraid of; you should release the things that don’t bring you joy. This is true always, but this transit especially promotes these moves.

Uranus, the planet of chaos and innovation, dips back into Aries in a retrograde phase on November 6. Aries is a sign that is aggressive and direct, and this happens to be Election Day. This could be the beginning of an 84-year period (the time it will take for Uranus to be back in this position) of political change. Uranus in Aries calls for a revolt against the usual, and as we see the ugliest sides of what the political world can be, we have a chance to show up in record numbers to change it at its roots (Jupiter moving into Sagittarius also really backs this up).

Venus goes direct in the sign it rules, Libra, on the 16th. This is a good time to assess the losses and gains of the last six weeks of Venus retrograde. Venus is the ruler of our love lives and relationships, and sometimes new perspectives gained are hard to act on during this retrograde. If you started a new relationship during this time, do you like it? Is it actually good for you? Venus in Libra is also a good time to start seeing someone new. With the knowledge that this retrograde phase provided, we can enter into something new with fresh views and informed minds.

The sun is in Scorpio this month until the 21st, which is always an important time to get our feelings in order. We can feel the last year more deeply and allow ourselves to let things that happened too quickly finally sink in. Take time, but beware the depth of darkness that is possible, too. Go deep, but don’t drown.


This is a really dynamic month with a lot of change in store, Aries. From the 6th until the end of the year, Uranus is back in retrograde in your sign. This is sure to drum up feelings of a personal change that happened starting back in 2010, and is meant to celebrate your rebirth while holding your history closely. On the 8th, there is a new moon in your house of psychology and Jupiter moves into your house of freedom, adventure, and personal liberty. The last time Jupiter was in this house was 2006; and to understand how to move forward, consider yourself 12 years ago. Think about all the new knowledge you have and how free you can be now in relationship to the person you were then. Empowerment has a root story, and in studying our histories, we free our futures.


Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde this month in your house of daily living, work, and health until the 16th. The way you speak about your love life, as well as yourself as a person worth loving, needs deep inspection during this time. There is a popular idea that when you speak the love you want, it comes to you. Are you speaking love or hate? When Jupiter moves into your house of rebirth on the 9th, it starts a year of change in your world. Sometimes, we don’t realize our ruts because they just feel like comfortable routines and feelings. Acknowledge the pieces of your heart that are broken. This is a good time to test your boundaries through adventure and process your burdens with the intention of lightening the load. You deserve the light, even when you feel the heaviest.


The planets have been promoting work in all aspects of your personal life for the last year. Sharing your personal awareness, accomplishments, and goals are important, and when Uranus enters your house of community on the 6th, there will be an important need to reunite with your community. Sometimes, with our head down, working hard, we forget how many people are cheering us on. This month will be a time to see and feel the voices of the people who love you most. On the 8th, Jupiter enters your house of long-term relationships and marriage. This begins a year of abundance in partnerships. If you’re single: do you want to be married? Do you want to move in with someone you have loved a long time? If you are married: Do you want to add to your family? Sure, a baby; but it could also be a pet, or joint ownership of a house. If long-term relationships have had gross outcomes, this is a time to heal those wounds.


Our experiences eventually bring us to a moment when we decide what we are capable of in our work and health. Jupiter enters your house of work this month on the 8th for the first time in 12 years, presenting new opportunities and perspectives to try on. Jupiter is so abundant that the possibilities are endless—which is to say, beware of “too good to be true” situations, but be ready for things that might feel better than they have for a long time, professionally. Jupiter in this placement also really promotes motivation around health, and a readiness to try something outside of the box to get new or different results. Health is obviously complex, but even just taking a walk outside, taking a different route, or trying new foods can open the whole world up to you, starting this month.


On the 8th of this month, Jupiter moves from an uncomfortable square to your sign to a harmonious trine. It also moves into your house of home, creating a lot of growth potential in where you live, and in your immediate family. Jupiter makes things easier; if you want to grow your household, the universe has your back, big time. You may find yourself more grounded at home, too. Nesting and entertaining in small groups can be good ways to spend time during this coming year. On the 22nd, the sun joins Jupiter in its trine, adding to positive feelings in every part of your life. With so many affirming energies swirling in your chart, it’s important that you remember to maintain relationships that matter most.


