Welcome Aboard, everyone. Well, I have about half a brain cell and one working eyeball left at this stage in the game, so I’ll keep it short this month. First, I want to thank all the friends new and old who came to NOCAZ several weeks ago and visited the ANTIGRAVITY table. That’s such an inspiring event, though it’s sad to say goodbye to that particular incarnation of zine fest. Congrats to the organizers for pulling off one final edition, once again at the downtown library. That’s such a magnificent building, especially with the recent renovations. Hopefully we’ll be under her roof again soon, trading words and other ephemera. Also, thanks to regular contributor Willie Archambeault, who drew this lovely portrait of me while helping to hold down our table. It’s always a nice, revealing dose of perspective when you see your likeness interpreted in such ways. So if you’re holding this issue in your hands, you already know it’s another full plate, so I’ll let you get right to it. Have a good May, see you at the plant store. —Dan

cover illustration by Happy Burbeck

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