Gemini is the first air sign in the astrological wheel. It approaches the world with wonder and curiosity. Geminis are motivated to gather as much knowledge as possible within a lifetime. The sun is in Gemini this month until the 21st, promoting knowledge—specifically, tangible facts. Learn and share your lessons. Talk about something you are an expert at. This is a good time to argue, with the intention of understanding the other. Gemini gets a bad rap for being two-faced, but the reality of this time is that to get to the most thorough truths, we must be open to something we don’t know.

Jupiter and Neptune are in a perfect square from the 14th to the 28th. Both are retrograde after the 17th, dulling the point of this angle. On a grand scale, these two planets have the possibility to bring peace, especially in spiritual or philosophical spaces. This square will also bring abundance to your personal life, so visit someone you haven’t seen for a while. Additionally, these two planets being square may bring truths out from the shadows without a lot of warning. Fess up before the universe does it for you. The full moon on the 17th is in Sagittarius. This full moon is super-charged by Jupiter, promoting all Sagittarian themes at maximum. The healthy end of this spectrum is passionate displays of love for art and adventure. The difficult end is flakiness or an inability to be exact or nailed down. Be wary of plans that don’t seem to be thought out, unless you can approach the endeavor as a grand adventure.


Usually, the universe sends its messages in covert ways. We have to search for the signs, especially in messes where we don’t understand what we are meant to be taught. This month, the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your house of communication, so it’s as if the universe has a megaphone aimed directly at you. If you find yourself trying to seek out a deeper meaning than the thing that is happening right in front of you, stop (just for the month). The full moon on the 17th is a good time to act in places you have felt stuck. Take your new knowledge and get to work.


Your ruling planet, Venus, spends the first eight days of the month in your sign. This is a time for transformative self-love and affirmation of who you are in the world. If every love beam is pointed directly at you, what version of yourself do you want to project? Around the 22nd, beware of social or economic collaborations in your community that feel too good to be true. Make sure your energy and time is reciprocated or compensated in a way that feels good to you. On the 27th, Mercury—the planet of communication—goes into your house of home, starting necessary dialogues that might change what home feels and looks like. Be honest with yourself and the people you share your home with.


The new moon on the 3rd lands in your sign. This is a good time to set some intentions for the next year of your life and celebrate all things Gemini. Your sign is celebrated for its intellect, and the knowledge that you gain this month will set you up for lessons that are coming later in the year. On the 9th, Venus enters your sign, bringing a whirlwind of celebration to you. The whole world will be just a little more in love with you than usual. Neptune’s retrograde phase begins this month in your house of public image, starting a months-long process of success if you trust your intuition and ability to connect psychically. Trusting your gut is not a strong basic skill of your sign, but just make sure that you follow and lead with complete emotional trust in the process. If it feels weird or too good to be true, come back to it later this year with more clarity.


From the 5th to the 21st, the sun spends its time in your house of dreams, while Mercury chills hard in your house of identity. There is a lot of healing to be done this month. Get a good amount of sleep so you can do some necessary psychic healing, and speak up for yourself anytime the opportunity arises. The full moon on the 17th will be a doozy in your work life. Just know that tensions are high; take a break if things start getting too weird or intense. On the 22nd, Neptune goes retrograde in a trine to your sign, and this lasts for a few months. This is a good time to follow your intuition and speak from the heart. If you are not rewarded by either, consider the company you are keeping—they may not have your best interests in mind.


There’s so much to keep up with that sometimes we lose track of how much peace can be found in our friendships and communities. This whole month is dedicated to your social circle. If you feel you have lost it, now is a good time to grow. If it feels hard to juggle family, relationships, friendships, work etc., it might be worth trying to find ways to incorporate your social world with your other worlds. Spending time with your friends will bring inspiration and peace. The full moon on the 17th is trine your sign in your house of creativity. Spend the days surrounding the full moon making something. The universe is promoting a reset in some spaces in your life, and the best direction will be unlocked in your creative time and social outlets.


