This might seem like a good time to catch up on clever, sophisticated podcasts about economics and science and deep thoughts now that you have all this time on your hands. But if all you are able to do is curl up around a big bowl of comfort listening, I am right there with you. 

Office Ladies 
You should listen to this because you are rewatching The Office right now, all alone in your living room, and you need someone to share the experience with. The cheerful actresses who host the podcast (Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer) break down each episode while shrieking, giggling, and eating snacks. It is pleasantly basic, with lots of pointless minutiae that is more compelling than it should be, and with rad guests like Larry Willmore and Ken Jeong. (


My Brother My Brother and Me 
This is an hour or so of three brothers doing stream-of-consciousness nonsense comedy in a uniquely earnest, inclusive, and foul-mouthed vein. If you like this kind of thing, MBMBaM will make you laugh loudly enough to startle your pets. Famously free of bummers, for when you need a break from sad times. (


LeVar Burton Reads 
Levar Burton’s voice is soothing, his taste is excellent, and he takes a nice deep breath before he starts reading, which will remind you to do the same. Breathe, listen, and forget the world for an hour while your favorite chief engineer (sorry Colm) reads you the best short fiction. (


Writing Excuses 
Even if you aren’t taking this time to work on the novel you always wanted to write (because my god who can concentrate?), it’s fun to listen to these actual authors discuss their process. Skip the early seasons, jot down some book recommendations, and learn a comfortably small amount. (