Photos: Zack Smith

“Over the past 20 years, the camera has given me the unique ability to tell a variety of stories about remarkable people in the most unique places and situations. Currently I am finishing up the first phase of a continuing portrait project called “My Louisiana Muse.” The impetus for this project is to give another avenue and voice to the inspiration and messages that artists from different mediums are sharing all over Louisiana. We get so much of our news shouted at us and blasted over the television and social media, and most of the time it’s of a graphic nature, violent, and sensational in order to grab our attention. The messages that artists bring are just as important to the welfare of our communities that I feel I need yet another avenue to get to the ears and eyes of the people it’s intended to reach. This image of artist Nick Slie was taken for this project in the deep swamps of Pierre Part, Louisiana. The portrait of hip-hop artist Truth Universal is part of a series I started with local photographer David Armentor, to show a new style of music that is positive in its message, and not striving to hold up the empty values of wealth, fame, and fortune. I am forever grateful for those who have allowed me into their lives to witness their creativity and powerful messages.”



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