Last year about this time, when my dry-erase calendar was still fresh and glossy, I plotted out the 2017 schedule for ANTIGRAVITY. This is always a pretty harrowing exercise. Not only is it tricky to navigate holidays, festivals, and just the general oppressive nature of our Gregorian calendar in hopes that we land on a weekend sweet spot, it’s also intimidating to envision an entire year’s worth of work, when often it seems as though we are only minutes ahead here at AG HQ.

Yet somehow each street date fell into place, until finally I came to December, with a decision to make. Tradition dictated that we acknowledge the productivity abyss that is the week after Christmas, and push the January deadline into the new year—or, tempt fate and try to come out early. With great trepidation, I penciled in this issue to land just before the 1st—bucking that annual trend (as far back as I can remember) that stretched those last, hectic work days into a fresh calendar year. Always a bummer to bring yesterday’s work into tomorrow.

We still have a few hours to go as I write this—and I certainly don’t want to count my issues before they hatch—but it’s looking like we may actually seal the deal and finally enjoy the new year like normal people (or as close as we can get, freaks that the AG crew are!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing more satisfying, more gratifying, more life-affirming—no better high—than a simple goal met, especially one plotted out so far in advance. An extra-special helping of gratitude, adoration, awe, and love goes out from me to the AG staff. Many of y’all worked 24/7 through the Christmas holiday, braving the flu, travel snafus, holiday brain, and even the precipice of life and death itself to make this happen. Every issue comes with its share of blood, sweat, tears, and ink, but the one you’re holding in your hands now—whoo boy. If only it were scratch’n’sniff! —Dan Fox

DAN FOX | fox@antigravitymagazine.com

Issue Photo Cover of Emmett Guidry by Adrienne Battistella; Cover photo from the ANTIGRAVITY Christmas Party [Partial Staff] at Circle Bar by Adrienne Battistella