In the realm of fire, the Wand is the carrier of the flame. The Ace of Wands is handed over from the mighty spirit of Inspiration herself; in perfect timing we receive a gift of passion strong enough to move an idea from a simple thought-form into a material reality. In this instance, we will need to be assertive and we might see this Ace of Wands as a strong spine holding us up as we push onward, demanding what we know to be right. A similar thought might occur suddenly among many persons; and though it is likely unconventional, if this vision unfolds, it should be pursued. It is an absolute truth that there is no stopping an idea whose time has come. This one will mean fewer words and finer points and the kind of calm that destabilizes your opponents’ confidence.

The Tower fell some months back but the façades continue to crack and decay. It will be easy to see which allies are made of two-faces and which among us have misrepresented our agendas. What was covered is revealed and a lively, perhaps heated clashing of concerns will ensue. This is where we need our Wand, our Ace, our spine. Anger is a perfect emotion, same as the others. Its purpose is to alert us to broken boundaries and simultaneously motivate us to regain equilibrium. It will be necessary to respond with a clear and uncompromising message, but the real magic comes when the dust settles and the backstage dramas are left in plain sight. This Tower takes the whole illusion with it as it falls and should you cast your spells in favor of justice, may you bind wrong-doers from securing non-disclosures.

We find both reprieve and purpose in the Eight of Pentacles at this time. Despite the tumult, we wind up in our best element, losing ourselves into the basic actions of pleasant work. We may hear our mind whisper you were born for this and we should listen to those words. Every action toward justice counts. Now is not the time to underestimate or undermine ourselves. It is wildly important that we withhold our consent when asked to witness ourselves as the perpetually inadequate consumer, the passive recipients of images and their attendant meanings. It is now that we become ever more fiercely ourselves. We need to hear one another’s voices speaking in the tones of truthfulness. We need marches in the streets and letters written by the thousands. We need mutual aid networks and educational materials. We need stories and other medicines. We need it all. May your purpose rise to meet you. 

illustration by Karla Rosas