Julie Dermansky

A pickup truck in Creole, Louisiana, in floodwaters following Hurricane Delta in October 2020.

Rock Zion Baptist Church cemetery in Sunshine, Louisiana, is located in the stretch of land along the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge known as “Cancer Alley.” The name comes from the disproportionate risk of cancer and other health complications among the region’s predominantly Black and poor populations, attributed to its high density of petroleum processing and chemical plants. Behind the cemetery is LBC Baton Rouge, part of the Geismar Industrial Complex.

A demolished home washes up in the wetlands in Creole, Louisiana, after back-to-back Hurricanes Laura and Delta hit the area in August and October 2020.

Protesters gather in front of the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge on May 27 to seek justice for Ronald Greene, who died while in Louisiana State Police custody on May 10, 2019.

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