Virgo season is upon us, y’all. The sun stays in Virgo this month until the 22nd, getting us all back on track. With the sun in Virgo, we have powerful opportunities to clean up everything in our lives. Stop doing the thing that is unhealthy: you will feel worse about yourself if you are compromising your body or spirit. Reconnect with routine: start doing things that make life easier and better. This can be simple, like making your own iced coffee instead of zombying your way to a coffee shop and paying ten times more for the same thing; or something more complex, like restructuring your job to maximize your days.

On the 14th, there is a full moon in Pisces at the same time Mercury and Venus go into Libra. This ushers in a gentle, emotional, beauty-based month. Do something luxurious. Go see music that makes you cry. Tell the people you care about how much you care about them. These transits enrich our lives; slow down enough to consume as many beautiful things as possible for the week before and the month following the 14th.

On the 18th, Saturn goes direct in Capricorn where it will stay until the end of 2020. This wakes up the Saturnine themes of responsibility and personal power in the sign that ultimately wants us to have the most effective relationship within these themes. It is important to make a plan. What do you want your life to look like in the coming weeks, months, year-and-a-half? Remember, as this forward motion with Saturn begins, it is important to balance work with joy. We are not machines, and while it is important to respect work that makes life worth living, you are allowed to get wild every once in a while. Here’s the homework: make a list of things you have been ignoring over the summer that are creating anxiety in your life. There is a lot of opportunity for growth in your money, with your work, and within your family dynamic, but you have to be the one to get it all going in the right direction. Now is the right time to start.


For the first three weeks of every September, the sun illuminates the goings-on of your daily life. Work, health, and home are all in minute-to-minute focus this month; an intentional check-in should be made in all of these realms. Make an appointment to get a physical, or a haircut. Are you happy with your home space? This is a good time to simplify and declutter. Are you feeling inspired and motivated at work, or always salty? Take notice, and give notice if it feels like you need a change of scenery. Saturn goes direct on the 18th in your house of public identity. This is a powerful time to realign with your message and get it out into the world—especially if you know that the things you are standing (screaming) for enrich the world around you.


Romance is a power that rules your life, Taurus. Whether huge romantic gestures or sappy, small moments—you’re here for all of it. This month, Venus (the planet of love) lands in your house of ego. This transit attracts everyone. It shows you how beautiful your world can be, and the ways you want and need to be loved. The work here is to pay attention to this universal blessing. Sometimes you don’t know someone is interested in you until they are pulling their heart out of their own chest. Connect with the idea that you are loveable, and take stock of why and how. On the 15th, Venus moves into your house of daily living, which is unleashing a new era of love in your life. As a ruler of this romantic world, you deserve big, bolder feelings about how beautiful the whole world is. Do not settle for less—especially this month.


In astrology, the eighth house rules death, birth, sex, and our relationship to money. On the 18th of this month, Saturn—the planet of responsibility—goes direct in this part of your chart. It is important that you find a healthy, personal balance in all of these topics right now. This transit is actually longer than this month, but getting “back on track” is really important now. If you have been ignoring your own boundaries, grief, need for change, or bank balance, it’s time to tighten those things back up for the sake of your sanity. The sun, Venus, and Mercury all spend most of this month in your house of home, creating a really incredible relationship to your self-care routine. Go home, make a nest, and take a break between the wild ride of the times.


Connection to knowledge is at a peak this month, Cancer. Now is a good time to take a class, be in school, or teach someone something new. If you are feeling challenged by something or someone in your life, this is also a time when a lot of clarity could be reached. It is important that around the 14th you stay open to doing something outside of your comfort zone; the experiences you have will increase your self-knowledge at a surprising rate. On the 18th, Saturn goes direct in opposition to your sign, bringing back into focus the immense pressure around the thing you feel most responsible for. Money, family, relationships, growth, health—any part of your life that feels stagnant has the potential to create a feeling of inadequacy. Homework: take an inventory of how you want your life to look. It doesn’t have to be wildly different. What can you give up that isn’t feeding your dreams? Are you being gentle with yourself while you shift your perspectives? This work is hard and heavy: be nice to yourself.


As the prideful, bold, sun-ruled lion of the astrological wheel, it can feel foreign to think that you are out of touch with how incredible you are. The world assumes that you are flying high always. And while this could (mostly) be the case, this month is a really good time to reconnect to the roots of your own self-worth. What do you like about yourself? What do you value about the things you have, and will create? Self-worth is a tricky thing, and even as the entire world celebrates you, if you’re not feeling yourself, it means nothing. Check in with where you are internally, outside the influence of anyone else’s opinions. Saturn goes direct this month in your house of daily living, bringing change to your health, work, and home. This is for the best, so it is important you show up for the task and work for real change.


