You know the feeling of seeing really bad weather in a forecast? You do everything you possibly can to prepare and make decisions about how you will respond. Do you hunker down? Go somewhere safer? This month, Saturn and Pluto are perfectly conjunct in Capricorn for the first time in around 500 years. Saturn rules our power structures, while Pluto blows everything up and transforms even the dirt it was once standing on. When these two outer planets team up, it is history-making and society-changing. This energy started at the end of summer 2019 and will go through the end of this year, but will leave an impact for centuries.

Capricorn rules our power systems. On a grand scale, we will see shifts of power, money, and illumination of ways that we have been tricked or treated unfairly. The positive thing about this conjunction, in this sign, is that it is straightforward and centered by truth. We will not move forward with anything flimsy, so as things crumble, a sounder structure will emerge. In our personal worlds, it is important that we do things to reinforce our own foundations. Share energy with people who are willing to share with you; build with intention and the future in mind. Vote for people who have a real plan. HUG A CAPRICORN—or at least give them a nod if they aren’t interested in a hug.

On the 10th of this month there is a lunar eclipse in Cancer, promoting radical care for ourselves and each other. If all of Earth were a nest, how would we take care of each other? If you have to take care of the entire world, who is taking care of you? Have you given yourself space to stretch out and relax recently? There is a lot of buzz about what self-care looks and feels like; the reality is that thinking about yourself at all can be a luxury. Take some time around this eclipse to consider what you need, want, and are capable of. We will take care of you on the same level you take care of us.


The lunar eclipse on the 10th of this month is in a square to your sign. This angle pushes for difficult change, and the moon rules our feelings. One great thing about this eclipse is that there is no confusion about how and why these changes should happen. If something isn’t working for you, this eclipse will blast it into smithereens. Radical change isn’t necessarily easy, but the square from Saturn and Pluto conjunct on the 12th also begs for a different approach and empowers you to get over the small hills or impossible mountains that you are approaching. It is time for hard work, and a big reward.


Imagine that you suddenly had the ability to see your life from the vantage point of an overlook. All the things you’ve achieved, failed at, crawled through, and abandoned are laid out in a valley below, and you can see where the turns happened to make or break your experiences. This month, the planet of responsibility (Saturn) and the planet of transformation (Pluto) are together in your house of all-encompassing knowledge. Paired with a lunar eclipse on the 10th in your house of learning and communicating, this is a powerful time to survey your kingdom with the intent to shape new and improved outcomes. A strong suggestion: for best results, start with the things that make you most uncomfortable.


On the 10th of this month, there is a lunar eclipse in your house of value. This is an important time for a check-in with your emotionally motivated spending habits. If you never have money: are you spending it like crazy because you need to mask something that hurts? If you always have money: is everything you own sort of busted, but the idea of investing in yourself feels excessive? In understanding your monetary habits this month, you unlock truths about how you value your time and spirit. If you’re not paid enough: do you value your time? Not everyone has a choice in how they make and keep money and objects (survival mode is real). In that case, where do you feel seen for what you bring to the table? You are not defined by your income, but how is it shaping the way you value yourself and the people around you?


There is a lunar eclipse in your sign on the 10th of this month. The moon rules your sign, so eclipses send shock waves whenever they land in your sign. Think about your life three months ago: in what ways have you emotionally grown? In what ways has circumstance molded your experiences now and expectations for the future? This lunar eclipse puts Cancerian energy at the absolute forefront—home, motherhood, and comfort are all worthy of deep consideration during this month. On the 12th, Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in opposition to your sign, creating a huge shift from discomfort and confusion in your actions to obvious direction. This month, give yourself space for a restart.


Since December 2017, you have had a pretty uphill battle with work, home, and health. You have had to grow in ways that you probably weren’t expecting; and every time something started to feel “normal,” another thing would show up to upset everything. This month, you reach a summit planetarily. Pluto and Saturn link up in the universe to provide a path for all of your hard work. This is when things that have been in the works for months or even years start to happen. What makes you feel healthy? Make time for it. Change work—you can keep your job in this case, but you need to focus on what motivates you to do that work. Settle into your home space. Whether you’ve lived there for a few days or a few decades, make sure everything has a place; and if it doesn’t, get it out. We are streamlining, baby! You deserve it!


