An interesting cosmic high five happens on the 11th of this month. Jupiter (the planet of abundance, joy, and luck) goes direct on the exact same day as Uranus (the planet of chaos) goes retrograde. This is great. Uranus retrograde happens every year for about six months; and because Uranus is so unruly in its natural state, its retrograde state pushes for outcomes without all the surprises. Jupiter brings all the blessings, especially because it is in the sign it rules, Sagittarius, until the end of this year. This is a good time for every sign to get going on stalled projects and manifest a life desired. Big, bold moves are well received by the universe, and when you trust your own experience, path, and that the universe/god/your community have your back, you will go a lot further.

On the 18th, Mars moves into Virgo, followed by Venus on the 21st and the sun on the 23rd. Virgo season really marks a time when things can get in order. If something is unhealthy, it will be exposed and stopped. On a grand scale, we could see some “cleaning of house” where people in places of power are removed, structures that are unsound crumble, and truth is shared. In our small worlds, organization is helpful, tasks are easier to get finished, and we are proud of our work. If you are doing something you know needs to change for your health, this is a good time to get on that better path.

The new moon in Virgo trines Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on the 30th. Make room for a sweeping emotional change in your life. This is meant to make you healthier emotionally, even if it hurts at first. This new moon is powerful in changing old habits and restoring healthy attitudes and behaviors.


Jupiter has been bringing you luck and good fortune since November of 2018. Jupiter rules our sense of freedom, joy, and good luck. This past spring, it went into a retrograde phase, slowing these blessings down a bit, giving you time to reflect on all the people, adventures, surprises, and change that Jupiter brought into your life. On the 11th of this month, it goes direct. Additionally, the sun, Venus, and Mars are in a trine to your sign, so this is a pivotal moment to begin again. During this time, you can speak your dreams into existence and even small movements have enormous results. Instant gratification and positive outcomes? It is a good month to be an Aries.


Uranus will go retrograde in your sign on the 11th. This planet rules chaos, so its retrograde phase creates a lot of opportunity for easy growth without the weird outcomes of direct Uranus transits. The best use of this time (this retrograde will end at the beginning of 2020) is approaching anything you want to change with an open heart and new tactics. The choices that might usually make you uncomfortable are easier with this retrograde phase, because to get something new, you have to do something new. The new moon on the 30th lands in your house of creativity, providing a perfect time to start (or resume) a project.


This should be a month dedicated to manifestation. If your perfect life could exist, what would it look like? Make a list as specific as possible (“a job that pays me every two weeks” or “a livable wage” is a lot more productive than a general idea of “money,” for example), and break down what needs to happen to get you there. The oomph of Jupiter going direct in opposition to your sun on the 11th will add good luck and positive outcome to everything you focus on. This is not an easy opposition, because it asks that your drive for change move quickly and often. But with intention, you can get a lot further in any part of your life now.


The amount of money you make has nothing to do with your value in the world. This month, the way you see yourself is front and center, and your focus should be on intellect, love, action, and identity. In each category you have a great lesson to learn. Here is what to consider: how have The Powers That Be (capitalism, beauty standards, your mom, a boss you had ten years ago) impacted the way you speak to yourself? There are abundant blessings coming to your work and home lives; and in order to get the most out of them, you have to start with knowing you are worthy. The full moon on the 15th is a powerful time to access deeper knowledge about yourself. Get in there and let it out.


Mars, Venus, and the sun all spend most of the month in your sign. Paired with Jupiter going direct in a lovely trine to your sign, you hit the ground running this month. Pay especially close attention to how you are feeling from the 11th to the 17th. This is a moment when a lot of things are lining up for you, and it is important to move toward passion and positivity. Uranus goes retrograde this month in your house of public identity, giving new breath to the messages you like to share with the world around you. If you were given the mic, spotlight, an hour of the world’s time—what would you share? We always value and follow your voice; understanding what you want to do with it is key this month.


Spirituality holds a lot of weight, especially when you are forced to worship in ways that feel inauthentic to you. Here’s the deal: whether it’s organized religion, meditation, endless organizing, or crowd surfing, we all have something that brings us more internal peace. This month, spend some time considering your spirituality. When Jupiter goes direct on the 11th, you have the opportunity to receive an avalanche of knowledge. This is a powerful time to expand your mind. On the 23rd, the sun moves into your sign, followed by a new moon on the 30th. Set some intentions for the coming year during this week. Dreams, goals, and hopes—nothing is too silly or far-fetched for this powerful time dedicated to manifestation.


For the next six years, Uranus will spend time in your house of psychology. Uranus spends around half of every year in retrograde, one half being chaotic good, the other half being only good. On the 11th of this month, Uranus goes into a retrograde, slowing down emotional surprises and helping you ease into some of the big shifts this planet has provided. Therapy rules—a traditional sit-down across from a person is great, but so are other systems that get feelings out and open. Call your best friend and tell them everything. Declutter. Get your hair done. Unload. The new moon on the 30th is a good time to chill really hard and do something luxurious.


Uranus will go retrograde in opposition to your sign on the 11th of this month. This coincides with Jupiter going direct on the same day in your house of value. Around this date, spend a day taking stock of where you are. The universe is boosting your self-love in a huge way right now, so revisiting old feelings, clearing spaces, and mending relationships is a lot easier. What do you like about your life? If there is a part of your life you really don’t like, can you change it into something you like more? Is it worth keeping? A theme of personal liberation starts this month and lasts through the end of this year, so open yourself up to your own freedom and the work it will take to get there.


Last November, your ruling planet, Jupiter, reappeared in your sign after a 12 year hiatus. This began a year of luck, good fortune, and expansion in your life. This spring, it went into a retrograde phase, which provides a lot of opportunities to soak in the abundance of this planetary alignment. On the 11th of this month, it goes direct, and will stay in your sign through December of this year. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. On the 11th (or as close as you can get to it) make a list of the things you want in your life. Want to win the lottery? Cool, write it on the list. Manifestation is strong with this planet—be careful to ask for what you want and what you can handle. Even seemingly bad outcomes have a blessing now. Find the silver lining.


Listen Cap, I hate to tell you this with such short notice, but you must take a trip this month. Even if it’s just to the next town over for a day trip, the new environment is totally necessary for expanding your ideas, love life, and passion. Go somewhere totally new for best results. When Jupiter goes direct on the 11th, it lands in your house of spirituality, providing a boost to your intuition. Trusting your gut response is best now; and if you have been confused about how to move forward in a part of your life, clarity is very achievable now. The full moon on the 15th lands in your house of value. Be careful with how you spend money around this time.


The sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars spend a lot of this month in opposition to your sign. These planets will all motivate (and annoy) you to make some very important changes. You are the person holding the keys to your success. How do you want to act differently in work, love, and business? Are you happy with the things you are making? The full moon on the 15th lands in your sign—this usually happens once per year, so it is a good time to take emotional stock of where you are and where you are going. If you have been taking a more passive role in your life, this month will force you to get moving in your own direction.


A shift in your daily life is forecast for this month. A change in work, home, or health is happening. Using this time frame with purpose is ideal—if you are proactive, the changes are less surprising. Get a checkup. Whether it’s in a doctor’s office, with your healer, or a super specialist for your special bod, go see someone. Move your home, or move things around inside the one you already have. Get rid of things that make you feel burdened. You do not need five boxes of cards from your childhood birthdays—make it four. When Jupiter goes direct on the 11th, the amount of attention you will be getting, especially for the work you are doing, will be overwhelming. Get your ducks in a row.

@iamastrology illustrations Kallie Tiffau

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