Last July, writer-activist-healer Adrienne Maree Brown wrote, “Things are not getting worse; they are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil.” This quote has been in heavy rotation ever since, used in response to all kinds of hard realities in the last year or so. On the 6th of September, there is a full moon in Pisces, which is also where Neptune and Chiron are currently camped out. When these three emotional powerhouses come together in the sign of exceptionally deep emotional space, the veil will be lifted—whether you like it or not. Worldwide and collectively, we will be facing some truths that are much harsher than we would ever imagine. The reality is that in darkness, there is sometimes bad energy. You have to bring it to the surface to know what to heal, what to fight, and what to pray about. Ultimately, the goal with Pisces is peace, understanding, unity, and emotional oneness. This is not anywhere near where the world actually is, and in lifting this veil, we need to hold on to each other. Do not let your people be swallowed by the waves of reality that will come this month.

On a personal note, this is a good time to connect with these themes. Are you creating an environment that is peaceful for the people closest to you? Are you looking deeply at yourself and the paths you have chosen? Are you comfortable with every emotional reality being brought to the surface? Our emotional experiences are vast—in internal combat with ourselves we have to be brave, take time, and be gentle. It does not make sense to go to war with our brains to make peace for our hearts. Understand how hard it is to be a human, accept your truths, and remember that everyone else is trying to do the same. Identity, race, gender, sexuality, location, dreams, fears: all of these things are complex and constantly evolving. This is the time to flip over your fears and inspect them. Challenge your feelings of hatred or exclusion. Reconnect with your faith in a god, or even just humanity. You’re going to have to dive in and swim around in these feelings this month. We cannot tread water in the ocean.

Like in August, Mars will be in a trine to Uranus from the 1st to the 6th of September. This energy is volatile and easily angered, which in general creates disconnect and a universal feeling of everyone throwing a temper tantrum. This is also a good time for actual change, new ideas, and new tactics. There is a potential to electrify our movements, to breathe new life into wars we have waged for years, and change some outcomes.

The Sun is trine Pluto from the 5th to the 13th, which is an exceptionally transformative time, especially for Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo). If you want real change to happen in your life, this is the stretch of time to get these things going. If you want real change on a grander scale, this is when to make your move, or make it known.


Sometimes, you flirt with the idea of forever. It is an attractive gem for you; in fact, it is almost laughable that something would grow and change and shine so much that you would stay with it for the rest of your life. This month, consider your longest jobs and relationships. Why did they hold you? The full moon on the 6th asks that you consider spaces in your life that are deeply emotionally impactful. Since the theme of this month is forever, contemplate what you have carried with you emotionally for as long as you can remember—any emotion. When Venus moves into your house of daily living on the 21st, you get a boost. Sometimes, even in times where we are pondering forever, having a daily reminder of love and fun can be just the lightness we need.


If you need any reason at all to camp out at home and become fully immersed in something you are making, this month brings it. Mercury is retrograde in your house of creativity, which adds a special kind of tornado to your chill vibes. This energy is best used in creating space that feels truly emotionally safe and calming: making works, having conversations that cover every topic, and emotional breakthroughs. During this time, you may have a little money surprise of some sort; but focusing on making and relaxing enough to put your comfort first is the name of the game. The new moon on the 20th will bring about some changes in what you will put up with. A renewed sense of purpose is sure to follow, if you allow it to.


Sometimes, the best way to heal feelings from your childhood is to talk them out with a person who was there and hear their end of events. This month, there is a special energy being put toward your memories of childhood and family, especially if you have siblings. As a gatherer of information, it might not surprise you that the way you remember something might not be exactly as it happened. Exchange stories. Show some appreciation to the people who helped raise you by being next to you under the same roof for all those years. When Mars moves into your house of home on the 6th, it is really going to become clear what home means to you. The people who created a lot of those feelings are the people you saw most growing up. Connect with them.


Cancer’s relationship with money really varies from person to person. Sometimes, when a Cancer doesn’t have money growing up, they are incredible at keeping it when they are older because it makes them feel more in control. The absolute opposite can also be true. This month, money becomes a central consideration from the 1st to the 4th. Setting your eyes on a new job, savings, or paying off debt to free yourself from the emotional weight of it are all good. There is also a boost in knowledge this month: if you are in school or considering school, this is a good time to absorb information quickly, or start a new path in your study. Keep your options and eyes open. On the 6th, the full moon will bring an anchor of emotional reality to your life that you have been missing. Get ready to let go of some feelings.


