A grayscale drawing of a light-skinned hand pouring water from a vase. The hand is disconnected from an arm, and it’s pouring from the top left corner. The vase is gray and shaded with dots. The liquid being poured forms a solid line that flows into a curving design at the bottom of the frame. Illustration by Artemesia Trapeze.

Welcome to Aquarius season! A truly remarkable signaltruistic humanitarians carrying the weight of the world while staying light on their feet. Aquarians understand that we have just as much a duty to the collective as we do to ourselves. Aquarius is about authenticity and progress and Aquarians see the capabilities humankind has to take care of itself and the earth (and is frustrated when it doesn’t). 

At the beginning of the month there will be FIVE planets in Aquarius—the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. This will feel ELECTRIC and will no doubt play out most observably in social and political spheres. I fully anticipate this Aquarius stellium (a stellium is a gathering of more than three planets in any given sign) will activate those of us who are community-minded and action-oriented to work and fight for what we believe in. The new moon in Aquarius on February 11 will conjunct Venus and Jupiter, expanding our visions of collective love and harmony. 


Mars, your ruling planet, will be transiting your 2nd house all month. The 2nd house is primarily associated with possessions and wealth: fixed earth things. The mantra for the 2nd house is “I Have,” which from a developmental perspective is about possession of the self. How do you establish a stable sense of self? How does that affect us in the physical realm? What have you fired up this past month? What sparks of creativity? Now is the time to lay concrete foundations for new possibilities. 


Like our Aries friends, Mars’ transit this month will significantly impact you. While the Aquarius stellium transits your 10th house of career and public image, Mars will be in your sign and transiting your first house. Mars is associated with willpower, passion, and anger. Mars is the god of war, and you might find that this first house transit is igniting passions that are difficult to integrate with the Aquarian energy. The unsettled vibe of air seasons might be uncomfortable for you as an earth sign, but Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed energy— in their values and in their actions. This makes for dynamic but stable waves for you to ride—at least if you’ve got the right attitude. 


Hopefully you survived the depths of Capricorn season’s transits through your eighth house. As you move into Aquarius season you are likely to be feeling freer. The Aquarius stellium will be transiting your ninth house—a house of expansion and knowledge-seeking, as well as group activities/friendship/teamwork etc. Out of all the signs, this month you are the one best situated to apply your social skills and flowy nature to organizing people towards humanitarian goals with the gusto, freedom, and energy provided by this transit. Whatever lessons you learned last month will be useful when applied to these big picture efforts. 


This month the Aquarius stellium will be transiting your 8th house for the first 20 days of the month. This will be about finding a balance between your obligations to yourself and to the collective. Cancers are natural empaths, making 8th house transits (specifically of this magnitude) particularly difficult. But they bring great rewards! When we clear out the tendencies clogging our souls, we make room for transformation and real internal honesty. The Aquarian influence of this transit will hopefully soften the severity of the moment, which might tempt you to thicken your crab shell and not let others in. If you are feeling defensive for the first half of the month, let Pisces season wash it away like the Mississippi River flowing into the Gulf. 


Hopefully the full moon in your sign at the end of last month was invigorating and led you to new heights of self discovery and love. This month’s transit stellium in your sister sign of Aquarius will build on the themes of last month, with the focus moving from the personal to the social sphere as the planets transit your seventh house of relationships, romance, and partnerships. How do you fill your own cup as well as those of others? What is expected and owed in your close friendships and partnerships? Do you feel alienated or free? The new moon in Aquarius on the 11th is a good time to set intentions related to personal relationships, fueled by the lessons you learned during the full moon. 


This month’s Aquarius transits will be crossing the sky in your sixth house, the house ruled by Virgo. How is your health directly tied to what you offer others? This time period will ask you how to best prioritize your well-being while also remaining engaged in your community and personal relationships. Find an appropriate balance. If you do, when the sun moves into your sister sign of Pisces on the 20th I expect you will experience karmic rewards from the universe, particularly around the full moon in Virgo on the 27th. 


The sun is now in your fellow air sign of Aquarius and as a result you might be feeling more graceful. Aquarius and Libra share a desire for harmony, unity, and equality. How can you use your natural balancing instincts to create more stability in your community? You are kind, loyal and sympathetic—these qualities, when cultivated, are a gift during both Aquarius season and Pisces season (which starts on the 20th). Spend the month envisioning your highest ideals and using your creativity to show love and create large scale beauty. 


This month the sun and many other planets will transit your 4th house. The 4th house is associated with home, family, nurturing, and safety. As these relationally and societally focused planets transit Aquarius, you are being called to analyze what makes you feel safe and what you can do to inspire more communal trust. Mars is transiting your sister sign of Taurus; embody Taurus energy by standing in your truth, particularly when it comes to safety, sensuality, and respect. The sun will enter your fellow water sign of Pisces on the 20th, bringing with it a river of water energy to clear out pain and inspire confidence and compassion. 


This Aquarius season holds great potential for you as the Aquarius stellium transits your 3rd house of intellect, communication, and play. It’s a good time to perhaps lighten up a little. See what new things you can learn about society by observing it. You are also in the middle of a two year transit of the south node through your sign. The south node is associated with past life karma and established soul patterns. We are collectively being asked to embrace our base philosophical stances and transmute them into something more immediate to our senses. What can you find out without somebody telling you? And what truth can you share without questions?


This February you are being asked to take a hard look at your foundations. If they are crumbling or unstable, it is likely that you have been building them only to support yourself. The strongest foundations are built with others through trust, and the Aquarius stellium transiting your second house is urging you to focus your intentions not on what you can extract but what you can provide. Air seasons can be difficult for earth signs, as things are quicker to move and harder to pin down. If you are feeling a need for control, be sure to temper it with a kindness towards those who do not have your instinctively high threshold for hard work. 


Happy you season, Aquarius! If you thought last month’s transits were intense, you might not be ready for this historic transit. Though it may make you uncomfortable, this intense focus of energy in Aquarius is bound to profoundly affect your inner and outer worlds. You are being called to lead from within and with your heart. Try not to second guess yourself. This intense 1st house transit is asking you to look deep inside yourself to find a path forward. Use your dynamic, loving nature to inspire new, more equitable ways of being. 


This month the sun and many other planets will transit your 12th house. The 12th house is the end of a cycle, the end of an era—it is the place that collects all of our waking experiences over a year or a cycle or a lifetime in order to synthesize them. Much like analysing your dreams, piecing together all these lessons is not easy, and it would probably do you well to rest and meditate for the first half of the month. By the time the sun moves into Pisces on February 20th, you will likely have reached a new level of emotional clarity around what your sweet soul can do to care for yourself and help others. Hopefully you can do it without ignoring or invalidating the depths of feeling you possess.