Horoscopes have been an ANTIGRAVITY staple since Madame Zoë Diack introduced them in December 2012. Mistress Anthropy, under the title “Astrocreep,” was ANTIGRAVITY’s astrologer from January 2014 to December 2015, followed by Christina Igoe (as the “Star Hustler”) from January 2016 to December 2020, with original illustrations by Happy Burbeck and Kallie Tiffault. Taylor Balkissoon, under the title “Wild Waves,” began in January 2021 and is our current-day poet oracle, with illustrations originally by Artemesia Trapeze and currently by Anneliese DePano. Wrote Mistress Anthropy in her 2014 introduction: “Astrology has fantastic utility, as a compassionate filing system for the species and also as a gentle way to confront ourselves. We are hapless pawns for the planets… The zodiac may only be so much science-fiction, but science-fiction has the power to save lives—and predict the future.”


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