Looking back at 2020, we can be happy it’s over and hopeful for 2021. Something that is worth adding to this year’s inventory: what did you lose or gain, structurally speaking? What is holding you up? Were there circumstances out of your control that have you feeling like your foundation is made out of toothpicks? Can you weather future storms? You survived: take inventory of how you got here and what you can do to be present after a year that was meant to change everything.

On the 14th, there is a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. This is a timely and important reminder of your own blockages around freedom and joy. Pay attention to where these themes feel blocked, and do whatever you can to change it. You know when you’re in a dark room and someone turns on a light? This eclipse will illuminate (maybe painfully) the places where you don’t feel free.

On the 17th, Saturn moves from Capricorn to Aquarius. Saturn rules our relationship to responsibility and structure, and Aquarius lives for humanity. We will not get over, under, through, or across unless we take care of everyone. Enemies do not exist in the world of Aquarius, because even people who have hurt us deserve compassion and understanding. This is a radical and powerful shift. Saturn will ruthlessly cut the shit—greed and excessive self-interest have no place in the future we will begin to build with this transit. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was from 1991 to 1994.

On the 19th, Jupiter follows Saturn’s lead and also moves into Aquarius. Jupiter rules abundance and luck. We are most fulfilled and lucky when we work together under this energy. Jupiter will stay in Aquarius for a year—a good time to reconnect with community.

On the 21st, the sun enters Capricorn. Without the pressure of Saturn or Jupiter, this transit lets us get to work without hesitation. If you have things you have been putting off for the last three years, now is the time to get going. The stakes are less high. You can fuck up without feeling like the world is melting around you. Forgive yourself for how you responded to the “mistakes” of the last year—you know better now.


It is vital that you pay attention to how you feel trapped on or around the 14th of the month. Whether it’s work, relationships, or your home—you need to take emotional, physical, and spiritual stock in order to maximize your liberation. A few days later, Saturn and Jupiter enter your house of community. This is an important time to reconnect with your community. Deepen your involvement in whatever way you are most comfortable—sharing and volunteering will have the biggest impact on your mental health.


There is an uncomfortable truth in the stars for you starting this month, Taurus: all eyes are on you. Saturn and Jupiter both move into your house of public image mid-month, and it begins a years-long amplification of your voice and vision. If there is something you have wanted to say, do, or be, now is an especially lucky and positive time to start. Putting yourself out there can be intimidating for your sign, but your messages are dialed in and have been waiting for a microphone. Go for it. On the 29th there is a full moon in your house of communication—this has a tendency to be dramatic, so be careful to only say what you mean.


The solar eclipse on the 14th is in opposition to your sign. What is in the way of your personal joy? Our limitations aren’t always within our control, but even then we have to be able to feel joyful. Adversity will end, so what do you want to do now to prepare for the explosion of opportunity coming your way? Saturn and Jupiter move into your house of freedom this month and you may have a traveling itch that feels impossible to scratch. Plan a trip for a year from now, order food from somewhere unusual, or make a trip that feels safe to somewhere you can really have fun. No work allowed.


In December of 2017, Saturn started an opposition to your sign. This opposition is ending this month. Maybe this has been the most productive time of your life, or maybe you have just felt incredible pressure in everything you do. Either way, the strain of this planet will be over, a cause for celebration and taking inventory of all you have done and cleared in the last three years. On the 29th, there is a full moon in your sign. Your emotional and spiritual experiences are heightened to a maximum degree. Cry as much as you need to, take some time off, and write down the things you are undeniably feeling. Full moons feel like tidal waves: be careful not to make a huge scene when the feelings lessen a few days later.


The solar eclipse on the 14th realigns you with your creative passions. Take time to make something or perform for someone. On the 17th, Saturn starts a three-year transit to your house of long-term relationships. If there are any issues that you need to work out in your long-term (especially romantic) relationships, Saturn demands work and results. If there aren’t issues, no need to dig for some, just keep it healthy.


Saturn moves into your house of work on the 17th of this month. This is a major shift in your daily life. If you like what you are doing for work, are you happy with your pay? Vice versa? Is there a job you think would be better for you? Saturn makes us show up for every part of our responsibility—we have to have a balance of pay and emotional fulfillment. Saturn in this placement also brings health to the surface. Get a physical, and get real about what makes you feel healthiest. Saturn creates a lot of issues if we don’t do what we know is best for ourselves. Deal with the root issues.


Do you feel like you have appropriate outlets for your creativity? This month, Jupiter and Saturn enter your house of creativity; Jupiter will be there for a year and Saturn will hang out for three years. Whenever you decide to release your creations out into the world, you’ll have some fans. This is also a good time to ask for more opportunity to be creative in professional roles. The full moon on the 29th will likely land you an opportunity you’re not expecting. This could be professional or personal. Either way, go with it.


Saturn and Jupiter are both entering your house of home this month. This is a decisive time to think about home and family. It could be a time that begins a big move, a good time to start a family, or a chance to psychologically work through what home means to you. If you have been wondering about moving, you should—the sooner the better. If you are thinking about starting a family: you should. If you don’t want to start a family: be careful. Go to therapy and talk about your mom, even if your relationship is good. On the 29th, there is a full moon in Cancer, which trines your sign. Emotions will be high, but you may need this full moon to break through these deeper feelings about home.


On the 14th there is a solar eclipse in your sign. With the sun in your sign, there is an illumination of everything that you are: Where you feel disconnected from yourself, how you feel stuck or bored, what parts of your life you want to grow into. This eclipse pauses the illumination for long enough to show you in what ways you are held back, whether it’s your own doing or something outside of yourself that isn’t allowing growth. This is where it gets tricky—be careful to understand the root reasons you feel in a rut. Lack of creative expression should not be released sideways through quitting a job that is healthy and pays the bills—if you know what the work is, don’t sidestep it. Band-Aids will not work with this eclipse.


Since December of 2017, Saturn has been in your sign. Saturn is a planet that demands responsibility, health, and often pushes us into overdrive in terms of what we expect from ourselves. On the 17th, Saturn moves into Aquarius, taking a lot of pressure off of your life. An incredible exercise to honor this time: how have you changed since December of 2017? What have you accomplished? Really take time remembering where you were and what you believed then—this growth is not for the faint of heart. On the 19th, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moves out of your sign also. This creates more mellow experiences more consistently. It might even feel a little boring, but the breakneck speed of the last year with Jupiter’s influence is probably plenty for a sensible Capricorn. Enjoy the quiet.


On the 17th of this month, Saturn moves into your sign (It was last in your sign in 1994). There is always a little pressure with Saturn: it motivates you to do and be better. The first step in incorporating this planet’s energy and intention is understanding which parts of your life you want growth in. You should also take stock of the parts of your life that feel unhealthy. Saturn will make you examine these things, and often either create healthier alternatives or fully disconnect you from unhealthy behavior. On the 19th, Jupiter also arrives in your sign. This begins a year of abundance and luck. Ask for more money, connect with more people. Shoot your shot. This is a year where if you put the intention out, you will be rewarded.


This month Saturn and Jupiter move into your house of spirituality. As a spongy Pisces, there is a lot more energy you are carrying around than you are maybe even aware of. As these two planets move into this space you may begin a lifetime shed of all the unnecessary psychic energy you’ve been carrying around. This is meant to be liberating, but in any type of decluttering there are plenty of memories and feelings stirred up. Time is on your side, though. You do not need to solve this all now. Unpack this month, but you have at least a year to sort it all out.

@iamastrology | illustration Kallie Tiffau

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