From the very last day of January, we tumble into February fresh off the feels of the lunar eclipse in Leo. On the 15th of this month, there is a new moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius. Every time we have oppositional planetary energy, there is a lot to learn. With a lunar eclipse in Leo, we really need to start the month focused on how to show ourselves the type of love we expect from everyone in our lives. This is a time for dramatic displays, overreaction, and emotional somersaults; getting on the ride is important. Feeling the world completely, loving generously, letting your intention be known, and allowing yourself a voice is so empowering. When the solar eclipse happens, we will have more time to think about ourselves as a part of a bigger sphere, to think about where we belong, who we are next to, and what we want to show true devotion to. We were faced with this exact oppositional eclipse energy last summer. It became clear who is in this world for themselves, and who is looking to boost the world around them so we all do better. Of course, you matter, but everyone has the right to feel that they do, too. The sun spends its time in Aquarius until the 18th, and the beginning of the month is an important time for everyone to regain their community, find their people, and recommit to their passions. It is reasonable that the last calendar year has some people checked out, but it’s time to reenter your own world where you can aim high and hope for the best.

The sun and Mercury go into Pisces on the 19th. Pisces (the ruler of everything dreamy, intuitive and psychic) wants to hear your ghost stories: the ones you hang on to, the ones that haunt you. Sometimes the release of powerful experiences through writing or storytelling can shift the spirit. There are plenty of signs that will read these directions and internally think it doesn’t apply: you are holding onto stories about love and loss and hopes that you could really benefit from sharing this month. Everyone is. The point in sharing these stories is healing and growth, so do this where you feel safe.

From the 7th to the 26th, Mars is square Neptune. This energy is great for the vibes of Pisces—very dreamy, limitless, and full of creative energy. Neptune can create confusion, and when Mars (the planet of aggression and passion) is in a difficult placement with it, we can see sneaky and weird reactions. Be wary of insecurity. Be careful that you don’t go farther than you actually want because you are too far disconnected from the reality of a situation. Enter the world during these days as an art project; it is better to be looking for beauty than to be shocked and suckerpunched by ugliness.


There is a certain amount of joy and freedom in your life, because you live exactly as you want to. There are plenty of people who might celebrate you; but fewer and further between, there are the people you truly trust and take care of in your movements and decision-making. As this month starts, there has been a big trine energy of an eclipse, a collaborative time to change some things up. On the 15th, there is another eclipse focused in your house of friendship and community. This is a good time to start collaborations. This is a good time to call your circle and believe the things they tell you about yourself. This is a good time to ask for reflection about movement and slow down to consider the outcome for the group. You have a dedicated group of people with you—where do you want to shake the world up?


Pleasure is a motivator to abandon all self-control. This month, there is a challenging transit of Neptune squaring the moon, which brings in a lot of sneaky motivations and plenty of opportunities to slip into bad habits. Be wary of the bad disguised as the familiar during this time. The eclipse on the 15th lands in your house of public identity and ambitions. Because this eclipse marks a possibility for a radical shift in perspective, it is a good time to set real intentions. Make a list of the things you want to do. Concentrate on the ways you want people to see you. You are no stranger to long-term thinking, so consider what you want your legacy to be. Be as specific as possible, because the next step in the process is figuring out how to get there. What changes do you need to make in your social circles? What messages do you tell yourself that you need to shift? Take aim and make conscious changes.


This month’s Mars placement in your chart could leave you feeling insecure in your most intimate relationships. As you communicate and connect with the people closest to you, the best way is with actions: going on an adventure together when you feel like you have hit the wall, trying something new, sharing your stories of faith and faithfulness with each other. The eclipse on the 15th is trine your sun in your house of adventure, bringing all new motivation to get out more. Of course, everywhere we go, we bring ourselves along. The act of personal liberation in space can be liberating for your mind during this time. So much so, that with the right intention, you can form a totally new way of thinking about the same old things.


Be very careful about how you are coming across in your professional life, Cancer. Sometimes, things are not what they seem, and there could be someone professionally who has impure intentions in their desire to get close to you. When the sun and Mercury enter your house of adventure on the 19th, your world will be expanded through new information. Travel is highly encouraged during this time. Sometimes we can’t fully get all the messages and lessons that are coming for us until we go there. This month’s eclipse lands in your house of sex and sexuality on the 15th, bringing a revolution to this area of your life. Expand your experiences, make room in your life for the highest potentials in this realm, and approach your desire.


