Pisces is the oldest soul in the astrological wheel. It rules the parts of the universe we can’t physically see or touch, such as our dreams or the psychic realm. It is deeply feeling, in ways that are so intuitive it can share the weight of the human experience with strangers encountered walking down the street. The sun is in Pisces this month until the 18th, so pay attention to your dreams. Go deep, ask personal questions, and get to know someone intimately. Trust is a very special emotional gift to be able to exchange with this sun alignment.

On the 9th, there is a full moon in Virgo on the same day Mercury goes direct in Aquarius. There may be some tension and confusion from the 7th to the 10th. Be careful to maintain your compassion and keep up your agreed-upon work. Mercury direct is productive as a rule, and this direct motion will motivate a lot of public outcry for justice and compassion, which are themes of Aquarius. Socially, we are all more interested in the idea of humanity with this planetary alignment, and have the strongest work ethic with the Virgo moon.

On the 21st, Saturn moves into Aquarius, where it will stay until this summer, when it goes retrograde to end the year in Capricorn. Saturn in Aquarius last happened 30 years ago, and it is motivated to work toward peace, inclusion, and stubbornly humanize society. Saturn transits usually start with a bit of drama, so if you have friendships that suddenly feel weird and tense, be patient and present. Follow people who promote peace and positive change.


Venus is in your sign from the 1st to the 3rd of this month, bringing a lot of attention and love to your life. This is a good time to go on a date or surround yourself with friends who want to celebrate you. On the 19th, the sun moves into your sign, shining light on every part of your world. Sometimes with this illumination we realize that there are things we don’t want in our lives. As you recognize those things, it is important to remember that this is a time for sweeping change throughout all the astrological signs: if something doesn’t feel good, get it the hell out of your life. There is no time to waste—open up the space for what is to come. On the 24th there is a new moon in Aries, which is like the Aries New Year. Make a list of things you want in your life, and seal it until next year. Set intentions for yourself and the world at large, and see how many of those things you experience by then.


From the 1st to the 18th of this month, the sun is in your house of friendship and community. In the hustle and bustle, have you lost track of friends and acquaintances? This is a good time to get them back into your life. Even spending a few hours with your people can be totally rejuvenating and inspiring. If your life feels like it revolves around your friends, make sure that there is reciprocity in those relationships. On the 21st of this month, Saturn goes from a trine to a square with your sign. There may be a sudden change in your life that asks you to put more effort and intention into your work and health. As you are a stubborn sign, it is important to say that Saturn is the planet of responsibility. It will create pressure in places that need attention. Do not try to ignore the changes that need to be made, because it will create a lot more stress before you ultimately have to do it anyway.


On the 21st of this month, Saturn moves into your house of personal philosophy. With this transit, you will experience a much more serious dedication to your personal direction, and a shedding of ideas and places that don’t promote as much growth as possible in your vision. Writing prompt: What do you want your legacy to be? How do you show the world what you believe in? This transit will bring you all over the place to broaden your message—what do you want it to be? As close to the 21st as possible, communicate with your dad. If he is on this plane of existence, call him; if that’s not an option then write him. If he is no longer here, still write or talk out loud to him, and go spend time in a space you loved together. On the 24th the new moon lands in your house of community. This is a really good time to spend with friends, throw a party, or grab a drink.


The sun spends the 1st through the 18th in a trine to your sign. This is a deeply emotional time, and a good time to catch up with people from your past and people you’ve been thinking about often. This is also a good time to take a short trip or plan for one that will happen within the next couple months. Mars is in opposition to your sign until the 29th, pushing you out of your comfort zone as much as you can bear. Challenge yourself this month to go out more, speak your mind as much as possible, and stand up for what you need. With the heightened emotions of this sun alignment, it is important to consider that not every single thing needs to be a fight to the death, but maybe to the almost-death as much as it needs to be.


On the 19th of this month, the sun moves into a trine with your sign. Trines are really nice times to push you in the right direction. Take note of where you feel taken care of and promoted. On the 21st, Saturn moves into an opposition with your sign. This opposition will actually happen now for a couple months and then come back at the end of the year for a three-year stay. Saturn asks that you make smarter, healthier decisions; oppositions create some pressure around that idea. If around the 21st you realize that something that is a regular part of your life doesn’t feel as good as it once did, consider moving away from it. This could mean changing jobs (or your career altogether), growing or ending relationships, or investing in your future with education or better equipment. Saturn transits pinpoint our best selves and push-push-push us to get there. Do not be discouraged by Saturn: you deserve to shine the brightest.


