What is your favorite rig to shoot on?

I like small portable cameras and gear, stuff that I can hike and climb around with. My Nikon F3, that I found on Craigslist from a very nice lady up in Slidell, is my #1.

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why?

I like photographing people in nature, usually from far away to show scale for trees, rocks, or rivers. Growing up in DC I was lucky to be exposed to the National Gallery of Art, and some of my favorite paintings early on were those of Frederic Edwin Church, depicting little humans surrounded by epic palms and mountains and sunsets.

What are your goals as a photographer?

To expose truths, to find beauty in the ordinary, to stay humble, to deepen our collective empathy, to remind us of our connection to our environment, to inspire others into action and love. To have it as a source of long-term financial stability. To become better with a flash.

What advice do you have for other photographers?

Cultivate your inner diverse curiosities and spirit. Great photographs are just as much a product of what’s on the inside as what’s on the outside.

Above: Cyril Neville performs as part of an impromptu jam session at Kermit’s Treme Mother in Law Lounge, to honor brother Art Neville, who died earlier in the day, July 22, 2019