As a youth, someone told you
to put your ear up to a shell
so you could hear a distant ocean.
This is an early magic trick
for children.

If you’re young enough,
you may have received the transmission.
Were you one of the lucky ones?
Did water trickle out the dry snail bone,
give you swimmers ear,
gurgle the doom message:

The droplets have an agenda.
They want to swallow the land.
They want to take snowy peaks
and grind them into sediment,
they dream of a flounders ass
settling into what was once the Himalayas,
of shark shit all over the Andes.
I’ve seen the cities sinking.
I know where this road goes.
Maybe sorta recently you were five
and you listened closely to a dead conch
and it just kept repeating
“It’s all your fault”