Hi everyone. Did you survive Halloween, a.k.a. scary Mardi Gras? Me, I was a goblin of a different sort, the one that is hounded by the deadliest of lines. As I write to you now, I think I might just squeak out of this horror show yet and survive long enough to reappear in another installment. Tune in next month to find out!

There are a lot of beautiful moments in November’s issue, but I’m especially excited to dig into the New Orleans Comics and Zine Festival, which is turning four this year. Although ANTIGRAVITY wears the mask of a somewhat commercial, dare I say legitimate affair, don’t let the clean edges and fancy design fool you. At its heart, AG is haunted by the same spirit that drew me to the Kinko’s on Oak and Carrollton (now Rue de la Course) lo those many years ago, to stay up late into the night cutting and pasting together my first attempts at a publication. I was doing my best to be as funny, witty, heartfelt, and informative as the people whose zines I picked up at punk shows and record shops around town. (And Art Boonparn, if you’re reading, you should know that your zine Boonparn was like a Bible to me.) I don’t mind the speed and efficiency of the tools we have at our disposal these days—email, Google search, Adobe Suite, etc.—but I do pine for those long nights sometimes, headphones blaring, fingers sticky with glue, as each page of observations and crude drawings from me and my friends came together. I hope you are able to attend NOCAZ and get a glimpse into this world. As co-organizer Erin K. Wilson will tell you, we are a mad (mad I tell ya!) bunch, but we are mostly happy. It scratches a pretty deep itch.

Well, to be honest, I had a whole big thing roughed out in my head to address the recent news concerning the ill behavior of men. But alas, the hour to expound on that thoughtfully has passed, at least for this month. So I will just leave you with this modest proposal, addressed to my fellow men: start putting the fucking toilet seat down when you’re done in the bathroom. They say that you can’t think your way to new action, but you can act your way to new thinking. A tiny, symbolic gesture like this certainly won’t end rape culture; but if we men can, for a split second, take into consideration the women in our lives—especially the ones we share common spaces with—it might snowball into something bigger. It’s just one step in a long road we men all need to walk. 

DAN FOX | fox@antigravitymagazine.org
Photo this page of Bellagio Showers performing at the Sex Witch Talent Show at Sidney’s Saloon by Lyn Archer