Some of y’all already know this about me but I’m a little bit of an organization freak. It’s one of those blessings-curses in that it does most often make for a peaceful environment. But it can also feel like one of those maddening itches you can’t quite scratch when things are awry, like disheveled piles of papers and random shit everywhere on what should otherwise be clean and inviting work surfaces. But overall I find it a pleasant way to pass the time by putting things in their place and squaring everything up. Naturally, as the odometer turns over on this planet and we get to spin into another new year, I always find it a great time to dig deep, explode dark, dusty piles of accumulated crap, and refresh anything and everything I can make time for. There are a couple of tools especially that have helped me with this task over the years, so I’d like to spend the start of 2021 briefly extolling their virtues.

First up is that staple of church groups and anarchist bookfairs alike: the six-foot folding table (and its adorable cousin the four-footer). These are really unsung heroes of our civilization. Folded up, these tables are practically two-dimensional. Set up, they really shine. Whenever I have a big organization project, the first step is to pop one up so I have a fresh, sturdy surface to work with. The table then becomes a port in the storm, where things come and go, get identified, labeled, grouped together, repacked, or tossed. Whatever the outcome, at the end of the project the table is empty and it goes back to its upright position. Another thing I love is a good metro rack (chrome or black wire with the notched poles and plastic sleeves)—double envy points if they have wheels. Anyone who’s worked in the service industry already knows how much abuse these shelves can withstand. The simple design, functionality, and adjustability make for an elegant solution to almost any home or business organizational need. Do I sound like a catalogue? Last, there’s something out there called the “Really Useful Box” and it comes exactly as advertised. Not only are they pretty durable and available in almost every conceivable size, but they aren’t thin or tapered like a lot of your standard plastic containers. The ANTIGRAVITY archives—both sizes—fit into these boxes perfectly. So, whatever your resolutions are for 2021, I hope they include a prayer of gratitude to those simple tools—a trusty pen, a favorite-colored sticky note—that change your dreams and ideas into real results.

And speaking of blowing up dark and dusty corners, you may see a lot of changes to your ANTIGRAVITY this year—some fundamental, and some around the edges, as a lot of personal life events are happening over here among AG editorial. I’d like to think that this magazine has somehow thrived amid chaos and ever-churning change, whether that was taking a hit early on during Katrina, this last historically-challenging year, or even simply existing as a print magazine during the medium’s apocalyptic decline. Themes of destruction and rebirth are always present within these pages, and this first issue of 2021 is no exception. I hope you’ll stick around as we work out some growing pains and continue to evolve. And even as we bear down on issue #200, which is just around the corner, know that ANTIGRAVITY will always remain a work in progress, a process even the best of us—especially the best of us—never escape. Here’s to the promise of new chapters, and what delights and fresh breezes they may bring.

cover illustration by Artemesia Trapeze

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