Eclipse Season Is Upon Us! On the 5th, there is a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Lunar eclipses heighten feelings, set up emotional spirals, and shake everything under the surface up to the top. The eclipse in Sagittarius really wants us to break free. Where do you feel overly confined? Is it physical? Emotional? Spiritual? With this eclipse, we are prompted to focus on freedom of feeling in the year to come. The solar eclipse lands on the 21st in Cancer. This reminds us of the radical nature of self-mothering, how to better take care of our people, and to create a safer space for the cohabitants of this planet. This eclipse is also very emotive—if you feel something, let it out. You might be the kinda guy that laughs at a funeral. You may have  cried in the club—it’s all appropriate. 

On the 20th, the sun enters Cancer. Cancer is the first water sign of the astrological wheel. During Cancer time, our feelings go through a recycling process that makes them feel almost totally new, a feature of this baby water sign. Cancer is symbolized by the crab, a soft creature that grows out of its own protective shell, inhabiting spaces that are JUST right. When we approach old things with new eyes and a willingness to be present with them, new solutions may arise. You are invited to dig up your deeper dirt for processing. 

On the 25th, Venus turns direct. Venus went retrograde mid-month in May, and a lot of learning about what you do and don’t want romantically has happened since then. The lessons you learn stretch far beyond this retrograde period, and the changes that need to be made won’t end when this retrograde phase ends. 


On the 27th, Mars (your ruling planet) enters your sign. As the world is slowly re-emerging from shut down, you may still feel a little hazy until this transit. Mars reminds us of our passion, the ways we fight, and helps us feel sturdy in our convictions. You may know what you need to do sooner than the 27th, but you will feel most comfortable with change after your power planet starts working with you.


The lunar eclipse on the 5th plunges you headfirst into your own psychology. Eclipses have a tendency to shake things up; and in this placement, you may suddenly be questioning your relationship to grief or your sexual history. While the things that are unpacked are important to examine, there is no rush. Take time and give yourself space to be uncomfortable with how much change may be necessary.


On the 5th of this month, there is a lunar eclipse in opposition to your sign. This isn’t an easy eclipse; it has the power to shake up your emotional life at a level that will be uncomfortable—but discomfort can be transformative. On the 25th, Venus goes direct in your sign. Take serious stock of your love life and romantic feelings. The sooner you make necessary changes with the new information you’ve learned about yourself, the better.


On the 20th, the sun enters your sign. The sun brightens everything in our world so that we can see what’s in front of us very clearly. You don’t like everything you see? Celebrate getting to where you are; it hasn’t been an easy task this year. Take it easy. The solar eclipse on the 21st will make you feel like the world’s worst person and the most badass and also mother to all—the range of self-awareness this eclipse reveals helps us land in our truth. Maybe you’re a little bit of all? No matter what, this is a time that everyone wants to show and tell how much they love you.


The lunar eclipse on the 5th will boost your emotional health and wealth by quite a bit. It is in a trine to your sign, helping you feel more confident in decisions that need to be made (especially previously difficult ones). The effects of eclipses can last six months to a year, so even small moves can have a big impact a year from now. Add something to your routine that makes you feel good—repeated exposure to joy will double the benefits of this eclipse.


The eclipse on the 5th forces you to face a hard emotional truth. Is there something you have been trying to avoid tackling because the emotional work feels like more trouble than it’s worth? This task will come into perfect focus this month, and needs to be dealt with. This blessing is: when you deal with work that needs to be done you feel much more free—which is always true for your sign, but especially with anything you are trying to emotionally outrun.


On the 21st of this month, there is a solar eclipse in a square to your sign. This is an important time for you to know who you are—the planets want you to stand up and introduce yourself. If you don’t feel self-assured, the more you combat it with telling your truth, the better—now and in the future. On the 27th, Mars is in opposition to your sign; there is a big choice to be made at this time. Consider that there may not be a wrong answer, and that the point is taking action.


On the 20th, the sun enters a trine with your sign. This is a lucky time for you, Scorpio. While it might be good to buy a scratch-off, it would be even better to use this luck to land a better-paying job, apply for that one grant you’ve been meaning to go after for years, or even enter that drawing for a free coffee down the street. The homework is: make a list of things that you are grateful for.


On the 5th there is a lunar eclipse in your sign. This eclipse aligns your heart with your spirit. It is time to shed things that do not make you feel free. Even in responsibility we can feel free, so it’s not necessarily about skipping town, never to look back. Instead, give yourself the opportunity to unburden yourself of the weight of the world. Where do you feel pressure to be involved? If it is not serving you, step back. Try something new, even if it’s just a new route for a walk. Release.


On the 20th, the sun starts a month-long opposition to your sign. Be careful with money, business decisions, and big lifestyle changes during this time, because without light, things get confusing. On the 21st, there is a solar eclipse in Cancer, really amping up your feelings. Own it. You want to spend a whole day doing things that bring you joy? You should. Weeping because of the beauty of the world? YEP.


On the 25th, Venus goes direct in a trine to your sign. This Venus retrograde is really significant for your sign: there is a lot of intellectual change in what you expect and want out of your relationships, and a lot of room for healing the past. Recognize now the ways that the messages you tell yourself about who you are romantically can boost or cut you down, and act accordingly. The changes that are happening are really for the best.


The lunar eclipse on the 5th of this month is in a square to your sign. Squares make us grow, often with discomfort. Think of the things that you need emotionally to grow into or out of. There is urgency in the emergent changes. On the 23rd, your ruling planet, Neptune, goes retrograde. This will take down the veil of distance between you and reality. Get ready to go.

@iamastrology | illustration Kallie Tiffau 

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