On October 11th, Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter brings opportunity, fresh perspective, and joy to our experiences. During its yearly autumnal shift from one sign to another, we feel a wave of change. Scorpio leads themes of the human experience that are fundamental and transformative: money, birth, sex, power, death. In phases of strong Scorpio influence, we need to get comfortable with our truths or get going.

Using Astrology as a tool for understanding what to prepare for is one thing, and Jupiter is the planet of potential. However, Jupiter is also a planet best understood in hindsight. In the first ten days of this month, dedicate some time to understand what changes have happened in your life, your personal relationships, your ideas of justice and fairness, and your personal relationship to art. When we consider the last Jupiter transit in Scorpio, it started in October of 2005, a few months after Hurricane Katrina. When we consider the change that can occur in times of forced rebirth, things can get messy if we are not careful. There are more possibilities than we can imagine with this transit, but transformation can make things unrecognizable. When you think about that time in your own life, or the life of a city, how would you have created a better birth? How have the last 12 years been shaped by this potential and change? Jupiter is life-bringing, Scorpio is life-making. This shift, over the next year, might create some emotional trauma, much like what was experienced 12 years ago. Being selective with power, money, and extreme personal changes and stances will help make this a better and more peaceful transition. Don’t jump at the shiny thing; jump at the right and balanced thing.

On the 15th, Venus enters Libra, followed by Mars entering Libra on the 23rd. Compassion and appreciation are plentiful during this time. Recognizing and striving in our relationships and pursuits is key to making this transit the best. Some action during this time might feel a little slower moving, but it is key to consider the many outcomes that can come from our actions in order to make the best move.


A year ago Jupiter started to oppose your sun sign. This happens every 12 years, and while there are a lot of potential outcomes, this transit creates a lot of possibilities that feel unrecognized and not fully formed. For the last year, there has been a constant and consistent pressure to feel good, surround yourself with fun, find joy and peace; in times of difficulty, this pressure can feel maddening. On the 11th of this month, Jupiter enters Scorpio, which will take this energy off of your sun. So, Aries, what have you landed on as this transit ended? What great things have you started since last fall that you want to continue for the next 12 years? What information in your relationships will float on with you? There is freedom outside of opposition, but be careful to use your new power for the goodness you want to see in yourself and your life vs. the immediate gratification of being able to do more in general.


Every year at the end of October, the sun opposes your sign. Oppositional energy is important for change to anyone, and a focus in self-reflection is necessary during this time to make a long-lasting move. On the 11th of this month, Jupiter enters Scorpio, adding a lot of oomph to this reflection. If you have been feeling that you would like to make a complete and total life change in your relationships, your expectations, or your experiences, this is the time for a total Taurus rebirth. Jupiter brings bundles of potential. As the slow and steady sign, you are not one to jump at every opportunity, but trusting that something could be good for you even if it is vulnerable is a lot easier during this transit. The new moon on the 19th is a good time to start to consider basic parts of your daily life that you would like to change. Make a list for the upcoming year, and as you shape and shift your perspective around these ideas, remake the list. You are capable of much more than you expect, as Jupiter is here to remind you.


The last year has been dedicated to a lot of daily affirmation and abundance in your intellectual ability. The combination of ideas that turned into lifestyles, ideas that turned into things, and ideas that turned into nothing rule a Jupiter trining your sun sign year. On the 5th, a burst of insight and new information, especially through social channels, will inspire movement in your life. When Jupiter moves into your house of daily living on the 11th, you should be ready for new work opportunities and health awareness—specifically if you have had health-related things on the back burner simmering for several years. With Mars in your house of home for most of this month, you may need more time alone and in spaces that you can truly relax. Take time.


As Jupiter moves from your house of home to your house of creativity on the 11th, it is no wonder that you feel the need to break free. In reality, you may not be able to fully move away from your normal space of home, but this year could be dedicated to trying to gain as much physical and emotional independence as possible. With Libra in Scorpio, feeling your feelings will be a lot more validating (and validated). Realistically, this is a time to make things for yourself and share them with people only when you feel up for it. This idea is a little anti-Cancer, as you are a giver of things, space, and time. Homework for the year, starting now: make a beautiful meal of your favorite foods, for yourself. Share only if you feel like it and think someone is deserving. Write, draw or photograph something, frame it, and put it on your own wall. It’s just as valuable to create beauty for your own life as it is for others.


I think sometimes you run for so long that you don’t understand what home is. This month, home is a space that should and will bring you joy. On the 11th, Jupiter enters your house of home, bringing with it some much-needed knowledge of where you are supposed to be, and who you are supposed to allow into this space with you. This month kicks off a year of Jupiter bringing opportunities to move, get cozy, and really recognize your best self in your most sacred and quiet spaces. Where do you feel your best? Do you want to share secrets and space with the same people you have been? This is a time for an emotional check-in on where you are on the planet, and it’s a good time to change it if it’s not working for you. As you move, make sure you will be just as happy with your choice now as you will be in one year.


