Until the 22nd of this month, the sun is in Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, art, and compassion. Libra also rules fairness, so if you’ve been wanting to understand the other side of an argument or way of thinking, this is the time to do it. Consuming art during this time can expand your heart and deepen your love for your fellow humans. Ask a friend to make you a mix, get recommendations for a good book, go see a play, or watch an hour of performed poetry on YouTube—the more art the better.

On the 3rd, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn for almost a decade, so this is not totally new energy, but its direct motion will reignite some of the transformative work we were all doing last spring. Pluto will change things, and it is up to us to act accordingly. As Pluto goes direct, it will be in a square to the sun. On a grand, worldwide scale, this will be a time of some pretty quick, big changes. In our personal lives, it is important that we are patient with ourselves and the people around us. We are all collectively holding the weight of the planet and we have completely different views on how to shift that weight, share our ideas for change, and listen when others share theirs.

On the 23rd, the sun enters Scorpio, followed by a new moon in the same sign on the 27th. Scorpio season is transformative, emotional, and clarifies a lot of our psychological hang-ups. On or around the 27th, consider your deepest bonds and how to celebrate them. We can see ourselves on a cellular level with the sun in Scorpio. Sometimes, our ideas about who we are and where we’re going originate from stories we are told about ourselves. Challenge yourself to define what you want, where you want to be, and who you want to be with. If something you want seems impossible, dissecting those beliefs can lead to bigger and better results.


The sun’s illumination is usually helpful to understand what you are looking at, be it neutral, productive, or challenging. This month until the 22nd, the sun is in opposition to your sign. This is the universal equivalent of opening your phone’s camera on selfie mode—it shows you angles you usually don’t see (and some you don’t want to see). The challenge here is this: what do we do when we see the same old things with new eyes? On the 3rd, Pluto goes direct in a square to your sign, challenging you to change. This transit will create some stress and tension, but it is important to be ready for something different, rather than fighting against the tide. 


Your daily life workings are in pretty serious focus this month, with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all making stops in this part of your chart. This is a time for a check-in with your workplace, health, and love life. When you think about how things might need to change in any of these areas, be compassionate with yourself. This does not indicate an end, just a change. If you are underwhelmed by your work, ask for more to do. If you have been avoiding making a change in your health, this is a time to do something about it and create sustainable new habits. Take a little day trip with your crush/partner (or on your own) to deepen your awareness of yourself as a loveable human. The full moon on the 13th lands in your sign, upping some of the drama. Remember to speak the truth, not scream it.


You may feel this month that there are not enough hours in a day to create all the things your brain is capable of. As the month starts, use this planetary energy to keep a strict schedule. Give yourself time every day to make something. Make time for your love life. Even if you’re a single person that isn’t looking, take yourself on dates. This is a time to replenish your relationship with yourself, your processes, and your greatness. On the 3rd, Pluto goes direct in your house of psychology. Therapy is extremely productive with Pluto in the 8th house. This transit will transform your feelings, so moving through it with a therapeutic lens could be powerful. Therapy in a traditional sense is just as good as finding ways to get into your murky depths with other, less traditional tools. See an astrologer! Try laughing yoga! Delete social media apps from your phone!


Your relationship to home and motherhood is illuminated this month. It is a good time to start or finish the process of moving. You know that box of sentimental things that you moved into your house five years ago and never unpacked? That’s something to focus on this month. It is a good time to connect with your mom, or the matriarch that got you to where you are today. Connecting to your best self as a parent is also important now. You probably take care of something, whether it’s a human, animal, or plant. Do you want more? Do you want something different? Deepening your relationship to this part of your life is worthwhile this month. On the third, Pluto goes direct in exact opposition to your sign, joining Saturn to create some pressure for change. This pressure isn’t new, but it will show itself more intensely this month.

[pullquote]Ask a friend to make you a mix, get recommendations for a good book, go see a play, or watch an hour of performed poetry on YouTube—the more art the better.[/pullquote]


The third house in the astrological wheel holds the power of communication, learning, and teaching. This month, with the sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all spending various amounts of time in your third house, it is an important time to share and absorb messages that are meant for you. Whether you are sharing your message as a professor in a college classroom or on Facebook with your aunt, it is important to get it out there. The planets of love and war are both in this placement, so passion in your thoughts and words will be there now more than ever. Be careful to choose your words wisely. On the 23rd, the sun goes into a square with your sign, creating a need for change, especially in your home life. When you face these changes directly, the best outcome will happen—as opposed to ignoring that nagging feeling and it coming out in some weird, uncontrolled way.


