The day before the presidential election, Mercury (the planet of communication and technology) goes direct. This is extremely helpful because when Mercury is retrograde, it has a tendency to slow down processes and break machinery. If you are on the fence about who to vote for (or voting at all), this last minute change of planets will also bring you a lot of intellectual clarity.

On the 12th, Pluto and Jupiter form their final conjunction of the year. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, and Pluto is the planet of transformation. This has happened two other times this year, and as the year has gone on our society has changed drastically. As this is the final conjunction of these two planets, consider what you want to do with these changes. What do you miss about your life pre-pandemic? With the knowledge you have now, how will you treat your health? How can you personally fight for justice? The lessons of the year have been abundant and filled with every human experience; now we just need to fold them into our futures.

Mars goes direct on the 13th in Aries. The direct motion of Mars is deeply important for our ability to be effective. If you have been feeling a lack of direction, this planetary shift will be a much-needed change. There is also just a physical need for movement with this shift—the more you’re moving your body in ways you want to be, the less you will feel compelled to fight people in traffic. Do not let this planet of aggression come out sideways. On the 30th, there is a lunar eclipse in Gemini. In the spring, Venus was also retrograde in Gemini, and the last time either of these two phenomena happened was 2012. This lunar eclipse may bring up strong emotional and romantic feelings you might have been having this spring. Emotions are extremely high with lunar eclipses, and it is exceptionally important that you talk about them. Process. Share your fears and weird feelings and vulnerability. Share your heartbreak or surprise or mistakes. Read books about grief or self-improvement or mass movements that have shifted the perspective of entire countries. Educate and learn through your feelings.


On the 13th, your ruling planet, Mars, goes direct in your sign. All the things you’ve been ruminating about for the last couple months are now actionable. This is the time for change, for speaking up, for getting mad, for getting away. This is the time to allow anger to motivate change in your life. Sometimes, without the power of Mars, we can feel ineffective, so it is important to take stock of how you feel with this planet moving in your direction. Get up and go.


The new moon on the 15th of this month is in opposition to your sign. Make a list of things that you are feeling afraid of currently. It can include lifelong fears—but what, today, is giving you anxiety? On the same day, take a look at this list and write out the ways you want these things to change. The new moon is a pivotal time to set new intentions. On the 28th, Neptune goes direct in your house of community. Take some time around then to have a fun night with your pod. Take a day or two off with the people you love—it’s important to your spiritual health.


An exercise: in autumn of 2012, what were you doing? Who were you with? How did you feel? At the end of this month, there is a lunar eclipse in your sign. This is a fairly unusual alignment, and it expands your feelings near to bursting. In this dramatic brain space, it is important we remember who we were when it last happened, because often, we can think something is so huge, when really it is a bridge to something bigger. Take a breath, calm down, talk it out, all month. This too shall pass.


On the 12th, Jupiter and Capricorn are in conjunction in opposition to your sign. All the hard lessons of this past year are coming up to show you what change needs to be made and how you have (or have not) incorporated new ways of living. This isn’t an easy transit, but it is important that you understand the gifts of the year, even if they come as a side dish to grief or loss. On the 28th, your professional role may change in unexpected ways. This is a blessing (maybe in disguise).


On the 12th of this month, a big change is coming to your work life. This will be a positive shift, so if you are not feeling positive vibes, it is a good time to find something better for your working life. This is also a good time to get a physical or get into a routine within your health habits—especially if you want the routine to stick. On the 30th, the lunar eclipse lands in your house of community, indicating drama with friends or neighbors. Beware that you may be a bit more reactive than you mean to be with your pals during this moon alignment.


On the 3rd, Mercury goes direct in your house of value. If over the last few weeks you have been trying to get something off your chest, this is a really good time to do it—especially if it’s in defense of you or someone (or something) you love. The lunar eclipse on the 30th is a transformative time for you to put yourself in front of an audience and express your feelings. What do you want to transform? However you do it, you have the floor.


On the 3rd of this month, Mercury goes direct in your sign. This will make all your communication easier. Learning, teaching, influencing via social media—it’s all covered under the blanket of Mercury, so this direct motion will clear up a lot of space to say what you mean. On the 12th, Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in your house of home. Is there anything you have known this year related to the way and place you live that you haven’t changed? Need to purge, clean, or live with different people? This transit will give a necessary push towards where you need to go. It is not gentle, so get ready.


The sun is in your sign this month until the 20th. The sun just shines a light on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it—it’s a neutral brightness meant to show you changes that need to be made, or celebrate how much change has been made. The homework here is to promote more celebration than internal criticism. On the 15th, there is a new moon in your sign, which is a good time to set some new Scorpio year resolutions. You are a master of manifestation: what do you want to change?


There is a full moon eclipse in opposition to your sun at the end of this month. This lunar event, which has not happened since 2012, has the power to create emotional tidal waves. As you go through the month, take note of what snags you emotionally. The big drama feelings are inevitable, but it is important to understand the undercurrent of what the universe is teaching you in these feelings.


On the 12th, Pluto and Jupiter are conjunct in your sign. Listen: this year has been too much for everyone, but everything that is happening takes place in your sign, which really turns up the pressure. This conjunction should be a time to be rewarded for a year of hard work. Take this win. The planets are almost done steamrolling your life.


On the 13th, Mars goes direct in your house of communication and learning. You know the thing you’ve been thinking about saying for the last two months? It can come out now, as long as you are ready and willing to deal with the consequences. If you are in a school environment, this may be a time where you feel extra energy and motivation to do well. Run with it.


On the 28th of this month, your ruling planet, Neptune, goes direct in your sign. Neptune direct puts a bit of a filter between you and reality, which in this world is important for such an emotional sign. Spend some time when this planet goes direct doing something spiritual. Whether that’s praying or hiking or talking to your favorite ghost, the reality veil is so thick it may thin out the spiritual veil.

@iamastrology | illustration Kallie Tiffau

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