There is a debate about whether we are in the Age of Aquarius. Some people believe this phase of humanity started in the ‘60s when the revolution was about peace, love, and togetherness. Other people think that it started when Jesus was born, because of shared, defining themes such as peace. The sun spends the first 17 days of this month in Aquarius, promoting internal themes of humanity. The challenge here is: we demand peace because of war, and we create wars around messages of peace. In your daily life, which of these two contradictions are you falling into? In your heart, are you creating wars with yourself because of a moment of calm? Do you fight for righteous causes when you see the mistreatment of others? Aquarius is an air sign, but in the world it feels like fire; it brings up a burning need for positive change. We have to start with ourselves and work our way out.

Mercury spends the month conjunct Neptune, aiding our big picture ideas for change with psychic power. Intention is everything. Speak and think kindly. If you are feeling depressed, get into a body of water (could be just a shower) and imagine the unburdening of all the energy other people have given you. Take off the layers of heavy feelings you have soaked up by simply existing. Venus and Saturn are conjunct from the 13th to the 24th. We will see many opportunities to show compassion in our power. This also has a tendency to promote romanticizing power structures. If you see something from your boss or government that feels too good to be true, approach with caution. Things are not what they seem.


From the 1st to the 14th, your ruling planet, Mars, is in your sign. This provides a lot of continued opportunities to get going on projects and disconnect from things you don’t feel 100% passionate about. The new moon on the 4th lands in your house of friendship—use this as an opportunity to reconnect with your community. Nurturing your platonic relationships is a very central theme of this month. There is a calling to get together and produce things that make the world a more fun, easier, better place. The full moon on the 18th has the potential to create some chaos in your daily life. Be careful of overreacting at work, and pay attention to your physical body when you are in movement. Starting new work is an ideal way to use this full moon energy.


On the second of this month, Venus enters your house of freedom and joy. Marie Kondo is suddenly taking the world by storm, asking us to hold every item we own and decide if it truly sparks joy. This is an effort to bring more happiness into our spaces and release those things that were good to us once, but aren’t anymore. The universe is asking you to do this in your romantic relationships—not just the current thing you have going on, but your entire history. Why do or don’t you like your current romantic involvements? Are you holding onto that shitty thing that person said to you over a decade ago? How does it serve you to walk through your life with that information? Thank it for its service to your sadness and then kindly invite it to GTFO. This is a positive transit that requires work for freedom. Get those chores done to have maximally good outcomes.


The new moon on the 4th trines your sun sign in the 9th house of freedom. This is a really good time to start planning an epic trip. This also bodes well for reentering school. At the very least with this new moon, take a little day trip to a part of town you’ve never really spent time in. The full moon on the 18th lands in your house of learning, doubling down on the message of needing more information. Traditionally, this would be a time where getting into a college program would be ideal; but if you are past that or have no interest, get into a new book, take a community ed class, or teach someone something new. Even a fountain of information (you) needs a tune-up every once in a while.


There is a lot of conversation in the Cancer lifetime about motherhood—how you feel as a person who takes care of other people, your relationship to your own Mom, etc. This month, you need to check in with your father figure. Confrontation is important, so if you have any difficult feelings to work through with your “Dad” type people, this month is a good time to do it. The new moon on the 4th is an especially profound time for a deep psychological dive. These feelings are temporary and changeable; don’t get trapped too far below the surface.


The sun and Mercury are in your house of long-term relationships for the first half of this month. Who are the people that you know will be with you forever? This is a good time to celebrate longevity in relationships. This is traditionally the house of marriage, so there is a possibility you will feel more clarity in this sector of your life, too. The full moon on the 18th lands in your house of money, bringing a surprise to your bank account. There might be a push to be completely irresponsible with the money you do have; and while this is a time to maybe upgrade to something bigger than what you originally expected, it’s important to still keep your finances in check.


