2018 started and ended with some pretty weird planetary swings—Saturn got comfortable exhibiting seriousness in Capricorn at the beginning of the year; and we ended the year with a confusing square between Jupiter and Neptune. Here is where all the planets are this month:

The sun will be in Capricorn from the 1st to the 20th; on the 21st, it moves into Aquarius. We can all benefit from the sun joining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn by finding direction, simplifying and ending dramatic garbage in our lives, or simply moving on. These are the positives of this sun placement. The tough part is that at times it can feel a little too serious, like everything is always life or death. Focus on work while the sun is in Capricorn, and you will feel a lot better. When the sun moves to Aquarius, there will be a boost in our community connections and general outlook.

The new moon is on the 5th (which also happens to be a solar eclipse in Capricorn), bringing a wave of bare truths. Any level of confusion or murkiness that existed will be completely clarified with this eclipse new moon. On the 20th, there will be a lunar eclipse and full moon in Cancer. The moon is most comfortable in Cancer, which means that our emotions and emotional expression will be higher than usual. This also begins a period of several months of healing on a grand scale. If you have been meaning to take better care of yourself, start with this full moon.

Mercury is direct all month and spends time in Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius. The very beginning of January lends a helping hand to planning trips. The middle of the month is a good time to get your money in order, and to get better or more work. The end of the month is a good time to reconnect with community.

Venus is in Scorpio from the 1st to the 4th, ending our multi-month introspection deep at the roots of our romantic choices (considered thoroughly in its retrograde phase last fall). On the 5th, it moves into Sagittarius, a good time to light a fire in our romantic lives. Get new crushes, go on weird dates, have a fling. Lighten up.

Mars is the planet of action and passion, and with an entire month spent in Aries, we can all benefit from starting—starting things we have put off, starting that conversation that will get the ball rolling, even starting the ends. This Mars transit will allow for a fresh look and plan of attack.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius this whole month, where it will stay until December. 2019 could be the year for all of us to reconnect to the world in a fun, playful, and inspired way. Homework: what are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? Where do you want to go before you die? Bucket lists are not for everyone, but setting goals for fun and meaningful experiences is a good way to exercise this planetary placement.

Saturn is in Capricorn, which started in December of 2017 and will go until the end of 2020. Saturn always helps clean things up, and when it’s in the ultra clean and drama-free Capricorn, we  collectively feel the need to get our act together permanently. It is very important that you take your responsibilities seriously. The universe will remind you again and again to take better care of yourself, and generally has a way of ramping up the warnings the less you pay attention. This is not fun or light energy, but it is a highly productive time for anything you want to stick with.

Uranus is in Aries in a retrograde phase that will end on the 7th. Uranus in Aries is like spiking the punch and then electrifying it. All change is radical and many times unexpected, and there isn’t a rhythm or reason for the surprises we encounter. When Uranus moves in March, it will not come back to Aries for 86 years. In the last eight years, how have you surprised yourself? Were there moments where you wanted to have more control and the world just seemed to be totally pummeling you with garbage? We will all get our bearings this year and be able to stand on much more even ground when this retrograde phase ends.

Neptune is in Pisces; this started in April of 2011 and will go until January of 2026. Before 2011, Neptune hadn’t been in Pisces for 156 years, so we are seeing the first spiritual shift in modern history. What this means for us, in our small spaces is that we can more comfortably and completely align with our spiritual truths. This is also a time of cover-ups, confusion, and exceptionally strange situations. There is a lot hidden in the dark: when you can, dig below the surface; and when you can’t, take time to ride the wave. Connect with people’s histories, spirits, and hearts. This is a time to promote humanity over everything else.

Pluto is in Capricorn, where it has been since January of 2008, and will stay until January of 2024. Pluto is a transformer and killer of the places it touches. It doesn’t choose wisely, or carefully. It bulldozes, yet we are expected to rise again. This placement is dismantling our perception of success and work. The energy of this transit is especially serious because of Saturn being in this sign too, so we are all going through a collective phoenixing of humankind. Inspect your role in this rebirth. Are you looking out for only you or all of us? It might be attractive to help only yourself survive, but who will celebrate you if you leave everyone else to die?

Starting on the 7th of this month, every planet will be direct until March. This is a really unusual thing to have happen for so long, so it is a key time to make big life decisions, because the weight of every planet will be very evenly distributed and clear. 2019 will be like every year, weird and great and horrible.


This is a dynamic month to be an Aries. Mars, your ruling planet, spends the whole month in your sign, providing avenues for things you have been meaning to produce for years. There is an eclipse squaring your sign on the 5th and 20th, bringing big feelings to light, and making you understand the enormity of the work that needs to be done. Uranus goes direct in your sign on the 7th, showing you tools for stamina and fresh perspectives. This month will renew your awareness of what you are capable of. Don’t stop.


