Saturn and Mars are conjunct every couple years to help us make our goals a reality. Saturn helps everyone know how they are most productive and set up for a better future. Mars helps us see our passion and move toward it. When these two energies get together, there is strong possibility for launching new personal eras. The possibility of war is high. Aggression is a byproduct of Mars, and when you know what is absolutely right, and work constantly to actualize your desires, it is hard to ignore feeling trampled or disregarded. It is important that maturity of ideas come when you consider all parties. Every person thinks they know the most and are doing their best. If you bulldoze an entire crowd, there will be no one to follow you into your better world. This energy goes until the 15th.

From the 12th until the 20th, Uranus and the sun are conjunct in Aries for the last time in 84 years. The sun boosts whatever it touches, and we will have an uptick of unusual, surprising, weird experiences during this time. Your reactions will come fast and furious when confronted with truth. Sometimes a shock to the system is exactly what we need to understand how we really feel. The revolutionary energy of Aries is the ability to show up fully exactly as you are, ready to learn and eager to move. When you approach life this way—showing each other our cards, saying when things don’t feel good to us, loving openly and doing your own thing regardless of outside pressure—you create a life full of raw experiences. Uranus has tricks up its sleeve: be ready for surprises and keep going.

When the sun moves into Taurus on the 20th, everything will slow down so much that some signs might feel like they are standing still. This is a time to get luxurious and solidify your love for your old and new endeavors that accumulate from all the harsh reality and revolution of the rest of the month. Go on dates. Spend too much time lounging and laughing with friends. Focus on comfort and the zones you are confident in. Approaching vulnerability can be rewarding during this time, but the priority should be restocking after a period of giving yourself to everything and everyone.


In March of 2011 Uranus entered Aries. It will leave next month, and dip back in later this year. This isn’t a final goodbye, but take advantage of your time together! From the 12th to the 20th, with the sun and Uranus in your sign, this is an extraordinary time to burst out of your patterns, whether in work, thinking, or relationships. Wherever possible for these nine days, take your limits off. Chaos can yield results in short bursts, and while it will be nice to say goodbye to Uranus next month, the hard-learned lesson of giving up control and getting creative with your approaches will last a lifetime. Mars and Saturn have potential to boil your blood this month, especially when you feel the pressure of social expectation. You are responsible for showing up; you are not responsible for how people welcome you.


Liberty is relative, and the ways we “get wild” vary drastically. This month, from the 1st to the 15th, there is a call to action around liberating yourself. Experiences that challenge you to loosen your grasp and go with the flow a bit more will be plentiful during this time. The universe will show you the same lesson a million times until you get it right, and this is a time to pay attention to what you are being pushed toward. On the 15th when Mercury goes direct in your house of spirituality, you may be moved to talk about what faith means to the unmovable. If you had to proclaim something you believe in at all times, what is it?


Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we lose track of the communities that hold us in hard times and propel us in times of plenty. This month, there is a focus and fire in your house of friendship, especially from the 12th to the 20th. You should reach out to that person you lost all those years ago; you should connect with someone outside of the insular daily world you live in. This is a time to feel like you belong and to get sparks of inspiration and determination in your pursuits. The full moon on the 29th lands in your house of health and daily living. Be aware of your physicality during this time, because clumsiness and weird unnecessary accidents are more likely.


This month starts with Mars and Saturn in opposition to your sign, Cancer. From the first to the 15th, you will feel pressure and discomfort in order to grow. Saturn is particularly interested in responsibility, and when it teams up with Mars, the planet of action, there is an absolute need to grow in work. This could come in the form of a massive raise, a new title, monetizing a talent, or organizing your household. The key is to work smarter not harder during this phase, because that creates new systems that work better for you. When the sun and Uranus are squaring your sign from the 12th to the 20th, a lot of feelings get stirred up around identity and where you currently are. Home is where you are comfortable; this can be a space or an attitude. Be brave when proclaiming who you are.


Success is a relative concept. From the 1st to the 15th this month, Saturn and Mars are camped out in your house of daily living and health. In the ebb and flow of everyone’s lives it can feel like there are rarely times when everything feels fine. As soon as you handle the crisis at home, work flares. As soon as you get into a rhythm with your family, your romantic relationship needs attention. When you channel the energy of Mars and Saturn into any space where you want success this month, it will result in a thorough investigation of the best version of yourself. When the sun and Uranus enter your house of social impact on the 12th, you will be especially successful if you assert your truest self in the public realm. There is a tendency to project as your best self at all times, though authenticity can be chaotic and overly emotive. Bring it.