While thinking of things to write for you this month, Virgo, the words “MONEY and SELF CARE” kept resounding through my mind. The planets Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the sun are all together in a part of your chart this month that rules your relationship to yourself and money. This is a good time to start healing from negative self-talk. Venus shows you love in the parts of yourself that you try not to show anyone else. If there is a workbook for understanding your anxiety/stress/feelings of inadequacy that you have been eyeing, now is the time to get it. Money is something that you have to really check in with. When you look at your budget, where could you loosen or tighten? Do you need to ask for more money at work? Change jobs? Are you underpaid for your passions? If you have been considering focusing more on passion-based work, this is a good month to get that ball rolling.


The sun spends most of this month in your sign, and is joined by Mars on the 4th. The powers of these two, especially working together, are that they put you in a space where you feel more aligned with who you are and how you work. If you have been wondering when to make that impossible leap, it’s now. If you were avoiding something in your life, the sun illuminates it and Mars follows with energy to change. If you feel uncharacteristically angry, annoyed, or fired up, get to the root of those feelings, because this is a time where the universe is giving you the clarity you need. On the 3rd, Pluto goes direct in a square to your sign. While this energy is not new, big changes are coming for you, so be ready and willing to go with the flow.


On the 3rd of this month, Mercury enters your sign, followed by Venus on the 8th. These are the planets of love and communication, and it is important that you open your life and heart up to both of these themes. Share your thoughts now, because you will be able to do so with more compassion than usual. This is a good month to make changes to your appearance, even if they are temporary. The new moon on the 27th is in your sign, which is basically a New Year’s celebration for your feelings. Around this date, set intentions for the coming year. One year from now, where do you want to be? Who do you want to be with? The more specific the better, but vague feelings are also totally appropriate. On the 31st of this month, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, creating some issues with communication and business agreements. This is an ideal time to act with your gut. Avoid signing up for things that seem too good to be true.


At some point this month, it is ideal for you to gather your community. This can be for a fictional or exact reason, or just to do something fun. Either way, being around like-minded people as much as possible is key for growth this month. On the 3rd, Pluto goes direct in your house of personal value, which will change your relationship with yourself. This is a good month to stand up for who you are and what your various missions are. If you feel underappreciated or unheard, now is the time to speak up. Raising your voice will reinforce your personal feelings of power and ability. The full moon on the 13th lands in your house of work, and it is important that you don’t let weird vibes overwhelm your work life. Be careful in your reactions—for yourself and for the longevity of your working relationships.


There is some pretty powerful Capricorn energy this month. The sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all pass through your house of public appearance at the same time that transformative Pluto goes direct. This is a time where you will one day look back and wonder how you got through it, and how you made so much of it. It is not an especially easy time to be a Capricorn, but if given all the power in the world, what would you do? If the universe is trying to ask anything of you, it is that question, over and over—especially this month. Are you happy with your role in this shift that is happening? Do you need to change your personal strategy to get better results? Whether you are ready or not, you are changing. Get on board for a less bumpy ride.


There is a lot to be learned in taking a trip this month, Aquarius. The longer the better, but even spending a night somewhere new can spark new love, new passion, and new direction in your life. On the 3rd, Pluto goes direct in your house of spirituality, so if you’d like to include this in your journey, it could be doubly transformative. On the 8th, Venus enters your house of public appearance, bringing much needed attention and love to your work. If you want to create something for people to see, now is the time to maximize your audience. The new moon on the 27th squares your sign, challenging you to act; this may be something you have been putting off. A leap of faith is well received by the universe with this new moon, so get moving.


It is time for a yearly check-in with your feelings around sex and sexuality, your own experience around birth and rebirth, and your psychological relationship to death and money. Sometimes you have a tendency to avoid heavy emotional topics, but getting some systems into practice around these themes this month could be deeply rewarding. On the 3rd, Pluto goes direct in your house of community, showing you just how much has changed in recent years in regards to your social life. With transformation comes new life—have you mourned the loss of the old and celebrated the gaining of the new? The new moon on the 27th is trine your sign in Scorpio; set some intentions for the coming year around dealing with your emotions.

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