From the first to the 13th of this month, the sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are all in your sign. While a Virgo is always deeply connected to their growth, now is an incredible time to have the universe working in your favor. Think about the last year, or even two: were there projects you had to let go of because they wouldn’t work, for whatever reason? Did a change happen in your love life that you haven’t fully absorbed? Did you mean to grow your knowledge about something and couldn’t get to taking the class or reading the book? The universe has aligned to make this work minimal, with maximum results. Even ideas born during this time will have traction over the next year; there is no need to feel pressure. When Saturn goes direct in a trine with your sign on the 18th, you will feel a push to see results. Instead of running yourself ragged, look at the things you have already done. Saturn will provide more opportunities to produce more in your life, and it is important that this pressured planet does not create feelings of inadequacy. Balance discipline with knowing your limits for best results.


Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. In the realm of spirituality there are plenty of beautiful experiences, such as ritual and community-based worship, or the idea that many before you have been healed or moved or saved by their preferred religion or belief system. As an individual, it is important this month that you understand your spirituality and its practices when you are completely alone. Prayer, contemplation, and meditation provide a deeper awareness of where you want to go over the coming year. This is true however you hold your beliefs—if the highest power is a god or yourself, reconnecting to the central message of faith is key to understanding the next step in every part of your life. Saturn goes direct in a square to your sign on the 18th of this month, pushing you to see what you need to change in your life. Hard work is hard! Be gentle with yourself about how much you’d like to grow: this is a time for change, and there is no need to add internal drama to your emotional plate.


The 11th house of the astrological wheel rules community and friendship. This month, the sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all camped out to remind you how important connection is. For whatever reason, we can get into parts of our lives where our friendships are not as much of a central focus. You will find that this month, when you prioritize your platonic relationships, an incredible amount of growth will happen. Get your people together. Have a friend date at least twice a week. Unload and unpack and listen to your people about what is moving them. Create with each other. On the 14th of this month there is a full moon in a trine to your sign—watch out for an emotional speed bump of epic proportions that comes along with this moon. Be careful to react with intention. This moon is meant to propel a deeper knowledge of self, but it’s possible that certain themes it will bring up could be difficult. You can change parts of your world without burning the whole thing down.


The world is your audience this month: what would you like to say? The sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all aligned in your house of public identity. You are most motivated to leave the world a more beautiful and informed place than you found it; this transit creates a lot of opportunities for you to teach, perform, or share your ideas effectively. If you are in a professional environment where your ideas don’t align with your employers, get creative or leave—you deserve to share as much as we deserve your fiery ideas. On the 18th of this month, Saturn goes direct in your house of self-worth. You are smack dab in the middle of a three year period of deepening your love for yourself and your beliefs. If there are people, places, or things that don’t promote your personal phoenix-ing, they gotta go! As Saturn goes direct, pay close attention to energy vampires, and get away from them.


As Saturn goes direct in your sign this month on the 18th, the central focus—and relief—comes from understanding where you feel joy and freedom. Making big changes during this month will be really helpful to your mental state, even if the change comes from upsetting circumstances. Your homework: what are your sources of happiness? Make a plan to take a trip—even if it’s just for the day. Dust off that self-help book or that inspiring biography you were going to start (when you could), and get into it. Checking in with inspiration and joy will sustain your heart through some of the harder themes that come up around your own personal influence on the world at large. The new moon on the 28th provides a check-in with power—bosses, money, or the government could take a central role for a moment here. Stick up for yourself and say what you mean. Your messages will be well received.


Do you see a therapist? Do you have activities that feel like therapy (like getting into nature, going to see music, building your Mardi Gras costume)? This month, the sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are all in your house of deep psychology. This will stir up feelings that can be complex, and it is important that you have ways to understand how to work through them. Not everyone has interest in or access to traditional therapy, so it is important to spend intentional time working through some of the big themes that are coming up now. This is especially true if they have anything to do with sexuality, death, or money. Saturn goes direct on the 18th, creating some pressure that is best alleviated by bending reality. Spiritual practices involving meditation, getting very drunk with your pals, psychedelics, reading a sci-fi book about a better world, or spending a day alone consuming media that connects you with a different consciousness could really help. Approach these activities with the idea of a reset.


The seventh house in astrology rules our lifelong committed relationships. Traditionally, these relationships are agreed upon with a contract, like a marriage or business. But this also has everything to do with relationships that might have felt like marriages, even though they didn’t have legal power. The sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are all in this house in your chart this month, promoting a check-in with who you are (and have been) in this part of your life. Who do you see yourself with for the long haul? Are you happy with the people who you are long-hauling it with currently? Do you need to make peace with yourself or others about divorces that have happened in your life? The full moon on the 14th lands in your sign, creating a magical moment to spew out all the bad energy from the last year. Take a few hours to think about what needs to go, whether it’s objects or ways of thinking about yourself. Lighten the load.

illustrations by Kallie Tiffau

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