On the 2nd of this month, Jupiter—the planet of abundance, opportunity, and luck—moves into Capricorn. This placement slows the usually wild ride of Jupiter into more intentional actions, to build the possibility of a lot of Jupiter’s effects in the coming years. The “fun part” now is slow and steady building, especially with future-driven visions. This transit lasts a year, and in this year, Jupiter will join pragmatic Saturn and life-altering Pluto in their transit through Capricorn. This alignment is extremely unusual (the last time being 1894 BCE) which gives it monumental potential to really change the landscape of how we approach Capricornian themes. Money, power, and infrastructure—all of these social constructs have been undergoing a serious shift, and with Jupiter in the mix, the focus is on lightness. What will ultimately make us more free? Does the death of one kind of power give birth to more joy? More love? More creative energy? With these three powerful outer planets together, a new world is being created. The last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was 2008—when the stock market crashed—which is a good reference point in understanding the mission of this planet. If 2008’s financial crisis was an indicator that money was being used to limit and enslave people (predatory lending, cover-ups from the super wealthy to keep or take more money, then-president Bush getting billions of dollars in oil deals in the Middle East in the name of war), the system will crumble to show what we all need to be more free. With the help of Saturn and Pluto in this sign, this Jupiter transit is much more likely to begin an actual shift because there is more responsible backing of these changes planetarily. On a small scale: be intentional with your money. If you decide to change careers or work for yourself, make sure you have a lot of fiscal backup. Grow relationships with people you have reciprocity with. If they want you to succeed, stick with them. Our bullshit detectors are at an all-time high: if you see something out of whack, call it out. We can’t call our space “clean” if there is a gigantic garbage pile in the closet. Air it out.

From the first to the 20th, the sun is in Sagittarius. This is a good time to gather with your friends, go on an adventure, or plan a trip for the coming year. During this time, Sagittarius’ ruling planet, Jupiter, moves out of Sagittarius, which ends a year of fast growth in every part of our lives. As the sun moves through Sagittarius, a good exercise might be taking some stock of where you’ve been over the last year. What has come into your life that you never expected? What parts of yourself do you feel more confidence and trust in? Do you feel a new level of bravery around an old fear? Our internal wildness just had a full year for rebooting, and this sun transit will show you the ways in which you are stronger and more able. Give yourself some credit.

On the 21st, the sun moves into Capricorn, followed by a solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th. Capricorn has the reputation of being a cold and serious sign, which is untrue. Capricorn asks for focus, intention, and a potential for future growth. There is a perpetual motion with a Capricorn: stagnant energy, people, and places make them uneasy. And instead of going back and forth about whether they want to maintain a relationship when it isn’t working, they move along. This eclipse and sun motion should inspire this in all of us, so cut the crap. You can be a sign that THRIVES in drama and still feel like some of that drama is stale, so get rid of it. Apply for things that better your future. What parts of your life feel like they are sinking in quicksand? You are the only person who has the power to get them out—start working on it. There is a universal awareness and reward now in recognizing the work and path ahead, and being brave enough to start. Do it for yourself; and if you can’t, do it for the people who built you up.


At the beginning of this month, the planet Jupiter moves from a harmonious trine to a difficult square with your sign. This is a time when the universe wants to see your work, intention, and what direction you are headed. Sometimes with Jupiter we fall into habits and pathways that we don’t intend to, and this shift will clean a lot of that up. This also brings about a change and potential growth to your work life. If you are unhappy in your work, this is a good time to look for something better, or be more mindful of how you think and talk about your work. Be aware of surprises around the 26th—things may come up that totally shift your focus. Make sure it’s something you want to shift.


On the second of this month, Jupiter makes a trine to your sign. This is a transit that happens every four years, and marks a time for tremendous growth and change. Uranus happens to also be in your sign for the next several years. And while you have maybe gotten comfortable with the idea of change that Uranus brings, Jupiter triples the pace. Set some intentions for the coming year around growth during the new moon/solar eclipse on the 26th. Be as precise as you want. Setting intentions can feel magical, but understanding which direction you want to go in helps get your work motivated in the exact direction for proper takeoff.


There’s a really rare event happening in the universe right now: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Capricorn at the same time. This hasn’t happened in thousands of years. For you, this happens to land in a sort of philosophy-shaping position. The themes of birth, death, sex, and money are all being questioned and refined for your sign, and with Jupiter here, a lot of healing and happiness can come to these themes. If there are experiences you’ve had that you need to heal from or accept, Jupiter will help. If you want to grow within any of these themes, Jupiter will help. On the 26th of this month, the solar eclipse will blow some of these themes up to show you what work needs to be done. Pay attention to what comes up during this time.


