What is your favorite rig to shoot on?

Canon right now. I use the 80D and 5D Mark IV.

What are your goals as a photographer?

When I started in ‘87, my goal was to be the best photographer I could be. But since Hurricane Katrina I now believe I have a goal and a mission, since I’m one of the few that haven’t lost photos prior to 2005. My archive was spared to show the world a part of New Orleans that I was blessed to capture.

Funeral at Israelite Baptist Church, Uptown New Orleans (June 2019)

At the Lady and Men Rollers second line, Uptown New Orleans (December 2018)

What is your favorite thing about photography?

I’m my mother’s quiet child, and through photography I had to come out my shell to engage in conversations with the people I photographed, so it’s been a win-win for me.

What advice do you have for other photographers?

ALWAYS keep your camera with you. When I say me and Chelsey since ‘87—I NEVER leave home without her!

Top photo: At the Uptown Swingers Social Aid and Pleasure Club second line, Uptown New Orleans (June 2019)


(Polo Silk photo by Nathan Tucker)