Se colocan cruces en una vigilia en frente al Ayuntamiento, que representa las más de 400 muertes causadas por los ataques violentos del gobierno Nicaragüense contra estudiantes, médicos, comunidades indígenas y la Iglesia Católica. Leen cada nombre de los fallecidos en la vigilia siguiente un comunal “PRESENTE!” a indicar sus existencias eternas. (Crosses were laid out at a vigil in front of City Hall representing the more than 400 deaths caused by the Nicaraguan government’s violent attacks on students, doctors, indigenous communities, and the Catholic Church. Each name of the deceased was read aloud at the vigil, followed by a communal “PRESENTE!” to signify their everlasting existence.)

Gabrielle Garcia-Steib @honeysighs is an educator and photographer in New Orleans. Her work explores the narratives that connect Latin America with New Orleans, particularly Nicaragua. Pieces from her archive have been selected by Allison M. Glenn for the exhibition “Constructing the Break,” opening August 4 at the Contemporary Arts Center.

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