Aquarius is the main star this month, with our ruling star, the sun, in Aquarius until the 17th. Aquarius time is the right time to make peace, get weird, and have fun. In the midst of global change and chaos, Aquarius reminds us of our humanity and our ability to connect with each other. Ideally, we could all sit down with our enemies and find common ground. In reality, things are much more complicated, but we can still have compassion for people who hold opposing views to our own.

On the 16th, Mars enters Capricorn, where it joins Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Mars gives these monolithic outer power planets real world outlets—on a grand scale, we may see some actual change to the powers-that-be. In our smaller worlds, this is a powerful time to make changes in your work, how much money you make or charge for your services, and to cut the drama to zero. There is too much to do to be wrapped up in anything that doesn’t pay or make you feel successful.

On the 20th of this month, abundant Jupiter moves into a sextile (a 60 degree angular magic-making connection) with psychic Neptune. This sextile will happen two other times this year, and it is an important reminder of faith, compassion, belief in the good of people around you, and abundant signs that we are going in the right direction. Intuition and connection to the spirit world are deeply enhanced by this angular connection as well. If your gut is telling you something, listen. If you are missing someone who isn’t on this plane, ask them to speak to you through a dream. This is a mystical time.


The popularity of certain types of spiritual work comes in waves. There has been some buzz around the idea of doing “shadow work,” where people get well-acquainted with parts of themselves that have been in the dark for months, years, or forever. This month, the sun, Mercury, Venus, and a new moon are all in position to show you parts of yourself that you don’t usually see—and ask that you address them. It might be hard to pinpoint exactly what this means, but your dreams will give you special insight into where to start. If there is a part of yourself that you don’t like to think about, act like, or only access in specific pressured scenarios, this is also a good place to start. Venus moves into your sign on the 7th, putting the spotlight on you. The laws of attraction are in full swing with this transit; call what you want into your life.


Mars spends the first half of this month in the house of deep psychology in your chart. A burning, passionate war will feel like it’s brewing in one of these themes: sex, money, birth, or death. This is sort of a big list, and these are some big feelings; but sometimes to unearth truth, you need to get into some nitty-gritty parts of yourself. Are you happy with your sex life? Do you feel valued for your labor? Are you spending money wisely? Is it time for a rebirth? Is it time to think about having kids—and how that makes you feel (or not feel)? Are you permanently in a state of grief? Do you need to address a loss you have been avoiding? Mars helps with cutting through layers and boundaries to get to the point. Take this opportunity to lighten your load and align with your own messages. Self-awareness is a reward for this work.


The sun spends the first half of this month in a trine to your sign in your house of adventure. Expansion and release are the names of the game this month. Having a problem you can’t seem to get a grip on? Take a step back. Obsessive research and many angular approaches are a strength to your sign, but this month encourages the idea of letting things breathe. This is also a good time to plan a trip or sign up for a class—especially if either is outside of your usual interests or familiar places. New environments enrich your experience with this transit. On the 7th Venus enters your house of community and friendship. This transit comes around every 18 months, and is best utilized by seeing as many of your friends as possible. Throw a party, make a million lunch dates, meet your neighbors. It brings you closer to everyone.


People in your sign are known to be creatures of comfort. You like to be in your own spaces, with people of your choosing, doing things that you like as much as possible. This month, the stars are aligning to broaden your comfort zone. Invite someone new to spaces where you feel comfortable. Learn something new. Go somewhere new (this is the most important part of this transit). On the 9th the full moon lands in your house of money; be careful how you spend because this will bring a surprise that you will want money for. This could be anywhere from a speeding ticket to—surprise!—your favorite musician is on tour starting tomorrow! On the 16th, Mars moves into your house of long-term relationships, shaking things up. If you have been with someone a long time romantically, try something new with them. If you are single, consider how your life would be different if you had a long-term partner—the pros and cons. Mars brings change, so now is the time to shake things up.


There is a full moon in your sign on the 9th. About a year ago there was a full moon eclipse in your sign that ended a few-year eclipse season. This full moon may remind you of that time: lots of change, feeling a lack of control, experiences with chaotic outcomes. Take stock in how far you have come in one year as things have mellowed. On the 16th, Mars moves into your house of work and daily living. This is a time for clumsiness and absent-mindedness, so be aware of your body during this period. This is a good time to change jobs, get promotions, and get reviews. This is also a good time to go in for a physical. If you have been working through something with your health, Mars helps whip things into shape.