There is a full moon in your sign on the 9th of this month. Things could get weird for you—which is good. BIG FEELINGS are fundamentally uncomfortable to your sign and have a tendency to create anxiety. Honor the bigness of the things that come up around this time, but don’t work yourself up trying to solve brand new problems. On the 16th, Mercury enters Pisces and this opposition to your sign will create a lot of opportunities to work through some of the emotional tasks the full moon brings up. Mars spends this month in your house of creativity, and if there is something that feels particularly angering or draining in your life, the best outlet is through your creativity. Go to war by making something. Create your fight song or your fight sandwich—wherever you fall on the spectrum of creativity is fine as long as you allow yourself time to process frustration through making.


The sixth house of the astrological wheel deals with health, daily living, and work. From the 1st to the 18th of this month, the sun camps out in this placement in your chart, asking you to consider and acknowledge where you are in all of these themes. Get a physical. Go see your specialists and ask about the changes that have happened since you last saw them. Are you happy with the way your house feels? The way that responsibility is distributed? Do you like the place you work? Can you bring in things to your work to make it feel more enjoyable? If you want to get a totally different job, this is a good time to do so. On the 9th of this month, Mercury goes direct in your house of self-expression. If you want to take a creative leap of faith, this would be a good time to trust yourself in that process. Go big or go home.


The sun spends this month in your house of self-expression and creativity until the 18th. In this case, the sun is pretty neutral, and you are only being shown what role creativity has in your life. If you would like to add more of your own voice or energy to the things you are working on, now is the time to get into that habit. If you are in a line of work where creativity is not an option, this is a good time to get something going at home. Remember how great you were at photography in high school? Dust that camera off. Follow a weird new recipe. Share and speak up for your ideas at work as much as you do in your personal life. On the 21st, Saturn moves into your house of home, bringing some seriousness to your home life. This can mean adding more responsibility (a new animal, a baby, buying a house, etc.), getting healthy in your relationship with your mom (talking to her more—or less, going to therapy, etc.) and purging household items that aren’t purposeful. If you are not currently in a place that feels like home, go visit the place that does.


Can you feel uprooted if the entire world is your home? This is something that keeps coming up as I look at the planetary alignments for you this month. The sun and Venus spend time in your house of home, putting a spotlight on everything you feel at home in. Even your freedom-seeking heart loves a space to call your own, and the brightness of these planets promotes the idea of beauty, harmony, and bold passion about where you live and how you live there. Considering and understanding where we have been creates a more solid ground for where we are going. Release the things that make you feel limited and small within your house: whether it’s a mismatched roommate or an old couch, lighten the load. Mars spends this month in your house of value, which may bring unexpected money in your direction, and the possibility of a better-paying position. This transit also brings self-care to the front of everything you do. Creating routines around self-care is extremely important with this transit, and a lack of self-focus will result in exhaustion. If you see yourself in burn-out mode, it is simple to realign with this message: take care of yourself first.


Mars is in your sign all month, and in conjunction to Pluto from the 20th to the 25th. The things that you do this month have the potential to impact your life for years to come. This information is not meant to doom you—keep in mind that if you do something that promotes positivity in your life, it will go a lot further than a usual startup. This transit also has a tendency to create more tension and anger. While these emotions can be powerful in creating change, they can also erupt in ways that you aren’t expecting. Be conscious of your shorter-than-usual fuse. On the 21st, Saturn moves out of your sign into Aquarius. Saturn will come back to your sign this summer, but this lessens a lot of the pressure to perform that Saturn can create when it is on top of our lives. Take these few months without Saturn to work with more personal freedom and trust in yourself. The shift away from this planet is a good time to contemplate how much you have accomplished and felt since December 2017, when Saturn first entered your sign.


From the 4th to the 9th of this month, Mercury is retrograde in your sign. This is a drive-by of confusion and breakdowns, and it is important that during these five days you proceed with caution and patience. Mercury retrograde is a good time to contemplate and process emotional change, but just wait until the 9th to make any actual moves if you want them to be smooth. On the 21st of this month, Saturn enters your sign where it will stay until May. Saturn transits are difficult, but only when we avoid the changes that are necessary to live our best lives. This will be a time to get real about your health—physical and spiritual. This will also be a time for change in work, relationships, and self-value. If big drama starts to unfold with the introduction of Saturn, it is important that you ask yourself what role you have in it, and if your behaviors and positions are sustainable. The sooner you move into something better for you, the less flattening this transit will be.


Last month, Mercury went retrograde in your sign. Mercury rules communication and technology, and within retrograde periods there can be major communication breakdown. On the 9th of this month, Mercury goes direct in Aquarius, and shows back up in your sign on the 16th. If last month you tried really hard to coordinate something and repeatedly hit dead ends, try again. If over the last month you have been stewing and dreaming about how to apply for something, now would be a great time to make those dreams a reality. The sun spends this month in your sign until the 18th, bringing daylight into all your Piscean currents. Be sure to take time to celebrate the things in your life that shine brightly this month, and acknowledge and start the work of changing things that look a little rough in that light.

@iamastrology | illustrations Kallie Tiffau

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