Mercury spends the first four days of this month in your house of public awareness. If you have an idea about how to change your work life, the political world, or your own social scheme, this is a prime time to get it out. The new moon on the 3rd brings an audience: what do you want to share? On a grand scale, this could launch a new era in the political world (and please, if you have the power, get something going). In your personal life, this could just mean sharing an idea with friends that could spark something in their personal lives. It is a good time to speak up without too much consideration for how profound the change could (and will) be. On the 22nd, Neptune goes retrograde in your house of long-term relationships. If you have been looking for clarity from a partner, this is a good time to approach them from a more emotional vantage point. Your heightened emotional awareness and intuition is like being the only one in the room with X-ray vision. Approach with care.


Your ruling planet, Venus, spends the first eight days of this month in your house of deep psychology. While you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt (especially people you love, have loved or will love), this is a time to truly check in with who you are romantically. It is an exceptional time to set yourself up for deeply rewarding relationships, but you have to be willing to get in the shadows of your current (or previous) relationships. First: are you happy now? Second: what do you want to do differently? Third: what do you put up with because of your own unhealthy views of yourself? For example: if I am dysfunctional, how can I expect someone else to be anything different? This is a time for changes in your root system. Do not be afraid to dig everything up; it’s for your own survival.


This month’s energy is best dedicated to cleaning out to make room for something better. This can be true about objects, but is even more true about things you are burdened with emotionally. It is easy for a horoscope to say that all you have to do is stop caring about the things that are bringing you down and go on vacation. While that’s true, we must consider why we feel stuck and held back, and do whatever we can—in our power—to free ourselves for what is coming. The full moon on the 17th lands in your house of spirituality, bringing strange dreams and important emotional eurekas. Pay attention to what comes up during this time: the weirder it is, the more important and actionable it could be.


The full moon on the 17th lands in your sign in conjunction with Jupiter. This is a super-charged full moon, bringing extreme Sagittarian themes: freedom, luck, philosophy, justice. These are some of the things to really align yourself with, to feel your best self as a goal by the end of the year. On the 22nd, Neptune goes retrograde in your house of home, bringing healing vibes to your house. If you have wanted to create a more peaceful environment, this is a good time to do something about it. Sometimes the best we can do is take ourselves out of the situation—which goes against some of your basic instincts. But if it feels heavy or hard, free yourself.


The sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your house of daily living and work. This is an important time to get a physical, with all the bells and whistles. Ask for more money at work. Apply for your dream job, or a promotion. Soak in the admiration of other people. The new moon on the 3rd is an especially powerful time to work in these themes. On the 22nd, Neptune goes retrograde in your house of communication, bringing feelings into even the most basic communications. This is a good time to speak from the heart, but if you get an email that feels especially charged, be careful how you respond.


This month is a good time to dedicate a lot of time and intention to your creative endeavors. The sun, Venus, and Mercury are all in your house of personal creativity. New ideas, inspirations, and people will motivate you in ways that unlock incredible outcomes. Until the 8th, Venus is camped out in your house of home, promoting comfort and sharing of vulnerability in your relationships. Share your feelings without fear—the people who are romantically right for you will make you feel more profoundly loved. Neptune goes retrograde in your house of personal worth on the 22nd, bringing some vulnerabilities up to the surface. Work on your own perceived shortcomings with compassion.


This month, the sun, Venus, and Mercury all land in your house of home, marking a time for big changes. If you have wanted to add to your family (a pet, a baby, a small plant) now is a good time to seriously consider how to do that. Talk about changes you want to make in your home, or grow your knowledge about projects you want to do on your home. This is also a perfect month to release objects in your space that feel weighted or not for you. If you have joyful, sentimental feelings about an object, keep it. If you need to get rid of something, do it without a lot of regret or overthinking. Do not be afraid: these moves are all for the best.

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