This month we begin a phase of Jupiter squaring Neptune that will happen on and off into and throughout 2019. Jupiter and Neptune are both in places where they truly feel at home. We can all benefit from deepening our spiritual practices and feeling more happiness in our daily lives. But with every positive, there is a negative: these planets also rule the experience of confusion and over-extension. With these planets in a challenging square, there will often be situations that don’t feel like they have the “right” outcome—or any foreseeable outcome. Thorough investigation and weighing of all sides should be done when making big life choices, especially if you are uncomfortable allowing the tides to move you as they may. Task-oriented signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Leo) may have a harder time during this transit because the best course of action is to allow yourself to put things that feel unclear on the back burner. Allowing yourself to abandon people, places, and things that don’t give you joy is a good practice for this time.

On a larger scale, if something doesn’t feel right to you—in your gut you know there is something up—ask more questions. Demand clarity. We are all entering a phase when the great and powerful Oz is asking us not to look behind the curtain. Get behind the curtain and take over.

The sun is in Sagittarius until the 21st, and is enhanced by its ruling planet, Jupiter, in the same sign. Sagittarian times call for adventure: traveling, checking in with totally different philosophies, spiritual change—these are all worthwhile endeavors during this time. We can get into ruts where we feel that we know it all, that we have tried a path and it failed or didn’t work for us. You can try something you’ve tried a million times and have a different outcome with this special placement. This is a time to knock loose the most stubborn mindsets.

When the sun enters Capricorn on the 22nd, the Earth will be under our feet in a very real way. The sun will join pragmatic Saturn and transformative Pluto for the first time in a year, which is a good time for reflecting on this past year of progress. What have you built slowly and surely? We earn outcomes with extreme intention during this phase, so starting something that will change your lifestyle is ideal. We learn that if we start at the beginning, it will work better. If you want more money: school? A trade? Spending less on stupid crap you don’t need? If you want love: do you need to stop seeing the dummies you like best? Do you need to evaluate your confidence in yourself, and either change your feelings or change the things you feel are lacking? Can you get what you want where you are? Are you actually trying to get things, or just whining about how you never get things? Change is hard, but Capricorn is good at cutting through the crap to get to reality.


There are moments in the universe where we land in a perfect position to create our best life. This month, Aries, all planets are pointing to a full spectrum of emotional awareness and depth. December starts with Mercury, the planet of learning and communication, in your house of rebirth and death until the 11th. This is a time to process grief, speak to a therapist, or more thoroughly understand what you’ve shed due to the losses you’ve experienced. On the 22nd, there is a full moon in your house of home, which will bring something new to your home life. This is also a good day to connect with the person or people who have mothered you. Throughout the month, Mars is camped out in your house of spirituality, making this a good time to get into routines around meditation, dream recording, prayer, or any spiritual practice you are curious about.


Your ruling planet, Venus, enters an opposition to your sign on the 2nd, where it will stay until the end of the month. This opposition is uncomfortable: it shows you the limits in your romantic relationship or the hurdles you need to jump to get to a better place in your love life. We can get into routines and ruts that, when challenged, can feel impossible to overcome; but this is a good time to face your romantic endeavors without fear of change. When the sun goes into your house of adventure on the 21st, start planning a trip. Ideally this would be for longer than a week; but if that’s not possible, go somewhere you’ve never been for a day trip. Find a cheap flight to visit your friend you’ve been about to go see for years. Getting out of your immediate surroundings is very important to your growth during this period.


Through the journey of our lives, we have moments of complete independence, where we choose our paths, driven mostly by ourselves. But to get there, we needed many people to encounter us, brush up against us, slam into us, stay with us, and leave us. This month is a celebration of how you became yourself through partnerships both romantic and platonic. How have you become yourself because of the many spirits you’ve coupled with? The new moon on the 7th provides a particularly profound time to connect with past, present, and future partners and examine the ways you are shaped by someone else. The full moon on the 22nd lands in your house of money; and because a full moon can create some weirdness, be careful what you spend around this time.


On the 2nd, Venus goes into a harmonious trine with your sun. This transit is happening in your fifth house, which rules our sense of self. This is a time to promote the things you need in your love life. We both know you can compromise. We both know there are things about being in romantic relationships that you’ve had to give up because it isn’t comfortable to someone else. This is a time to reclaim space in your relationships. Whether you are single, dating many, or married for decades, prioritizing your needs during this time only deepens your happiness in these romantic connections. The full moon on the 22nd is in your sign, bringing big feelings and bigger responses. Get it out: laugh, cry, scream, and make room to be over the top. We love that about you.