When it comes to your love life, Virgo, you show up. You get involved in all ways; and when things don’t work, it feels like a direct blow to your being. This month, Venus is retrograde in your house of personal values and how you see yourself emotionally. This is not very gentle energy. This transit is uprooting and aggressive; it shows how we have informed ourselves of what we “deserve” after a lifetime of human error in our love lives. In this transit, you could be in an affirming and important relationship and still know the ways you wrecked something previously. Give yourself a break. Elevate your expectations of other people to the expectations of yourself. If everyone showed up in the way you show up, the outcomes would be vastly different.


Your ruling planet, Venus, is in your sign for the entirety of November. For the first half of the month, it is retrograde, teaching stark lessons that will catch you off guard. This is the planet of love and relationships, and if you are feeling flip-floppy about anyone you are romantically interested in or involved with, this is a time when choices become very clear. When Venus goes direct, it will be an ideal time to begin something new romantically; but it is very important that you move forward with the knowledge only the preceding Venus retrograde can grant you. Fully immersing yourself in love is important. Jupiter enters your house of communication and learning on the 8th; this is a good time to start learning something new, or teaching. This could be as simple as training a new employee at your job or teaching a thousand people. Sharing your vision with the world around you makes it a better and brighter place.


The planet Jupiter has been in your sign for the last 13 months, and on the 8th it will move into your house of personal reflection and values. Jupiter is known to be a planet of abundance, and in general, this abundance is positive. One thing about Scorpio is that abundance in death, or rebirth, or even sex can be jarring at different times. Hearing “HEY LIFE IS HAPPENING GET ON BOARD HERE WE GOOOO” again and again can be tiring. So with this shift, think about the breakneck speed of the last year and what it taught you about your resilience. Think about how your rituals and routines were all thrown up in the air, and have now landed to show you your own capabilities. When did you feel lucky in the last year? The work, now that this transit is over, is settling all the change that has happened, and making space for that which makes you feel best.


On the 8th of this month, your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes into your sign. Jupiter brings luck, fortune, and abundant energy to do everything you’ve ever wanted, and lots of fresh perspective. As I write this I feel genuine excitement for your sign, because Saturn was so restrictive and serious for so long in your life, and you deserve this celebration. The new moon also happens on the 8th, reminding you of everything that came before this period of extreme joy. As you know, you have to shed the things that weigh you down, and the final frontier could be emotional weight. Spend some time this month freeing yourself from the traumas and dramas that have surfaced over the last several years to make this next year the best it can be.


On November 6th, Uranus goes from being trine your sign back to a square with your sign, a harmonious angle to a more challenging one. This planet is retrograde and has some final important lessons of discomfort and change to throw at you before it moves back to a more collaborative position. Two days later, Jupiter moves into your 12th house. The 12th house rules our relationship to spirituality, so the homework of this transit is to connect to the core of your beliefs. In this transit there is a lot of psychological work being done to our dream lives, so keeping track of what you are dreaming about can be informative. These shifts are not meant to be logical or clear, so it is important that you are comfortable following your gut.


Jupiter will move from your house of public image to your house of community on the 8th of this month. This change is significant, because while it doesn’t hurt to get attention for things you care about, you are fairly uninterested in being the person celebrated for their ideas. With this change, focus on finding your people and collaborating to create something beautiful. The full moon on the 23rd is trine your sign, boosting morale and affirmation for the direction you’re taking. At first, this month’s planetary alignment might make you feel too busy, but spending time with people is very important to knowing where you want (and need) to be.


Jupiter is the planet of abundance and joy, and this month on the 8th, it enters your house of personal power and authority. This is a time for other people to celebrate all of the hard work you have done over the last decade-plus and to pay attention to how you are working to make the world a better place. One problem is that Pisces is fairly uncomfortable with fanfare around themselves, which is something to consider. If you are going to be celebrated for something, what do you want it to be? When we present our goals to the universe during this transit, we have unlimited potential.

@iamastrology | illustrations KALLIE TIFFAU