If you have a resolution for 2019, it should be to get uncomfortable. The year starts with an eclipse in Capricorn, which lands in your house of adventure and unknown outcome. It joins responsible Saturn and transformative Pluto to really drive home the idea that the only way to really grow is to abandon routines that keep you stagnant. On the 5th, Venus enters your eighth house, connecting you with more emotional depth in your love life. If you are involved with someone, get deeper; if you are single and ready to mingle, approach people more emotionally.


The eclipse on the 20th is in your house of values and money. Eclipses bring opportunities and are generally growth-oriented, so it could be time for a raise—but if you need to grow into a place where you take money more seriously, the universe might show you that through a series of annoying circumstances. Your value system also goes through a cleanse with this eclipse, showing you what really matters and how your own personal rules may be boxing you in. Growth is the goal of the month.


A Cancer once told me that a key to their personal success was understanding that they are not at the mercy of their own feelings. This is something to meditate on as we enter this month. We ended 2018 with a full moon in Cancer, and on the 20th of this month we have an eclipse in Cancer. A tsunami of feelings is coming, but there are really special life rafts you can attach yourself to. Learn to mother yourself in a deeper way. Be angry. Be joyful and know that you are in control of your future. You’re a cardinal sign—big feelings only create more direction and ideas.


Beginning this month and all through 2019, you will go through a lot of change in your work life. There is an eclipse on the 5th that is meant to bring a shift in your daily life—especially related to the daily workings of your job. The eclipse on the 20th provides a great excuse for an emotionally charged break that will deepen your spiritual connection with yourself. Starting some rituals around meditation (however that looks for you) is a good way to process the change that is coming this year.


You are being given ample opportunity for an explosive creative process this month, Virgo. It will really last throughout this year; but this month, be sure to begin a project. The eclipse on the 5th is a good time to get centered on what this might be. Singular creativity is ideal, but if you want to work in a collaborative space, wait until the eclipse on the 20th to get that off the ground. Uranus going direct on the 7th might bring someone from your past up that you really don’t want to encounter. Don’t take it personally.


With Mars in your opposing sign and two eclipses in a square to your sign this month, you might be feeling like you’ll burst from a need for change. Obviously, the sooner you understand and move in a direction you need to go, the better; but that isn’t an easy task for your sign. Start with an acknowledgement of where you feel great, and work out from there. For example, if you love your coworkers but hate your job, ask for more or different work. If you dislike your love life but feel scared to change it, try something totally new. Go on a date to a weird place or with a person who isn’t “your type.” Change is here.


On the 20th of this month, there is an eclipse in a trine to your sun sign. Cancer energy is expressive of feelings in a way that feels overly showy for Scorpio, and sometimes even silly. Why are they sobbing in public? Gross. Scorpio: be inspired by this over-the-top display. There is something you have been bottling to a point of explosion; sometimes, expressing is the only way out. It is OK to be moved by things more than you expect. It is ideal this month to let the world know how it has emotionally impacted you.


Venus spends most of this month in your sign. This has a tendency to reignite romantic feelings or provide new love in your life. If your love life is in a place that feels stale or boring, this is an important month (year, really) to go in a more exciting direction. The eclipse on the 5th may bring a shock to your value systems—it might test your boundaries or promote an idea of working outside what you know is right for you. But while we can frame anything as an adventure, do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of.


With Saturn and Pluto in your sign for all of last year (as well as all of this year), you could feel like you already know what changes you need to make. With the addition of the eclipses this month on the 5th and 20th, there will be some pivots to these life moves. These stars feel a bit relentless, like they are pressurizing every aspect of your existence—but the eclipses are points for release. There is a tendency in your sign to put your head down and work through anything. If you allow yourself to feel the enormity of this past year and the work ahead, you will be better off.


There is a vast difference between being interested in spiritual ritual and actually practicing. This month, you will begin to learn the best ways to take better care of your psychic self. It might be attractive to buy special imported candles blessed by an ancient goddess, but where do you truly feel calm? Where do you release your emotional burdens? Where can you float into peace? It could be in places that are unexpected, but sourcing and cultivating these gems is a key to this year’s success.


The universe is screaming for you to find your friends, to focus on the people in your life who have your best interests at heart, without any benefit on their end. Saturn and Pluto were in your house of community for all of last year and will be there all of this year, but the extra special treat is that they are being joined by eclipses this month to double the fun. Mars is in your house of personal value this month, prompting you to be social as a means of survival. Get out there and connect.

@iamastrology | illustrations KALLIE TIFFAU