Venus spends most of this month in your house of communication. With 2018 winding down, this is a perfect time to write and speak to the people who have made this year feel full of love. A quick email is fine, but a declaration of the importance of specific people is even better. The new moon on the 7th motivates creative power and gets the old gears cranking in ways that feel fresh and exciting. Make something you love, even if it is only for yourself. When the sun moves on the 21st, it begins a month of consideration around work. If you want to stay in your current job, can you get different responsibilities? If you want to leave, now is a good time to start looking.


From the 1st to the 20th, the sun and Jupiter are in your house of home. This transit stirs things up—it’s meant to put you into space that’s perfect for you to live. Do you like your home? Do you want to live in a different part of the country or even a different part of your state? Jupiter spends a full year shaking your home life up, but with the sun there for most of this month, the ball will start rolling a lot faster. The new moon on the 7th is in a square to your sign—emotions run a little higher during this time. Be aware of over-analyzing and being too hard on yourself. This new moon can be very empowering, but you need to approach the paths it’s asking you to take with curiosity, rather than certainty or analyzation of possible outcomes. Let go.


At all times, we celebrate your messages, Libra. This month, there is a communication boost in your life. From the 13th to the end of the month, Mercury is in your house of learning and storytelling. The special spin of beauty you give things is powerful—gather the information this month to tell your story for the next year. If you have been meaning to write, this is the time. If you have been meaning to share your story, now is your chance. The full moon on the 22nd promotes your public image, and you may be asked to share your thoughts or messages with an audience bigger than you’re expecting. Putting your best foot forward is ideal. You are charming and well-received with this full moon: use it to your advantage.


On the 2nd of this month, Venus re-enters your sign. It was there in September and October but (because of its retrograde status) wasn’t really as fun as it should’ve been. This is a fun transit, a time where we get to feel loved! This is also a time where we get to express our feelings with full certainty and love our own baggage and flaws. You have the whole month to work in the power of Venus. The new moon on the 7th lands in your house of personal reflection. When we are allowed to see the parts of ourselves that need saving—and we point Venus at them—we can save our damn selves. Spend time around the new moon focusing on those parts of yourself that you want to love more deeply. Every critique that has stung is a reflection of something you are afraid of being.


The Sagittarius new moon lands on the 7th of this month. This is a good day to reflect and celebrate all things Sagittarius. The reflection: how have you grown since last year? Where did you allow your guard to drop? What do you want to move forward into the coming year? Jupiter is also in your sign, which promotes dreaming big. Keeping your eyes and heart on the biggest prize is good, especially if it doesn’t limit the path to get there. When Mercury goes direct on the 6th, pay close attention to what your dreams are telling you. These are subliminal, yet motivating messages if you untangle them, and there are people who may visit you in your dreams who are worth listening to. The full moon on the 22nd brings some of your dream world themes into the real world—pay attention.


On the 7th of this month, you have a heightened opportunity to connect with your spiritual side. The sun spends most of the month in your house of spirituality; and the new moon on the 7th begins a period when you can access parts of your psyche that are generally not as comfortable for your sign as other times of the year. When the sun goes into your sign on the 21st, it is time to get to work. You have sturdy Saturn and transformative Pluto on your side for a couple more years still; and being in Capricorn season brings a lot of clarity around basic ways to get to where you want to be. On the 22nd, the full moon may throw a dramatic little surprise your way. Feelings that come up during this time are important to consider carefully, especially if brought on by a close friend or romantic partner.


There is a certain electricity in your social world this month. From the 1st to the 20th, the sun joins Jupiter in your 11th house of community, reviving and amplifying your friendships. Mercury comes in on the 12th to encourage some important growth in ideas and knowledge from your circle of friends, so this is a good time to connect with people you haven’t talked to in a long time. Mars spends this entire month in your house of personal values, heightening the likelihood that you will be challenged for a part of yourself that you inherently are. Taking action to stand up for yourself will deepen your integrity, as well as raise awareness of who has your back and loves you for who you are and what you do. We don’t always understand what we care about until we have to fight for it.


Mars is the planet of war and passion, and it will be in your sign for the entirety of this month. The way things progress might be faster than usual. Finding new routes to get to the same destination faster is a good way to use this transit. Shedding things that don’t make you feel free is also important. Anger is a relevant emotion, and connecting to it this month will be easier than usual. The new moon on the 7th is square your sign. This moon brings a lot of opportunity, fun, and lightness to your life—though sometimes the way this will seep in feels damaging instead of life-giving. Spiritually, you need to open up a window, let some air in, and see what you can release with new light. It might feel foreign, but intentional releasing of people, places, and things this month will be very liberating.

@iamastrology | illustrations Kallie Tiffau