This month is bookended by two full moons. On the 1st, a full moon lands in Aries, and with Mars retrograde in this sign, things might get a little temperamental. Aries rules explosive energy, so if you find you are quick to anger in the first few days of this month, take time to understand before reacting with fire. The full moon on the 31st is in Taurus, amplified by chaotic Uranus. In our personal lives this may lead to weird outcomes and may also break us free emotionally.

On the 4th, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. The direct phase of Pluto has a tendency to push transformation outward, and joined by Saturn, this planetary motion may bring broader changes. Be kind to yourself and to the people around you—we are all feeling the weight. Jupiter is sextile Neptune on the 12th. Sextiles in astrology are marked times of magic, and Neptune rules the spiritual realm while Jupiter holds joy and expansion. This sextile will be a positive shift.

The sun spends the month in Libra until the 21st. Libra is about justice, beauty, friendship, and fairness. Take time to talk about how to change the world to align with these themes during this time. On the 22nd, the sun moves into Scorpio, staying there through the election. Scorpio knows there is power in deep psychological awareness and has an ability to get into the undercurrent of the human experience. When we honor Scorpio’s themes, we center our attention around sex, money, birth, and death. Take time to work through your grief of this past year, and try not to judge the way your neighbor is working through theirs.


The full moon on the 1st of this month is in your sign, Aries. It joins Mars in a retrograde phase, fueling the anger, weirdness, and clarity in everything you are feeling. What you do with these feelings is up to you, but it is important to let them out in a way that feels good. Remember when we were teens and someone said to punch a pillow when you are feeling upset?


On the 4th of this month, Pluto goes direct in your house of personal philosophies. This election season is especially personal for you, so it is important that you find meaningful ways to express your feelings, dreams, and fears associated with who’s running things. Get involved with groups that hold up (or tear down) the structures that you believe in (or don’t). On the 31st there is a full moon in your sign: tell everyone your biggest feelings. Let it hang out (as much as you are comfortable with).


Mercury is retrograde in your house of daily living and health. This can create a lot of confusion with your health, body, and workdays. If something isn’t working or doesn’t make sense, slow down and take time with it. If you have the option, come back to it in a couple days. This is an incredible time to unlock emotional and personal truths, especially related to work or health. Are you happy with your job and how you physically feel? How can you change that?


On the 4th of this month, Pluto goes direct in opposition to your sign. This is not new energy in your chart—it has been around since 2008—but the forward motion goes into a transformation that has been slow-going and total in your life. Momentum is on your side—if you have been feeling low or no energy, this forward motion will help get you going. Pluto has a tendency to create pressure, and at times make us feel like a deer in headlights, so the only way to go is forward. It doesn’t have to be profound to be legitimate, just start anywhere.


Mercury is retrograde this month in your house of home and motherhood. Mercury retrograde has a tendency to confuse communication, but also helps to get to the underlying problems of why communication is strained. Talk to your mom. If you are a mom, talk to someone who can help with carrying some of that weight of caring for kids. Be aware of how you talk about home annoyances and grievances. If all else fails, put some love into your house. Finish a project, make a huge meal, declutter a room.


Venus is in your sign from the 2nd to the 26th of this month. The universe is naturally promoting you and everything you do. You will be paid attention to and celebrated more. As a person who works often the hardest without broadcasting it, this is a nice time to feel the reward of everything you do. The challenge, Virgo, is allowing this universal celebration of you. You deserve it. Soak it in, ask for a raise, ask for a day of relaxation, ask for a parade.


The sun spends the month in your sign until the 21st. This is a time in your life where everything you are doing, have done, and where you’re going will be illuminated. Sometimes in this brightness we are uncomfortable with where we are going, but the universe urges you to take time to give weight and thanks to where you have come from. You are invested in justice, and when there is a sextile between Jupiter and Neptune on the 12th, watch for the positive change happening that you have always believed in.


Mercury is retrograde in your sign from the 13th to the 26th of this month. This will throw a lot of curveballs when it comes to your schedule, communication, and basic functions of your technology. Take it slow. This is an incredible time to sort out feelings and move in response to your intuition. The lessons of Mercury retrograde are usually about what happens when something isn’t working. Pay attention to who you call, what you feel, and whether you can be patient when you have less control.


Pluto goes direct in your house of values on the 4th. This joins Saturn, which rules our sense of responsibility. Pluto has a tendency to be very abrupt in the change it brings to your life, so if you suddenly feel like you want a totally different outcome or environment in your work, home, financial, or love life, this forward motion is to blame. Change is certain; the point is making sure that you honor those changes you need for yourself while respecting that people around you might not understand how quickly you have learned what you need. Don’t run too fast to the next part of your life—but maybe speed walk.


The full moon on the 1st of this month will set the tone. There are important changes necessary for your home life happening now. Is there a change you have meant to make, but you didn’t feel ready? Now is a good time to do it with positive and lasting results. Yes, you should move. Yes, you should purge your garbage. Yes, you should let your roommate know about how annoyed you are that they never clean the bathtub. Whenever the opportunity calls, make changes for a better home environment. And because the full moon can heighten emotions, make sure the changes you make are sustainable.


In non-pandemic times, this would be an ideal moment for you to go on a trip of some kind—the bigger the better. There are plenty of reasons why this is harder than usual now, but doing this in a way that is as big as you can make it is still most ideal for this month. In expansion, you learn best this month. If you have routines, change ‘em up a little. Shower and then coffee? Maybe it doesn’t seem huge, but getting out of the normal is the point. On the 27th, Venus enters a trine with your sign, giving you a little boost in the way you feel about yourself. Take some time for self appreciation—we are all feeling the pressure, but there is beauty in the way you have handled it.


Whether it’s a move, a split, or changing interests, there are ways throughout our lives where our community changes a lot. This year is an especially dynamic time in your life to understand who your people are and how you want to be treated. When Pluto goes direct on the 4th, take some time to celebrate the important changes and how you feel with (or without) the people you’ve had around. Call someone, go for a socially distant hang, disconnect from the involvement of things that make you feel stagnant and bad about where you used to be. There is a sweeping positive change in your life for the rest of this year. Clear space for it.

@iamastrology | illustration Kallie Tiffau

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