Reader Feedback: Believe It, Fat Ass

antigravity_vol12_issue7_Page_04_Image_0001Last month’s issue contained an in-depth report on the golf course currently under construction in City Park (“Bad Sport: a Golf Course vs. Nature’s Course in City Park” by Andru Okun). One comment from Don P. on the web version:

It makes me really happy to read muckraking like this in the pages of Antigravity. Well done. Personally, I’d love to see more real journalism and less puff-pieces on bands or singers. Articles like this, Jules Bentley’s rants/investigations and Breonne Dedecker’s Louisiana psychogeographical history column offer a take on things not seen in other local publications. I’m really pleased you’re publishing more and more stuff like this! Thanks!

Thanks Don. Hopefully this issue isn’t too puff for you! Next up, our fabulous food columnist Yvette, who began her epic quest to find the best fried chicken in the city, received this actual letter—as in hand-written and mailed to our PO Box—from George in LaPlace:

Dear Yvette,
I went looking for Pollo Campero Honduran chicken. I can figure 2810 Williams is on the neutral ground [side] of Vets and Williams? Duh I’m 63 and nobody has street addresses on their buildings. Whatever, anyway, Birdies [has] 2 locations in LaPlace. Both have pretty good fried yard bird I’d say, similar to Brothers and the kitchen ladies or guys seem pleasant and say thank you when you dump something in their tip jar.

Yvette says, “George, thank you so much for letter. I’m definitely going to check out Birdies in LaPlace—I’ll even write it up for the next issue! I hate it when people don’t put street addresses on their businesses as well; I hope you were able to find it!” Help George and the rest of our seniors find your business and put your address numbers on your shop!

 Next up we have a response from Erin Hall’s piece about growing up in the shadow of the Mockingbird, “Pariah to Profit: Growing up with Miss Nelle ‘HarperLee

I recently came across your piece in Antigravity about Nelle Harper Lee and growing up in Monroeville. I am a kind-of Monroe County native and also a writer living in New Orleans so was pleased to find another member of the Departed- From-but-Not-Forgetting-Monroe-County School of Writing. I thought your thoughtful, clear-eyed story on Miss Nelle and this terrible, misbegotten “new” novel was not only well done but was a very good piece to see in Antigravity, pushing the boundaries a bit.

Erin says, “Thanks for your kind words and congrats on also escaping one weird, twistedly beautiful place for another of a slightly different stripe.”

And finally, we received these haikus from some pedicabbers:


ass gas maybe grass
bad one liners lacking class
no one rides for free

O, capricious gods
You fucked me proper this time
Pray, let the rain stop

how was Katrina?
which way to pat Obrien’s?
can you score us coke?

“Where we headed, sir?”
“Ta-chou, uh, cha-tow, pa-tou…”
“Tchoupitoulas?” “Yeah!”

We are like, so fat.
We can’t believe you pulled us.
Believe it, fat ass.