As Senior Editor Holly Devon wrote in our November 2023 Letter from an Editor, “When we lose a member of the ANTIGRAVITY reading community, we do our best to dedicate space for their loved ones to tell their stories, give full pages to their pictures, and speak their names to the eternal archive…” The following compilation is by no means exhaustive, either in terms of remembrances we’ve published or those friends, family, beloved artists, and comrades whose passing we sadly missed the opportunity to document. May their memories be a blessing.

Tribute to Kelly Keller, compiled by D.C. Harbold and Lefty Parker, photo courtesy, November 2004 #6
“Mike Frey Mattered: A Tribute In Print” by Dan Fox, photo by Jack Porobil, May 2006 #22
Brian Turd cover art by L. Steve Williams, December 2008 #53
Charlie Cooper photo from editor’s intro by Dan Fox, February 2009 #55
Photo by Eric Martinez for “Remembering Alex Chilton” by Michael Bateman and King Louie Bankston III, April 2010 #69
Photo from “Goodbye Renetta, Our Friend Magnolia Shorty,” by Thomas Furtado, January 2011 #78
Photo by Gary LoVerde for “Joey LaCaze, 1971-2013” by Dan Fox, September 2013 #110
Warren Day photo, February 2014 #115
Illustration of Penny Proud, courtesy of BreakOUT!, from “Confronting Histories Old and New with #BlackSpring” by Mwende Katwiwa, June 2015 #131
Illustration by Ryan Blackwood for “Allen Toussaint: Advanced Theory” by Casey McAllister, December 2015 #137
Photo from “Bye, Buddy: Remembering Jimmy Glickman (1964-2016)” by Dan Fox, February 2016 #139
To Chance, With Love” by Musa Alves, August 2016 #145
Photo from “Nathan Tinglof: 6/16/1986 – 9/23/2016” by Justin Kray, Ryan Peterson, Victor Pizarro, October 2016 #147
China Doll Dupree Gibson (framed photo from vigil), photo by Avery Leigh White, March 2017 #152
“Riff in Peace: Erin Dwyer (1980-2017)”, photo by Emily McWilliams, June 2017 #155
“Antoine Dominique “Fats” Domino, Jr. (1928 – 2017)” by Casey Wayne McAllister, illustration by Happy Burbeck, November 2017 #160
Illustration by Ben Passmore from “Shiloh (Feb. 2, 1986 – Nov. 19, 2017)” By Jules Bentley, December 2017 #161
Mr. Okra tribute from “Dirt Farm” by Ben Claassen, March 2018 #164
“Darren Knox 1985-2019” illustration by Erin K. Wilson, February 2019 #175
Chef Leah Chase (1923-2019)” by James Cullen, illustration by Happy Burbeck, July 2019 #180
Photo of Paul “Switchblade” Mills by Gary LoVerde, May 2021 #202
Hollise Murphy photo by Gary LoVerde; “Stay Awesome” design by Bill Heintz / photo by Donald Rager from “Man in the Mirror: Remembering Hollise Murphy 1985-2021,” compiled by William Archambeault, September 2021 #206
Letter to a Fallen Poet: For Thaddeus Conti (1975 — 2021),” by Derek, art by Jamie Chiarello, October 2021 #207
Geoff Douville photo by Joshua Brasted from “Sunny Side Up: Celebrating A Quarter Century of Egg Yolk Jubilee” by William Archambeault, December 2021 #209
Back cover illustration of “King” Louie Bankston by Ben Claassen III, April 2022 #210
Bernard Pearce photo from editor’s intro by Dan Fox, May 2022 #211
Photo by Eliot Kamenitz from “Lawrence Batiste: October 20, 1938 — July 4, 2022” by Romain Beauxis, August 2022 #214
“Christy Lorio: 1980-2022” by Alfred Banks, January 2023 #219
Photo by Sasha Rose for “Stryker Black, 1992 – 2023” by Britain Forsyth, June 2023 #224
“YOKO: 1993-2023,” photo by Lillian Aguinaga, October 2023 #228
Karl Takacs Sr. (Pho Tau Bay) photo by Adrienne Battistella, October 2023 #228
“Brother Dege: June 8, 1967 – March 8, 2024” by William Archambeault, photo by Travis Gauthier, April 2024 #234


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