The new moon on the 4th lands in your house of daily living and work. It promotes a change to your routines or daily grind. Getting your health in line is a good way to use this energy. Going in for a physical could be enlightening, and starting new routines around health can stick. When the sun moves into an opposition to your sign on the 18th, there is also a Virgo full moon. The 17th through the 19th is really a profound time to see yourself from every angle, to feel pride in your identity, and work through the things you are avoiding. The light that shines with these transits is a little harsh, so be kind to yourself as you transform the dusty parts.


The 18th of this month is a big day for your sign, Libra. The sun moves into your house of daily living and there is a full moon in your house of spirituality. New work, new opportunities, and new connections in your daily living abound. This also marks a time for a spiritual awakening (and reading the stars shows how these two things are deeply connected). Consider work that promotes your being during this time. When you go to your job, does it create a peaceful, empowering feeling overall? Does your spirituality have a daily practice? This is the time to make all of these things a reality. Create a ritual for self-care that feels truly authentic to you.


On the 3rd, Venus enters your house of communication and learning for the first time in 18 months. New knowledge in your love life is coming with a profound lesson to teach you. If you are seeking a relationship: make a list of what you are looking for. How do you want to feel? Be as specific as possible. If you are in a relationship: is there something you need to talk about? Are you avoiding the tiny topic that is turning into a big space in your heart and head? On the 18th there is a full moon in your house of friendship. The interesting thing here is that you should surround yourself with friends, but there is a possibility for some big feelings to come out. Be aware that your words could move your friends a little bit more than usual during this time.


The first two days of this month are really an ideal time to focus on your love life. Venus is in your sign, with Mars in your house of long-term relationships. Are you happy with your love life? Is it time to take a step in your relationship? Cohabitation, marriage, and breakups are all possible with these transits, and it’s important that you know for yourself how you want these things to look in your life. When Mars moves on the 15th, you will feel a pull toward the act of processing. Seeking out whatever form of therapy works best for you is key. Get in to see your therapist, or take a trip to see a far-away friend. Presenting your current brain space to someone else for inspection only strengthens what you already know to be true.


The new moon on the 4th brings new opportunities and changes to your monetary situation. Maybe you’ll get a raise; maybe you’ll lose everything and need to start over. A new moon plants a seedling that means the best, but sometimes upsets before it blossoms. With the sun in your second house of values for the first half of the month, you could really benefit from taking some inventory. What do you have, and what have you lost? Do your taxes, clean out your phone contact list, sort through your secret sentimental box. This inventory can be as emotional as you want it to be, and is also a good opportunity to reunite with parts of your life you didn’t mean to lose.


Aquarius is an air sign, but in the world it feels like fire; it brings up a burning need for positive change.

There are moments in our lives where it becomes undeniably clear that something needs to change about our living situation. This month, when Mars enters your house of home, tensions will rise. This could be as simple as a boiling over about dishes not being done, or as complex as moving to a different country—regardless, something has to change. Until the 17th, the sun is in your sign. The most direct advice I can give is to let your freak flag fly. There are so many ways that you are asked to fit in; but when the sun is in your sign, you should (and can) be free. In fact, this sun transit has the power to bring people into your life that love you for exactly what you are, and the new moon in Aquarius on the 4th has the power to make you feel like you’re exactly where you need to be. Who’s with you?


The sun visits your sign once every year for around 30 days. Illumination is an interesting thing when we talk about your sign, Pisces. Lighting up the depths of your life brings out a full range of emotions. On the 18th of this month, the sun moves into Pisces on the same day there is a full moon in opposition to your sign. Sometimes, we need to shine a light to understand that something is where we think it is. And sometimes, we need to shine that light to pull something out. Meditate on this over the 18th and 19th: what are you looking for in your depths? Do you want to know that you can still feel the feelings? Do you want to undo past grievances and change future outcomes? The power planets of Saturn and Pluto residing in your house of community bring many shoulders to lean on. Ask a fire sign friend (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) to tell you what you are avoiding.

@iamastrology illustrations KALLIE TIFFAU


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