We begin this month right after the third Leo eclipse in the past year. A certain amount of pressure exists directly alongside gigantic energy that makes you feel like anything and everything is possible. The steps necessary to do really simple things can be lost, because you have just been running for a year straight. A grounding time is possible with a longtime friend or partner while the sun is in your seventh house through the 18th of this month. Sitting still with another person and not exploring everything you’ve been doing/thinking/saying can be a healing act. The eclipse on the 15th brings a lot of opportunity to these relationships. New, important developments in your love life, extra depth to your experiences, and new collaborations are worthwhile pursuits to explore. Things will settle down planetarily for your sign, but you are not a settle-down kind of person. Show the rest of us how to lead our lives with more passion and drive. You have our attention.


The eclipse on the 15th will bring about change in your sector of health and daily living. This is a good time to get a physical, or at least reinforce your routines for mental, physical, and spiritual health. This is a good time to assess your living situation and consider changes. With this eclipse, you might have some frustrating experiences concerning power and infrastructure. Be patient and know what outcomes you want before making drastic changes to your life. Between the 19th and the 26th, there are especially strong energies pointing you toward a higher spiritual awareness. Consider the spaces that feel sacred to you and get into them. Church means different things to different people.


You are motivated to make the world a fairer and more balanced place all the time. This month’s eclipse is centered in humanitarian efforts, and while every other sign’s homework is to promote others, think of others, and include others, your homework is learning how to be more self-centric. Of course, we constantly see plenty of messages reminding us that we come first, that to heal, help, or connect others we need to love and honor ourselves. It is not especially easy for you to put yourself first, but establishing boundaries, creating routines around actual self-care, and standing up for yourself are revolutionary acts that you should at least start this month. A warning: there will be difficult and confusing conversations. Stick with the resolution of loving yourself first, and it can be a guiding light.


The fourth house of astrology holds our feelings and energy around where we live, where we grew up, and our relationship to our moms. This month starts with a lot of planetary presence in this house, asking you to consider the very basic daily experience of these things.  Do you like your curtains? Are you cleaning enough? Physical awareness of space is good during this time. On the 15th, an eclipse happens in this house, bringing a bigger change. Just how much does where you grew up and your relationship to your mom inform the choices you make on a daily basis? This eclipse asks you to disrupt patterns that are some of your oldest, and you are not one to shield yourself from harsh realities. Get in there, get deep, and uproot the spaces and places that don’t inform your healthiest home.


Mars is in your sign right now, and on the 7th it goes into a square with Neptune until the 26th. This could be an explosive, beautiful time to create something. This could also be a good time to make up some ground in your journey: signing up for classes, going to spaces to pray or meditate, and designating regular time for spirituality. Be aware that this is a more challenging time for big moves. If you want to make a big move—especially one that is not fully based in faith or blind intuition—wait. There are mysterious workings happening in your sign, and potentially sneaky people around you. This horoscope did not just turn into a thriller—be very aware of who’s around you, what their intentions are, and how you are involved with each other. Pleasure and good intuition are things to explore this month on your own, with the most trusted people, or in your creative work.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When you are going, you can spend years hunched over tiny details, making sure that every one of them is right, that you haven’t left anything out, that you have seen and made room for your entire vision. This month, with the eclipse in your house of personal wealth, the homework is to stand up straight and look around. Literally, yes. What have you earned and worked hard to keep? More importantly, spiritually and emotionally look up. For your sign, it feels so exceptional to achieve results after years of work, but sometimes in the marathon to get somewhere, you forget to celebrate what you’ve done. Take some time this month to honor and acknowledge yourself. When the sun and Mercury go into your house of communication on the third, tell people the story of where you’ve been.


Last summer there was a lunar eclipse in your sign. There have been so many opportunities to learn about your own emotional responses and motivations over the last six months. On the 15th of this month, there is a solar eclipse in your sign, bringing the same freight train of information to your personal identity. The way that you sense this energy is pretty all-encompassing. It can feel like following an elusive light. It can be totally unclear how to choose paths that feel familiar, especially as Mars squares Neptune for most of the month. When the sun and Mercury move into your house of personal value on the 19th, take some time to appreciate the strides you have made; carefully map out where you would like to go next. Curate the version of yourself you want the audience to see. Even when it feels like forces are working separately from you, you are in control of your destiny.


The spiritual work that you have done over the last several months will come to a fully-realized reality on the 15th of this month, Pisces. There is a lunar eclipse in your house of dreams and spirituality, bringing the brightest light to you, the holder of universal truths. We need your truths now more than ever. With Mars residing in your house of public affairs all month, I challenge you to tell your story to as many people as you can. Your ruling planet Neptune is square surly Mars most of February, which may leave you questioning some motives, and even the value of the lessons you have learned. Approach your life and the world with authenticity, protect yourself from bad motives, and dive into the darkness, because you hold the light now.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

illustrations KALLIE TIFEAUX @thesubtleneedle