Beats Per Month: Check Your Headset

With all this great music coming up so soon, it’s hard not to get excited about the Spring. Mardi Gras and St. Paddy’s may be over but as we all know, there’s always something to do in the Crescent City. Hell, French Quarter Fest is right around the corner. Spring also means rejuvenation, rebirth, festivals galore and Catholics eating meat on Fridays. Since we’re on the subject of Fridays, I recently sat down with the Social Service to talk about their new weekly, HeadSET. Debuting on March 30th at the Hookah (formerly the Hookah Cafe) on 309 Decatur Street, the first edition will have already occurred by the time you read this, but you can rest assured that things will only get better from the jump.

Noticing a lack of certain sounds in New Orleans, Social Service set forth to fill the void with an open forum of local and international DJs and producers showcasing a variety of styles including Electronic/Experimental Hip Hop, Downtempo, IDM, Dub and other genres. With local  support from the likes of Rekanize, Shanook, Able Chis, Beautiful Bells, as well as special guests, the night promises to have something for those that like their beats deep and different. Taking on a more laid back lounge approach, HeadSET is all about vibes, atmosphere and underground music. Social Service also plan to post regular blog entries featuring mixes, upcoming guests and pertinent information regarding releases and new music. Combining these two elements, the collective hope to bring new sounds to an audience ready for something fresh. If you like your beats forward-thinking, this is the night for you.

Even if you do miss the first edition of HeadSET, you have nothing to worry about because the list of upcoming guests is deadly. On April 6th, AF the Naysayer comes through to drop some ethereal Hip Hop flavors combined with airy synth pads and orchestrated loops. Jonwayne (Stones Throw/Alpha Pup) follows up on the 13th. Expect everything from broken beats weaved with laid back jazz loops, piano stabs and MCs to 8-bit Nintendo breaks. April 20th features Adam Bomb, whose sound combines tracked-out glitches with ‘70s synths and filtered vocal loops sure to twist up even the most discerning head’s noggin. You can find out about all things HeadSET on the mighty interwebs at See you on the floor.