A black and white illustration of 3 tarot cards sitting side by side. The left card depicts a person with an afro tied back, and 2 trumpet players on either side. The trumpet players are facing each other on either side of the afro, and the bottom half of their bodies turn into musical notes that come from the person’s ears. The bottom reads “Judgement.” The middle card depicts a toward with planks protruding down the sides. The background is black, and there are storm clouds and lightning bolts. The bottom reads “The Tower.” The right card depicts 4 hands all grabbing each others’ wrists in order to form a square. There are flames surrounding the arms and in between the hands. The bottom reads “Four of Wands.” Illustration by Karla Rosas.


We earned some new “experience points” in the last few months and “leveling up” means we now have access to Judgement’s power, steadily lifting each of us. Many of us have managed to observe our most deeply entrenched habits and patterns of thinking that perpetuate imbalance and dysfunction. As long as we continue to stretch ourselves and make the effort to grow we will find a subtle but continuous current lifting us, giving us the motivation we need to believe in ourselves. We are the common denominator at the center of all of our problems, and so we must go about the necessary business of creating better interpersonal habits and desires. We are on the verge of deepening our commitments in our communities and homes.

It is said that what goes up must come down, and this is certainly true of The Tower. The weeks ahead will unveil one truth at the heart of a problem, after another, after another. Watch it happen if it suits you, or just keep your focus on elevating your sense of wellbeing. When we have a general sense of wellbeing, we approach every task and relationship from a disposition of basic confidence, rather than the defensive posture we require when we lose our sense of wellbeing. The falling of The Tower is an inevitable and many layered series of revealed secrets. If you have your own skeletons, this could be a tough patch for you, but otherwise let all the pieces fall first, then make up your mind.

The Four of Wands is a warm and inspiring place to find ourselves after a long and tedious Winter season. The spirit of Spring will become ever more restless and we might feel a wave of inspiration, however unlikely it may seem now. The Tower was faulty at its foundation, but the Four of Wands is a formation made solid by the loving dynamics created in a home that values the right of each living member to be treated with full respect and individuality. Wands are fire; they cannot be contained. It is possible, however, to build a fire in such a way that it burns tall and slender, or low and wide, or even smokeless. In the Four of Wands, we have arranged the dynamics in our homes and communities in a manner that encourages and rewards respect, self-expression, and taking joy in the successes of others. May we recognize the limits of competition.

illustration by Karla Rosas

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