On the 12th of this month, there is a harmonious trine from Saturn and Pluto in conjunction to your sign. This lands in a pretty egocentric part of your chart, boosting confidence and defining where you want and need to be in the world. There is a creative force here that is unstoppable, so making time for creation is very important for relieving the pressure that can happen with this powerful trine. The lunar eclipse on the 10th asks that you take an emotionally-centric look at your community. Where are your friends? Are you co-creating with people you know in a way that serves everyone? Is there equity in your interactions? You have a tendency to meet people 80/20. This month consider ways to get closer to 50/50.


A major overhaul of your relationship to home and motherhood is in focus this month. This could mean moving to the other side of the world, or just decluttering. This could also mean reconnecting with your mom or getting therapy to heal the spaces in your heart broken by your mom. Your family life is also growing this month. Now is a good time to add to the beings you nurture with intention—whether it’s a person or a plant, your need to take care of something is profound. On the 20th, the sun moves into a harmonious trine with your sign, illuminating your path. The things you do during this month will set your path, so it is important that you are comfortable with hard emotional, psychological work.


There are periods of time in everyone’s life when they ask, “WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING NOW? WHAT DO I CARE ABOUT?” If that period feels like it started sometime in 2018 for you—and is still going strong—this month provides some very clear answers. It also provides different answers to old questions. If you have been told “no” many times, this is a month where “yes” starts to happen. The lunar eclipse on the 10th is trine your sign and lands in your house of expansion. Try something totally new and you will get totally different results. A word to the wise: this is a month of unsticking. In spaces where you have felt stuck, there will be motion. But this motion will also be present in places you want to stay, so be aware of slippery roads if you don’t want to go.


Your “self” has never left you, but since December of 2017, it has been under extreme scrutiny. Knowing more about yourself can sometimes feel foreign or jarring. This month, Pluto and Saturn link up to illuminate your inner self, showing you what your passion and hard work has turned into. As these planets have been dragging themselves through your chart, they have left some pressure and pain, so this clearing is a cause for celebration. Declare to your cat, or your friend, or the Internet, or everyone you’ve ever met who you are (and who you were). Embodiment after vulnerability is for the brave—and you are the brave.


First, the good news: this month marks a peak point in a couple-year long build-up of pressure and transformation in all parts of your life. The challenging news: This month also has the potential to change the course of many things you are doing. Harnessing the power of Saturn and Pluto is not an easy task; and even if things will be easier from here on out, there is no denying that you have been asked to adapt repeatedly at a breakneck speed since 2017. Honor and recognize the shift you start to feel as these power planets work with you, instead of just showing you all the things that need to change.


On the 10th of this month there is a lunar eclipse in your house of work and daily living. This is a big emotional check-in with how your daily life—namely work, health, and home—feels. If something doesn’t feel right, change it. This eclipse also has the possibility to shake things up on its own, but it will be for the best. If there are circumstances out of your control this month, try to see the bright side and set intentions for how you want to feel as you move through this shift of seasons. There is a huge spiritual awakening that kicks off on the 12th: listen to your heart, listen to your elders, and move with emotional and spiritual commitment to enlightenment.


There is a lunar eclipse in a trine to your sign this month on the 10th. This is a perfect time to focus on a creative pursuit—especially if it is mostly for you. Making for the sake of self-expression and peace are the name of the game, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant to get the job done. Saturn and Pluto conjoin on the 12th in your house of community, showing you how your friends and neighbors empower you and make your work possible. We don’t do anything alone, and this conjunction shows you how much power there is in sharing your workload. Listen to feedback; but more importantly, absorb praise.

@iamastrology | illustrations Kallie Tiffau

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