I won’t lie: I get kind of testy around deadline. To everyone who suffers in my wake during this time, all apologies. It’s always a challenge the last week of a good month, and this past August was not a good month. We had some shakeups behind the scenes here in ANTIGRAVITY land. Some of it was planned (as you’ll see from a few fresh design and editorial tweaks going forward), and some of it unplanned. This publishing business, as I’ve remarked in the past, is a full contact sport. I’m pretty sure I’ve exhibited unsportsmanlike conduct more than a few times over the course of putting out this magazine (and sorry, too, for the sports metaphor). Of course, more importantly, the news from Houston and southeast Texas has been heartbreaking and uncomfortably familiar, as it reverberates against another Katrinaversary and the recent flooding we had right here in New Orleans. These are not carefree summer days. So, to anyone who I was maybe a little short with or who, god forbid, got an email from me before that first coffee of the day—sorry about that, as well. As the kids like to say, “Dan: do better.”

Even with all of the oppressive news cascading down minute-by-minute now, I hope you find some respite in the pages of this month’s issue. There’s a lot to celebrate, from the spirit and fire of the Downtown Boys, to the deep psychic dives of Mondo Bizarro, or the bucolic thrills of birding. And of course there are quite a few other diversions to keep your mind off our turbulent Gulf. Like the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas, has sung, “I Haven’t Got Time to Cry.” 

photo DAN FOX