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Happy Aquarius Season! Aquarius energy can be quite complex and difficult to define. This sign is defined by a dedication to individualism while simultaneously championing collective ideals. How do we use an acute awareness of our unique strengths and struggles in ways that embrace the collective growth that is key to our liberation? The full moon in Leo on the 5th will invite us to examine those ego patterns that strengthen our resolve, and those that keep us bound to an unhealthy attachment to self. Mercury’s movement into Aquarius on the 11th will imbue communications with more electricity and honesty, encouraging both love and detachment, depending on the context. The sun will conjunct Aquarius’ ruling planet Saturn on the 16th, and this day and the days surrounding it might bring challenges that, when overcome, will be of enormous benefit to both ourselves and our communities. The sun will enter Pisces on the 18th, followed by the new moon in Pisces on the 20th. This shift in energy might feel abrupt and even jarring for those of us who are less in tune with our emotions, and we could all benefit from taking time to prioritize rest and self-reflection. Allowing time for rest can fuel the creative goals we hold dearest, and Venus’ movement into Aries on the 20th will make the impulse to achieve them difficult to ignore.


This month is an especially good time for you to embrace your inner warrior in the name of the collective good. The sun will transit your 11th house of intellectual and spiritual freedom, inspiring new ways of engaging with society. Venus will square your ruling planet Mars on the 4th, and you might feel torn between pursuing things that are fun and thrilling and things that bring you peace and pleasure. The full moon in fellow fire sign Leo on the 5th could provide an opportunity for balance. Venus will enter your sign on the 20th, further invigorating this examination of what you find most fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding.


Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs but are diametrically opposed as the embodiments of air and earth, respectively. Aquarius season can teach you to detach from the material in pursuit of something ethereal and theoretical. Your ruling planet Venus will square Mars (planet of action and aggression) on the 4th, and you might encounter difficulties holding in anger, specifically in regards to disrespect to your intellect. Venus will then enter Aries on the 20th, perhaps re-lighting the fire within—with an improved perspective.


After what might have been a difficult but rewarding Capricorn season, prepare to be rejuvenated as the sun transits your 9th house. This house is associated with philosophy, travel, and freedom, so you might feel inclined toward intellectual expansion. Your ruling planet Mercury will enter fellow air sign Aquarius on the 11th, and you could feel more capable in regards to expressing your ideas and ideals without concern for how they will be received. Your naturally Mercurial nature is often fast-moving and can be somewhat erratic, and this month Aquarius will offer lessons in waiting for your thoughts to ripen before you express them.


The sun will be transiting your 8th house (death, sex, and money vibes) this month, and you will be asked to face some inner demons so that they can be transmuted into a deeper wisdom and personal power. The full moon in Leo on the 5th could be an excellent time to embrace your most useful and loving masculine qualities in the name of protecting your heart and inner strength. The sun will enter fellow water sign Pisces on the 18th followed by the new moon in Pisces on the 20th, marking a time to examine your creative and emotional capacities and to choose the path(s) that best suit your wants and needs.


The sun’s transit through your 7th house of creativity and partnership in your sister sign Aquarius has a great deal to teach you about generosity and expectations. If you tend to give too much, perhaps take a step back and ask yourself why. If you tend to prioritize your own needs there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that, but it is worth looking at whether that comes from a place of fear or a place of personal power. The full moon in your sign on the 5th is a good time to meditate and reflect on how much of yourself you give and why that pattern manifests the way it does.


Your ruling planet Mercury is associated with communication and intellectual pursuits, and is generally fast moving and dynamic. As it enters fixed air sign Aquarius on the 11th you might find yourself considering your words even more carefully than usual. Aquarius energy can be quite disciplined and calculating, and you might find yourself embracing these shared qualities. The sun’s movement into your sister sign Pisces on the 18th might encourage you to soften and embrace your more feminine qualities. You could find yourself well balanced between reason and emotion—if you have done the necessary work.


The sun will transit your 5th house this month, and you could be feeling particularly romantic or creative. In addition, your ruling planet Venus will be transiting sweet and sensitive Pisces, perhaps leading you to feel even more receptive or in your feelings than usual. Mercury will join the sun in transiting your 5th house, encouraging an expansive look at how you express love both on a personal and societal level. Venus will enter Aries on the 20th, perhaps encouraging a swift reorientation toward self-love and healthy self-protection.


Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed signs, but the way your watery nature embodies this arguably contains more emotional awareness and recognition. Aquarius energy can often be characterized as detached or removed, and as the sun transits your 4th house this month you might feel inclined to isolate yourself in order to meditate on your highest ideals, particularly in regards to family and inner-child wounds. The sun’s movement into fellow water sign Pisces on the 18th could bring opportunities to demonstrate what you have learned in these arenas and how you want to move forward with more peace and clarity.


This month has the potential to be particularly stimulating. The sun will transit your 3rd house, encouraging things that come naturally to you like play, adventure, and other explorations of freedom. The full moon in fellow fire sign Leo on the 5th could be affirming if you are making the best decisions with your time and energy. The sun will enter fellow mutable sign Pisces on the 18th, and though your fiery nature might feel resistant initially, you could benefit from taking a moment of retreat to feel your emotions rather than intellectualize them.


Both Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by Saturn and share an admirable amount of energy for that which they wish to achieve. The sun will be transiting your 2nd house this month, encouraging a focus on stability in your home and in your body. Now is a great time to establish healthier habits that can then have a ripple effect on your relationships and your community. The sun will conjunct Saturn on the 16th, and you might experience pushback in terms of this growth. Knowing yourself and your values will keep you firmly rooted in the face of adversity.


Happy You season, Aquarius! We are blessed by your uncompromising values, dedication to friendship, and truly electric presence. The full moon in your sister sign Leo on the 5th is a good time to meditate on your self-image, needs, and how you can improve on your current conceptions in order to meet the needs of your relationships and your community. Mercury will enter your sign and your 1st house on the 11th, facilitating a clarity of vision that will serve you long term if you take time to examine how you want your next year-long cycle to go.


Your emotive and creative nature might feel a bit suppressed this month as the sun transits your 12th house and you are asked to review the past year. Now is perhaps a time for stillness and reflection as your psyche dives inward in pursuit of a peace that could feel elusive or impossible. Your ruling planet Neptune will conjunct Venus on the 15th, taking these considerations to new heights as you are asked to look at your higher ideals and how they integrate into your romantic and creative pursuits. The sun will enter your sign on the 18th, followed by the new moon in your sign on the 20th. The new moon is an excellent time to set your emotional and spiritual intentions for the next year.

illustration by Artemesia Trapeze

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