Photo Issue: Leone Julitte, Angela Calonder, Caitlyn Ridenour

Leone Julitte


Baby V at the Barbie vs Bratz Rave at The Rabbit Hole, July 7.

Pit singing with Julianne Merino of LSD Clownsystem (right) at the Joy Theater, February 11.

Top photo: Nœvá Khâinę rolls with iGRAC (Intergalactic Realtors Association Conference) in the Chewbacchus parade, January 28.

Angela Calonder


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (on Napoleon Avenue) sees a long-awaited renovation in January. The building, dating back to 1925, has sat unused since Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

Danny and Pony wait for a performance to begin at Tet Fest, the Vietnamese New Year celebration at Mary Queen of Vietnam Church on January 29. Shot with a Pentax K1000 on Tri-X 400 ISO 35mm film, and developed and printed at the New Orleans Photo Alliance.

Caitlyn Ridenour

Nikki Brown wearing clothing brand Haus Of Lucerne, April 2023.

Quintron (holding his Drum Buddy) and Miss Pussycat (with the Weather Woman) at Lake Pontchartrain, April 26.

Schizos in Memphis, September 2022.


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