Mars and Saturn are trining your sun for the first 15 days of this month. It’s time to get down to work. A Saturn transit really provides uninterrupted stamina for any project, but with Mars also in this angle, you should tackle your biggest to-dos. When the sun and Uranus go conjunct in your house of rebirth, death, and sex from the 12th to the 20th, you could experience a complete revolution in all three. Of course, unlocking your personal relationship to these topics is not something that happens in a matter of weeks; this is a lifetime of defining. Taking stock of your attitudes and health can create new responses and paths in mourning, afterlife, sexuality, and new beginnings.


With the sun and Uranus conjunct in opposition to your sign from the 12th to the 20th of this month, it will be like your ego enters a tornado. This is not a gentle time, but it is a time to see where you land. Uranus is a planet of chaos, and sometimes when something goes exactly opposite from what you expect, the only response is to try something fully outside of the box. When Venus moves to a square with your sign on the 25th, expect exceptional clarity in your love life. You have a tendency to prioritize other people over yourself, but this month begs for a change, and no one else can do it for you.


You teach people how you want to be treated through your actions. If you go back on your word, half-ass things, or don’t show reciprocal energy in your relationships, people will mirror it. Until the 15th, Mars and Saturn are in your house of communication and learning, bringing needed lessons to the way you speak and teach your truths. When the sun and Uranus are conjunct in your house of daily life from the 12th to the 20th, you can expect a lot of surprising outcomes if you are open to them. You can start the month telling other people what you need, and end the month receiving the rewards of expressing intention (and even aggression) toward your goals. The full moon on the 29th is in your sign, creating a familiar and grounding feeling in the world around you.


Fighting for yourself is key this month. The more personal the fight, the stronger the conviction. Until the 15th, Saturn and Mars are conjunct in your house of personal value, which makes it impossible to overlook the ways the world has disregarded what you really need to bring your best gifts forward. From the 12th to the 20th, the sun and Uranus are trine your sign, expanding consciousness around identity and liberty. It can feel uncomfortable to create waves, but standing up and saying “no way” in any way you can is radical. This month provides the conviction and boundless bravery that is required to step up. The full moon on the 29th lands in your house of spirituality; there is peace in sanctuaries. Where do you feel most understood on a subconscious level? Go there.


Mars and Saturn are conjunct in your sign from the 1st to the 15th this month. Motivation, a want for change, and aggression are all markers of this energy. Every sign has breaking points, and when these two planets get together you really see the points of your everyday life where you are tired of just going with the flow. When Mercury goes direct on the 15th, and this conjunction ends, you should have plenty to say and a direction to move toward. Clarity is central to this transit; do not be surprised if you feel like you need to start over with all new information. The new moon on the 16th is in your house of home, which brings a boost to domestic life. Be ready for change.


Sometimes it is so unclear what the first step to actual change is. You can be certain with every fiber of your being of what you want and need, shout it from rooftops, and still feel like you’re standing still. This month, from the 12th to the 20th, the planets are aligning to make ideas into reality. This energy is chaotic, and you may feel like you have several fires burning at once, but you can be tired later. Focus and act. When Venus enters your house of creativity on the 25th, combined with the superpowers of earlier this month, you will feel the most productive release through making things. The full moon on the 29th puts the world’s attention on you. A strength of your sign is you see humanity in all that you do: the bigger the broadcast of your dreams, the better.


There has been a boom in the last several years around the idea of self-love. It is always a good idea to take time for yourself and do the things you like to do, and this month there is a focus on self-value from the 12th to the 20th. When we get an opportunity to do whatever we want, it can feel attractive to do literally nothing. I challenge you, Pisces, to find the things during this time that demonstrate your self-worth. Yes, definitely binge the show, but also maybe just organize a part of your space while you do it. When you need someone to tell you that you are worthy, reach out. Be as brave and forgiving in loving yourself as you are with any other person. You have been learning variations on this theme for seven years. This is the time to show your work.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

illustrations KALLIE TIFEAUX @thesubtleneedle