Until the 18th of this month, the sun is in your house of work, illuminating what you want to do differently in your daily life. Do you like your job? Is there something related to your health you need to focus on? The brightness of this transit makes necessary changes crystal clear. If a change that you are looking at feels cloudy, put it on the back burner. There are plenty of other things to tackle. On the 9th, there is a full moon in your house of spirituality. This is a good time to practice meditation, which for a Virgo could be as much a deep clean of your house as sitting in a quiet room with candles lit. Peaceful approaches that quiet your mind minimize chaotic responses to the changes happening this month.


The sun and Mercury stop by your house of creativity this month to remind you to make something, anything—a beautiful breakfast or a 25-foot tall mural. It’s up to you, but it is best if it is for you. This creative space feeds our ego, and informs us of our process and what we are getting hung up on. If there are messages that come across while creating—being extra hard on yourself because you overcooked the eggs, rushing through the line work of your huge mural—how are you consistently rushing or undercutting yourself in other parts of your life? On the 7th, Venus moves into an opposition with your sign. This is your ruling planet, and it is promoting self-love through potentially tough lessons. You heard it here first: stop being hard on yourself. Forgive yourself. You are worthy. Give yourself a chance.


This month, Mercury goes retrograde in a trine to your sign. For most other signs this would create a lot of weird feelings; but for you, this is a time for serious celebration of your intuition, psychic ability, and connection to the undercurrent. Use this trine as an opportunity to make some decisions about what you want to do further into the year. But wait to buy your tickets, apply for new housing, or move anything. Still make those plans—just no execution, only percolation. On the 23rd, there is a new moon in your house of creativity. This brings new sparks to your creative output and new direction to your projects. This is a really good day or two to finalize your Mardi Gras look.


Mars is in your sign until the 15th of this month. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, and when it lives in our sign we can be quicker to react, more final in our decisions, and more aggressive in our want for change. On the 16th, Mars moves into your house of self-worth, kicking all your insecurities out. This is a month for change that could feel swift and clear. On the 18th the sun illuminates your house of home, showing you what you want to change in your living space. New plant? Cool! Totally new house? Also cool! The sun just shows you how things are, and with this brightness you should know what you need to do. The new moon on the 23rd is in the same house, providing a new beginning, even in spaces that you have inhabited for years.


In astrology, the second house rules our relationship to worth. For the first half of this month, the sun illuminates this position in your chart. So this is a good time to work through challenging ideas you have towards your self-worth. Now is a good time to start a savings account or fine-tune your budget. If you focus on money during this transit, it will only make having and using money easier in the future. On the 16th, Mars enters your sign, joining Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. This really promotes change and gives you some small tools and actions to get you through some of these bigger life-altering changes happening. If you have been feeling pressure, Mars will provide a release. Mars in your sign will also make your fuse a bit shorter: be aware in case you are feeling extra salty about basic inconvenience.


Happy birthday Aquarius! The sun is in your sign until the 17th of this month. The things we all celebrate about Aquarius—your obsessive-humanitarian-collectively-minded wizardry—are the things you should be celebrating within yourself. With this transit of Aquarius, it is especially important to realize how connected you are to the world around you. How many people are brightened by your existence? Reconnect with an old friend whose world is very different from your own to connect with the vastness of the current human experience. The full moon on the 9th opposes your sun. This opposition is good; it shows us exactly where we are emotionally and offers many weird opportunities to work through it. Screaming in public is appropriate with this full moon opposition. But if you are looking for something a little more low-key, try a new project, scream in your house, or add knowledge to a subject you already know about.


Venus spends the first six days of this month in your sign. This transit reminds you to love yourself more deeply and may bring up a crush or two. On the 3rd, Mercury enters your sign where it will go retrograde later this month. You could get some surprising information or life-changing lessons with this Mercury transit—knowledge is power! Do not be afraid of knowing. The new moon on the 23rd is your personal new year. This is a really good time to set some intentions for the year and start with a fresh perspective. New moons call for a fresh start, and with this one, dreaming of something in your future should be bigger and bolder than ever. If you psychically believe in your biggest dreams now, they are much more likely to come true. Do not be afraid to unload the things weighing you down or shed the skin you have been wearing over the last year. Start fresh.

@iamastrology | illustrations Kallie Tiffau

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