Coming off of last month’s eclipses (the big solar eclipse that just happened was preceded by a lunar eclipse two weeks before), you have Venus in your sign this month until the 20th. Eclipses bring a lot of change, and Venus is there to cushion the bumps and bruises that can happen along the way. The full moon on the 6th helps you understand emotionally just which moves you need to make. This is also a good time to understand who you may have picked up this year who doesn’t deserve your time and energy. Pay close attention to where your life is this month on the 20th and 21st: there is new energy coming for you, new opportunities, and new attention. Some of these things may be a little too good to be true, so keeping on your toes is important. On the 23rd, when the sun enters your house of learning, putting your energy into a new pursuit will really pay off.


As you know, your well-being is a constant effort. You are aware of your physicality, but as a special birthday gift to you, Virgo, this month is full of health benefits and lessons. From the 1st to the 5th, Mercury is retrograde in your house of spirituality. This is a good time to connect spiritually. If you have rituals around spirituality, get into them. If you don’t, your sign thrives in guided exercise and time outside, so get into those. On the 6th, there is a dose of reality in your lifelong relationships and investments. Check in with long-term goals, partners, and savings accounts. Start a retirement account. On the 6th, Mars also enters your sign, which brings new energy to everything you do. This month is also the final full month that Jupiter is in your house of money and personal understanding, so bending and blending lines in your own personal rules will not feel as bad.


This is the last full month with Jupiter in your sign—a perfect time to think about how and where you have grown. At the beginning of a Jupiter transit to the sun, often there are feelings of wanting a different life. When you think about your life this month versus exactly how it was a year ago, are you happy with the ways it has grown? Are there things you have been putting off, money you have been saving, things you’ve meant to say? Do it now! This is the time—there is still a lot of light left in this transit. The 6th brings a special brightness to your work life: something to consider is whether you feel emotionally fulfilled in your work. When the sun enters your sign on the 23rd, pay close attention to feelings of pride, happiness, and luck. If these feelings are not present, this is a good time to find them or change the necessary parts of your life to be your best self.


It is not unlike Scorpio to have a little bit of tunnel vision. Sometimes, there is something to devote your every breath to. Creating community is at the forefront of what you should be focused on this month, since the world cracks wide open and a flood of humans want you. Reaching out and telling people how you need them will be very helpful to feel productive with all these people around. The new moon on the 20th (in conjunction with Venus moving into your house of community on the 21st) will be an especially good time to start a group project or reconnect with a community from which you have disconnected. When the sun moves into your house of spirituality on the 23rd, you may want to be alone and absorbed in what you are a part of. This is an OK outcome for a couple days, but it is highly recommended you get back out there after a moment of quiet.

This is the time to flip over your fears and inspect them. Challenge your feelings of hatred or exclusion. Reconnect with your faith in a god, or even just humanity.


As your best self you are free. Even when you are connected in love or work, the freedom to create, to exist, to feel complete is possible. The fierceness you hold your freedom with also needs to be upheld for the people you are close to, and the people you are next to. Your friends and family are feeling inspired and brave, but what about your neighbors? On the 6th, devote thought, meditation, or prayer to this idea. How can you, mighty Sagittarius, be more responsible for the Earth as your (and everyone else’s) home? When Venus enters your house of public affairs on the 21st, don’t be surprised when people come to you for answers. Discomfort can be unknown adventure. Just try it.


Is there a secret you have been keeping? Are you waiting for exactly the right time to tell the people you know, or even yourself? Truths will come out this month, and they will be emotional and intense. Challenge yourself to be honest, vulnerable, and ask questions. When Mercury moves into your house of higher learning on the 11th, you may have a strong urge to learn something new. As long as this can be done at your pace, get into it. This month, you are meant to break out of a rut. And while sometimes a shakeup is uncomfortable, there are plenty of fun and worthwhile things coming down the pike. While you might not know exactly what is coming for you, keeping your head up and telling your truths will set you free.


There will be days in your life when you wake up and feel like you want everything to change. The first four days of this month are about recognizing what you need to be different. The problem is, these messages will come to every Aquarius differently. It could be through your dreams, through a fairly normal experience, or through one fiery meltdown too many. When Mercury goes direct on the 5th, followed by the full moon on the 6th, you will feel a whole wave of change taking shape in your life. We are also in the final month of Jupiter in your house of adventure and self-teaching. Dedicate this month to self-improvement and travel, and these feelings will not be in such sharp focus afterwards.


With the sun in opposition to your sign, it is time for a little bit of a personal challenge. There are feelings stuffed so far down that when you try to access them, you have to relearn that you even have them. It is understandable that you don’t want these things to surface, but if you never look at them closely, they will never change. The beginning of this month is an especially crucial time to make some big changes that have been on your mind for a while. The full moon on the 6th also packs a punch of weirdness that will bring the bravery and spark needed to move through some of these things. On the 21st, Venus enters Virgo, which also opposes your sign. Your romantic relationships during this time will be better defined and ready for movement of some sort. Empower yourself in romance, whether you are attached or not. Letting everyone know what you want is key.

illustrations KALLIE