The sun in Taurus this month reminds us that one of the most productive things you can do sometimes is luxuriate. Taurus helps you rest, recuperate, and take time to deal with the massive collective grief that has come in all at once. Move slow; and if you feel like you already were, move slower. On the 11th, Saturn goes retrograde, lasting until September 28th. Saturn retrograde is a time to tie up all the loose ends of our past year, and will bring into very clear focus things we glossed over—because we didn’t want to deal with them or because we missed them the first time—to make our lives healthier, cleaner, and clearer. You know that one change you’ve been meaning to make? Now would be a good time to start. On the 13th, Venus goes retrograde in Gemini, where it will stay until June 23rd. Venus rules our love lives, and its retrograde phase flips a lot of things over in our relationships. This is a feared phase in astrology, because people split. But changes in the status of your relationships during this time represent recognition of truths. These truths could have been something you were avoiding for weeks, months, or years, so be gentle with yourself as they are uncovered. Venus in Gemini is a good time for communication: Get to the point, and say what you mean. On the 14th, Jupiter goes retrograde in Capricorn. This phase happens yearly, and this one will go until September 12th. This is a doozy of a phase with everything that is happening politically—it makes us trust our leaders less. Making as many plans for fun and adventure as possible can help curb some of the darker vibes of this planetary shift. 


On the 13th of this month, there is a shift in your relationships. It is important you remember that communication is about saying what you mean—but also listening to the response. Starting on the same day, Mars (your ruling planet) moves into a position that makes heading in any direction much more confusing, so be careful not to yell your way into a wall. Speak from the gut, then listen carefully. 


The sun—which is in your sign until the 19th—illuminates your life in ways that really show you where you are, what you want, and how you want to proceed. Your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde in your house of worth on the 13th. This planetary shift will reveal your romantic worth. If you’re not getting it, adjust accordingly. 


On the 13th, Venus goes retrograde in your sign (the last time this happened was 2012). It’s a particularly unusual event and an opportunity to take serious inventory of your love life. How are you in relationships? How do you want to be? Who do you want to be with? Are there behaviors or routines that aren’t working in your existing relationships? 


On the 14th, Jupiter goes retrograde in opposition to your sun. This is a time to be mindful of how much you are taking—in your relationships, in your work, in your family. As a sign that goes between being a supreme caregiver and needing to be taken care of, try to understand the dynamics of excess. 


On the 11th, Saturn goes retrograde in opposition to your sign. You know your unfinished business? It’s time to wrap it up, because otherwise it will gnaw at you big time. On the 13th, Venus goes retrograde in your house of friendship. In your romantic relationships: are you friends? Do your friends like the people you date/are married to/hook up with? If you were giving a pal advice about your love life, what would you say to do differently? 


On the 11th of this month Saturn goes retrograde in your house of work and health. You are on top of these areas usually, but this transit asks that you deal with anything you have been avoiding. Have you meant to create a better at-home workflow? Do it now. Have you been keeping up with workouts but not mental health needs? Balance and organization of time are key to making the most of this time. 


Do your romantic endeavors make you feel freer? That is the focus of this Venus retrograde phase, which begins on the 13th, Libra. In practical terms, consider: have you felt free to be yourself? Have you been free from judgment and control? Have you been free to express yourself sexually, emotionally, and spiritually? These are all areas to grow in your partnerships. Free yourself to believe it. 


The full moon on the 7th heightens your feelings and may stir up some drama. Be careful not to act too hastily, because as soon as these feelings show up, they will be gone. On the 13th, a period of intense psychological dissection starts in your love life. The deeper you go, the more answers you get—but make sure to come up for air. If you are in a relationship, be careful not to make a current partner pay for someone else’s crimes. 


On the 14th, your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde in your house of personal values. This is a difficult phase for your sign, because it tests your faith and may make you feel a little hopeless. As this begins, some homework. Make two lists: 1) What do you believe in no matter what? 2) What brings you joy? Reference these lists as often as you want, and make sure to practice the joy list as much as you can. 


Coexistence with romantic partners shows us a lot about ourselves. On the 13th, Venus goes retrograde in your house of daily living. It will show you the health of your romantic history, and how to cohabitate in a more peaceful way. If you are currently partnered: something bothering you in cohabitation? Talk about it, gently. Not partnered? What would be most ideal in sharing space with someone in the future? What would change about past experiences? 


On the 13th, Venus goes retrograde in a helpful trine to your sign. The ways that your love life will grow during this period are ultimately up to you, but the potential is endless. Because of the position of this planet, it’s important that you ask yourself how you get in your own way romantically. If you are too proud, aloof, disconnected, self-centered, busy, or angry to be a reciprocal partner, this retrograde phase will make you face it. 


In our romantic relationships we reach a point of comfort that is unique to our unions. Within a week some people are comfortable letting it all hang out, where some people never get to that place. On the 13th of this month, Venus allows you to let yourself be seen a little more freely. Is your witness worthy? 

@iamastrology | illustration Kallie Tiffau 

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