Christy Lorio: 1980-2022

2-0-2-2… It’s not every day you meet a friend. I’m lucky enough to have known the coolest friend of them all. I met Christy Lorio around 2007-2008 when I got my first job at Slim Goodies on Magazine Street. I was a high school kid coming into my freshman year. You worked at Buffalo Exchange, a store I frequented multiple times a week. Every check I got, I went into your store and spent it all, as a 17-year-old will do.

We struck up a convo about me working towards being a rapper and once ya found that out, you never stopped supporting me. As my profile grew, I released music and did shows. You definitely found ways to help me get the word out. You’d get writing jobs and with those platforms you’d choose to give me some shine. These articles were incredible highlights that I’d share all the time. Because of you, I was featured in outlets like ANTIGRAVITY, the Gambit, Buffalo Exchange magazine, Uptown Messenger, and even your own zine-blog. You put my music and career in such a lovely light that I was always so proud of. You’re one of the only writers I’ve never had to ask for the article before it ran. I trusted you.

You were a photographer. You always took some of the best pictures and when you would reach out to take some of me, I was always excited as hell. Soon as I got the photos back from you, I used them for everything. You were tickled that I thought your camera work was so fly but I wasn’t lying. You also knew how important live performance is to me, so you came out to many of my gigs. I mean, you were at MANY shows. You and your husband Thomas supported me as much as humanly possible. Christy, you even came to a show in 2021 when COVID was still rampant and your cancer came back, but you wouldn’t miss my performance. Such an amazing soul. Selfless would be an understatement.

Outside of all that, we were friends. Whenever I saw you walking around Uptown, I’d stop what I was doing to chop it up with you because of how insightful, funny, and creative you were. I enjoyed our talks more than you know. You were always a joy to be around. Even when you got your diagnosis, you smiled through it and kept fighting. You inspire me even to this day.

Our last convo, I told you, “Stay strong” and you sent me the 💪 emoji. Christy, you are one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. You lived so much life and I’m so happy to have known you. You made life brighter for so many people. I send love to your family because this is tough. I’m gonna miss the hell out of you, my friend. Keep shining bright and exploring things on the other side. I’ll see ya someday. RIP to my friend, Christy Lorio.

photo courtesy Alfred Banks