Astrocreep: 2015 is Ours to Lose

From "Moonblight and Six Feet of Romance (1892)," by Daniel Carter Beard.
From “Moonblight and Six Feet of Romance (1892),”
by Daniel Carter Beard.

Happy New Year, creepoids. The beginning of the year is characterized by good intentions, ambitious promises, and the usual plague of charlatanry. I will not begrudge you your personal resolutions for the year (I’m trying to avoid being complicit in that aforementioned plague). But I will gently remind you that gradual modifications in behavior tend to be more effective than drastic changes. Except when it comes to smoking. Cold turkey sometimes works there. Also, body-shaming messages tend to be especially prevalent around this time. Resist self-hate, and know that you can be strong and well at any size. Just like the Crimethinc poster in the bathroom says, “Beauty must be defined as what we are, or else the concept itself is our enemy.”

New Age wisdom advises us that we live in an abundant universe. Free market capitalist economics drills into us that our lives exist within a paradigm of scarcity. So which is true? The world is abundant, but we make it scarce. Not necessarily“we” as in you and I, but we as in us as a society. There’s enough for everyone, but our economic system relies on a perpetual growing underclass. Louisiana is full of amazing, special places, but Hollywood South is going to blow ‘em all up. We take the abundance we have and make it scarce by means of enclosure and allocation. In this new year, seek abundance—when you find it behind a fence, tear that fence down.

The full moon on January 5th is in Cancer, and it is the last hurrah of trying to keep the party season going before normal life takes over once more. The new moon in Aquarius on the 20th immediately precedes the first Mercury retrograde of the year. Spend it by tending to what is in front of you, keeping your temper even, and living within your means. Unless you want trouble.



As 2015 begins, you find it difficult to see past ideological differences.  This may come up in friendship, colleagueship, or even romance—and  the effect is isolating. This isn’t unusual for you: the key to achieving a more harmonious state will involve swallowing your pride. Remember that  ego-bruises heal, and that just as there  are times when life feels broken, there  are also times when it feels robust and full. One of those phases is around the corner, just past the retrograde.


Looking forward at your workplace  concerns for 2015, you are in a position to make some big decisions. You may either be ready to move on, scale back, or do some other risky distancing of yourself from prior responsibilities. In weighing your choices, it will behoove you to discover the invisible ways in which your success at work has been a direct result of other people stepping  back, or even taking a hit. Giving appreciation where it is due will help you get to where you need to be.


January is the month of the mundane shitwork that will make all your big plans for 2015 possible: time for signing contracts, checks, or just signing off after long days of work. Despite  the sterile nature of your to-do list, you’re craving intimacy and warmth. Mid-month will be a serendipitous time for sharing understanding and passion with loved ones. If you are able to manage your impatience at the boring, routine nature of your tasks this month, you won’t alienate the people you want by your side.


Underneath the surface, you’re making big shifts this month, and as a result  you seem extra moody. Your moon-  child brooding is at high tide. You are figuring out the best way to approach difficult and necessary emotional work, likely processing something unfinished that is staring you in the face. In order  to work through it, give yourself extra  time and space by refusing to take on the problems that aren’t yours that you usually make yours. If it isn’t your mess, consider not cleaning it up.


Looking back at 2014, you may have often felt alone. But you’re beginning 2015 connected to more people than  ever. Friends reach out to you; you can be out every night if you so desire. Whether you choose to be a social butterfly or not, remember that you have the option, and consider that some of your isolation last year may have been self-imposed. Use that knowledge  to communicate more compassionately with your loved ones over the retrograde, so that they’ll remain close at hand.


This month, your thoughtfulness and attention to minute details  will make you appear as a miracle- worker to people. They can’t see the tiny ministrations that comprise your deeds, so it looks like you pull everything from meals to deadlines out of thin air. By the end of the month you’ll likely feel more annoyed than  flattered by that, though. Why can’t other people just see what needs to be done and do it? If you ease up on doing things for other people and instead revisit an unfinished personal project,  your mood will improve.


Of all the signs, Libra, you are the least ready for vacation to end. Your investment in leisure and recreation has far outpaced your interest in work. If you got yourself into a stable, respected position last year, you can probably get away with some goofing off this month. If you didn’t manage to earn the bulletproof esteem of your colleagues in 2014, your idle urges this month may prove untenable. Either way, find some method of renewing and nurturing yourself, because the need is very real. Luckily, you honed your self-discipline in at least a few areas in 2014. I know you can power through this month.



Intrepid explorer, though you long to draw conclusions, this month you must make camp in the data-collecting stage of your ongoing investigations. Sooth your nerves with familiar places, foods, and faces, because your heart and mind will be working overtime, trying to be more patient than usually suits  you. Heed the wisdom that no good decisions are made after 10 p.m., and that a good night’s sleep makes almost everything a little better. Rote adages like these will help cooler heads prevail.


Summon all the grace you can, for this month demands care and balance from you. Though you will thrive if you push yourself to be in more social situations, you are also more inclined to hurt someone with your big sassy mouth.  Try to be thoughtful and introspective, but—here is a tricky balance again— without spiraling into circular thinking and negative self-reflection. Perhaps this more careful mindset can also benefit your wallet, as you would do well to recoup a bit from your large end-of-year purchases.


Try to be outdoors this month as much as possible, being in your body in the world, to balance out all the thinking that’s in store. You remind me of Tick Tock from the Wizard of Oz (the books, not the movie, although he is in Walter  Murch’s amazing film sequel Return to Oz). The wheels and gears in your head are grinding away, and anyone can see if they peer closely enough. You’ll be revealing more than you think—and probably more than you want—so choose your words carefully.


You feel right at home during the ceremonial and communal occasions  that mark the transition time between years. If you’ve been doing a lot of public speaking, take a step back for perspective on if you’ve been speaking  out of turn or otherwise blowing hot air. Around the new moon, someone needs your help in some private way.

If you are feeling unsure or stingy, be reminded that the return on helping  someone is the opportunity to be part  of a community, an immeasurable compensation.


As the month begins, you’re feeling drained, private, and inclined to be less demonstrative in your personal life. You will spend, or wish to spend, the first couple weeks wrapping up projects and resting. After a period of regeneration, your energy will be back up toward the end of the month. Just as the retrograde has others distressed and fumbling, you’ll be on your A game. This is a great example of the hidden  benefits of being slightly out of sync with the rest of the world, as dreamy Pisceans often are.


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