On the second of this month, Jupiter goes into an opposition with your sign. Oppositions can be tough—they force us to make moves in directions related to a specific level of discomfort. To get ahead of feeling like your life is so uncomfortable that you want to burn it to the ground and move to the moon, here’s an exercise: Cancer, what do you want? In your wildest dreams, where are you? Who are you with? What do you have? This transit will give you exact directions to get to everything you’re dreaming of, but you have to be willing to show up for yourself. It is HARD to release things that are comfortable but no longer serving you, and it’s important that you understand where these things are happening in your life. The solar eclipse on the 26th will give you some very clear ideas about who, what, and which places are draining your energy.


Jupiter moves into your house of daily life on the 2nd of this month, bringing a lot of opportunities to work, home, and health. This transit joins the more serious Pluto and Saturn, which have been bearing down on these themes for the last few years especially. Jupiter will bring a major lightening, making everything feel much more possible. There is an especially potent day to pay attention to: the solar eclipse on the 26th will show you some of your ideals. Where and how and who you are with are all worth examining. If your hard work is starting to pay off, where do you want to go? If there are major health changes you want to make, this is a good time to start something that will stick.


At the beginning of this month, Jupiter moves into a trine with your sign in your house of ego. Jupiter brings a lot of lessons as it moves in 12 year cycles, and a good exercise for this planetary alignment is to think back to who you were and how you felt in 2008. How has your self-awareness grown? How has your confidence grown? This transit also brings an avalanche of creative energy—so much that if you don’t allow yourself an outlet you might feel a general pressure in your life. Anxiety is a good indicator over the next year that you could use some time to make something. On the 26th, there is an eclipse in this position as well. This is a perfect time to either make or go see any art form that expands your mind or brings you peace.


Jupiter moves into a square with your sign on the second of this month. This square lands in your house of home, bringing brightness to your domestic life. Squares are not a particularly easy relationship between two planets, so this is also a time when the bad parts of something that’s not working will become shockingly obvious. The best part of this transit is that you don’t have to ponder everything to death—the universe shows you exactly what you need for your happiness. Act with intention, as quickly as possible for best results. If it is unclear what needs to change, the eclipse on the 26th is a good time to pay attention to what is bringing up negative feelings. Start there.


There is a major overhaul coming for your communication style this month. Jupiter moves into your house of learning and speaking on the 2nd, where it will stay for around a year. This transit brings incredible energy to learn (or teach) something new. If you have had something to say for years and haven’t had the right words, now is the time. The sun spends the first 20 days in your house of self-worth, illuminating the parts of yourself that you usually try to keep hidden. Start with these secret internal spaces as motivation for what and how you want to communicate. It doesn’t have to be you bearing your soul to the masses to be transformative. Even the smallest brushes against your truth will change it.


The sun is in your sign this month until the 20th. Sagittarian themes that are lit up during this time are a need for adventure, freedom, creativity, new spaces, and new people. The sun wants to remind you how big the world is and, if you have had any feelings of being trapped (physically or emotionally), how best to escape. On the 2nd, Jupiter ends its year in your sign. Take time at the beginning of this month to really consider how you have grown and opened your heart over the last year. Jupiter brings all the things—not just the best things. Was there anything you picked up over the last year that you’d like to change or get rid of? With Jupiter moving to a spot that is much more involved in internal processing, it’s completely appropriate to purge anything that doesn’t make you feel light enough to move as quickly as you want.


On the second of this month, the planet of Jupiter enters your sign. This happens every 12 years, bringing so much into your life. Jupiter is known to bring luck and joy into your life. A lot of times along with it, there are bigger lessons to be learned—and every once in a while, weird experiences and totally singular surprises. Capricorn, this past year has been especially life-changing, and with this Jupiter transit you may be able to understand better what life path all of the past years’ experiences have been promoting. On the 26th of this month, there is a solar eclipse in your sign. This is a good day (and the couple days around it) to celebrate making it this far. Where do you want to go with the knowledge that you are leading the ship?


On the 2nd of this month, Jupiter moves into your house of spirituality. This transit is a gentle reminder to promote your spirit, your personal humanitarian agendas, and to release the pressure of your secrets. If you have been looking for a great outlet for your spirituality, now is the time to try anything you have been curious about. Do the weird stuff! Ask people about their personal relationships to universal truths. This placement will also provide a lot of opportunities to understand yourself better through your dreams. A mouse shows up in your dreams? How do you feel about mice? Small and cute? Disgusting and terrifying? What in your life sparks these same feelings? Process.


On the 2nd of this month, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moves into your house of community and friendship. There has been a couple year period of true investigation around who is in your circle, and this transit will bring a lot of new people, new opportunities, and fun connections. For the first 20 days of this month, the sun is in a square to your sign, pressuring some of your public image. You may need to work harder, better, faster, or stronger. You may need to stand up for your feelings, or the feelings of someone who can’t stand up for themselves. This is a good time to pack a lot into your days. Your energy level is higher, and the connections you can make could change the course of your life.

@iamastrology | illustrations Kallie Tiffau