cozitown usa couch potato
I am a greasy crisp
chippy in a sealed
aluminium polymer bag
I am an ~ unhealthy snack ~
adipocyte soaking in trans fatty acids
aspirate aspirations
supple supplementals
buttering biscuits
bruises, assessments
MCTs Vita Vel Regula
rub me down
I feel her soft skin warming mine
Venus in Virgo
exacting & thorough
deliberate I brave the scrutiny
as she observes my flaws massaging viscera
squishing subcutaneous
am I thigmotropic?
response as allo-homo-trophic
the teeth grind into muscle
I inhale the deepest inside
fingers deeper
my ragged shedding digits I abhor their unkemptness their unevenness
my nails still have the dirt from the trainyard
my suffering located:
Are you very sensitive?
Do you follow your intuition?

—Leicester Leigh

défi de la belle

I wake
Every morning for months and see
For the last disgusting time the four corners
Of white walls
Over and over
April is the cruelest month
Harsh like deja senti or
Impossible memory of youth
I cannot go back here
I cannot go forwards without fear
They say that in Vichy
During the time of sniper death
The women had no choice but to leave the home and Secure rations
They said over the radio to me
I put on my red lipstick and brush
My black hair
So that when he shoots me
He will be forced to know
He kills
A beautiful

—Shawna Marie Beasley