Chaos is something we consider a socially bad experience. We want a grip on our surroundings, relationships, money, and work. Uranus rules the unexpected. As it moves around in the sky, it zaps us with surprises and discomfort and shakes us free. Every year, it spends around five months in retrograde, which is time we spend straightening out what exactly happened while Uranus was running amuck. This year, it’s in Taurus, where it has been for a couple years and will stay for several more. This chaos is hitting our root systems; it is unpacking the depths. It is asking you to look at your discomfort to see what kinds of things come to the surface. It is not all bad, and understanding what has shifted for you is important—maybe a way of life, or a relationship or a house, or a basic feeling of security (these are all Taurus themes). What was shaken that you want to regain? What was shaken that you want to celebrate?

The sun spends the month in its home sign, Leo, until the 22nd. How do you shine when no one is watching? What do you do that is worthy of worship? Are you pedestalling a person in your life that deserves to be brought to the ground? Leo is a fixed fire sign; it is here to show passion and burn through that passion forever. It reminds us of our natural talents and ways that we are celebrated. We want to see your gifts while the sun sits in this position.


The sun in Leo this month propels you to make important and positive (hopefully easy) improvements in your life. On the 7th, Venus makes a square to your sign for the rest of the month in Cancer. Think about this: are you prioritizing your needs and wants in all of your relationships? Have you let some things go to avoid problems? You should take center stage in your own life during this time. Anyone who is there for you will be happy to see you shine.


On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde in your sign. For the next five months, you have the opportunity to incorporate some of the wild changes that have happened since the beginning of the year, while this planet of chaos finally slows down long enough to give you your bearings. This year has been traumatic, and in trauma you have a tendency to get decadent. While this is great, it can be detrimental at times. Check in with what you are doing to excess to start this period of lessened chaos.


The full moon on the 3rd is in a perfect trine to your sign. This props up weird ideas with action, so if the spirit moves you, take advantage of the wild energy of this full moon. Is there a project that feels especially emotional to work through? Now would be a perfect time to get it started. On the 22nd, the sun enters a square to your sign, starting a period of difficult change. It is important with these changes to prioritize health.


For the first three days of this month, Mercury (the planet of knowledge) is in your sign, followed by Venus (the planet of love) on the 7th. Take this time to follow the sparks of ideas and romance. This whole month could be dedicated to trying new things and immersing yourself in situations where you feel loved. The new moon on the 18th lands in your house of self-love; take this opportunity to acknowledge that you are worthy of beauty.


On the third, there is a full moon in opposition to your sign. Imagine a slingshot: you have to pull it back as far as you can to launch the object. With the power of the sun and moon around this time, you have the power to launch, but it is important that you understand where you have to go to get the correct leverage. Take the power of space and time, with intention, to move to the next part of your life. The sun in your sign until the 22nd illuminates everything you are and are doing. Are you happy with it? What do you want to change?


On the 19th, your ruling planet Mercury gets into your sign. Take this as an opportunity, before the sun shows up on the 22nd, to reflect on the last year. When the sun does show up, you will see the work you have done, and what still needs to be polished and perfected. On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde in a trine to your sign, slowing things down enough to think, plan, and act without emergency surprises—which have ruled your year. Acknowledge what this has done to your internal trust of the universe, and take time to believe that things can be calm.


The full moon on the 3rd is in a trine to your sign. This full moon lands in your house of creativity, and should give you a blast of energy to make something. You have the blast? MAKE SOMETHING—for yourself, for your home. You don’t have the blast? On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde in your house of psychology, slowing the world down enough for you to take stock of where you are emotionally. In trauma, it is hard to be productive. Allowing yourself the space to make anything for yourself is a gift from the universe with this moon. Even a simple meal will do wonders.


The sun spends the month in a square to your sign until the 22nd. Squares are important for change, but challenging in a way that can be annoying. The ways this comes up are varied, but if you are trying to do something and keep hitting roadblocks, shelve that something. The universe is promoting change and it is important that you don’t ignore what needs to be different or it will continue to create problems in your life. On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde in opposition to your sign, mellowing a lot of the chaos that has been around since the beginning of this year. This transit will last through the end of the year. Take advantage of the calm.


The sun spends the month in a trine to your sign until the 22nd. It lands in your house of freedom and joy, and promotes adventure. It’s a hard time to feel totally safe somewhere new, but it is important with this sun alignment to take a trip of some sort: an afternoon in a new place, a day trip to a beach you haven’t been to for a while, or a road trip to camp or stay somewhere safe. Without new places, your life feels stagnant, and this year has been very limited in new experiences, so make sure to take some time to do something this month while the sun is on your side.


On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde in a trine to your sign. This is a welcome break for you, Capricorn, as you really dislike the drama this planet can bring. Uranus will not be back in full action until early 2021, so this is a good time to get projects going with minimal planetary interruption. On the 22nd, the sun also enters a trine with your sign, prompting change with universal luck on your side. If you have been meaning to change something in your daily life, your house, your work, or your health, this is a good time to make those changes with minimal issues.


On the 3rd of this month, there is a full moon in your sign. This is like a new year for your emotions, and it is a great time to understand how far you have come this year. Imagine yourself on the top of a mountain looking down at your life. Celebrate the changes that have come this year. The sun spends the month in opposition to your sign until the 22nd. This can be a prolific time for shadow work, and a time to shed things that are hurting or burdening you. This opposition is meant to show you things that you usually accept but are ultimately making you uncomfortable. Be OK with change.


On the 7th of this month, Venus enters a trine to your sign. This is a really nice time to just feel loved and make positive changes in your romantic life. If you are thinking about starting something new romantically, now is a great time to do so—same with ending something romantically. On the 19th, Mercury enters an opposition to your sign, after a prolonged trine with a retrograde last month. This opposition will help you learn and face some hard truths. But remember: the truth is freeing.

@iamastrology | illustration Kallie Tiffau

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