Venus is in your sign until the 14th while Mars lingers until the 22nd. This is perfect quality time to get your basic, daily ducks in a row. When this transit occurs, you understand your movements, what you are passionate about, and who you want to be around a lot more clearly, all which very completely inform the way your communication and learning will shift with Jupiter on the 11th. This year, a long period will be significant, specifically in creating a message or absorbing complex and complete ideas with equally complete confidence. Jupiter in Scorpio is a time where we are very spiritually and emotionally woke, so learning about your own relationship to spirituality and your mental and emotional health are also great ways to use this year. The new moon on the 19th should balance out some of the ways that this transition will be overwhelming. In the pursuit of knowledge, you cannot make a wrong turn and you cannot waste time.



Sometimes, when given the choice of anything, it’s a bit overwhelming. When Jupiter is in your sign, it can feel like the whole world is flooding into your life. There are so many potentials, universes, and outcomes to consider. On the 11th, Jupiter shifts from your sign into Scorpio, marking a pretty special change. The first ten days of this month makes a good time to consider what you have experienced since last fall. It is also a good time to consider which people came and went in your life. After the 11th, you may experience some pay-offs for all the fires you had burning over the last year. This coming year should be centered around personal growth and an empowerment around your relationship to money. We cannot control all of the outcomes of a Jupiter transit, but seeing the rewards for trusting yourself and what you bring is really sacred.


This month is the start of a pretty big shift in your life, Scorpio. Jupiter is entering your sign on the 11th; the last time it was there was the fall of 2006. This is a time for a lot of lessons, a lot of celebration, and a lot of personal expression. When you think of what your life was like at the end of 2005 through the end of 2006, are there changes and experiences you are still holding onto? Are there ways you wished you would have freed yourself or created better relationships during that time? This is a pivotal time for rebirth and a full re-entry to the world. A super power of the Scorpio experience will always be your resilience and awareness, leading others to the light. Help yourself and other people understand the beauty of the darkness. We are listening.


This month starts with a spotlight on you. While this usually feels OK and you can handle the shine, this month you might feel like retreating. As Jupiter enters your house of spirituality on the 11th, you may have some big emotional realities come to the surface. This might be a time to shed some feelings, allow yourself to give into big emotional experiences, and ride the wave of what has felt like a nonstop reminder of how much things can change over the last few years. Because Jupiter rules your sign, you will have a bigger shift of focus than most anytime that Jupiter shifts from one sign to the next. This shift is particularly sacred and personal; taking trips to worship during this transition is ideal.


When the full moon hits on the 5th, you will experience some big check-ins with comfort. This full moon will happen in your house of home, and you may need to broaden your ideas of what (and who) you allow to inform your experiences. Jupiter has been camped out in your tenth house for the last year, which creates an exceptionally selfless and energetic time for making the world a special and big space for other people. Often, when we look back at a year that was marked by Jupiter in the tenth house, most of the moves we have made have been to make things better for somebody else. So, what did these things do for you? When Jupiter enters your eleventh house on the 11th, you may experience a strong shift where it seems that everyone you have been taking care of notices and celebrates you for all that you do. This isn’t necessarily the most comfortable decision, but allowing other people to weigh in or provide in your life creates new bonds and strength in spaces that you may feel depleted in. You don’t have to do it all alone.


Moon cycles are especially important to your chart this month, Aquarius. On the 5th, there is a full moon in Aries, which brings a lot of very important and potentially strange ideas into the way you communicate and learn. This spark could be used to shift your work or start something new. On the 19th, the new moon in Libra trines your sun sign, which also has a lot to do with learning, but more specifically through doing. This month, ideas are like fireworks. It’s a good time to start some things and make your dreams a reality. With the shift of Jupiter on the 11th from Libra to Scorpio, you may experience some changes in the ways you want to reach people, and might feel more interested in making the world better for everyone through specific and personal relationships. Shifting into a different emotional reality like this last happened in 2006. So ask yourself: When you think of what you learned about yourself then, what do you want to do with the gravity of this shift?


Venus and Mars start this month in your house of relationships. Pisces, understanding who you are with and how you want to adventure in your life with them is key as Jupiter enters Scorpio on the 11th. Romantically, this is a time for positivity and peace. This is also a time where you may feel a pull to make commitments to significant others. Jupiter moving into a water sign at the same time really fundamentally makes you understand what you want emotionally. Do not shy away from how great things could be—or how dysfunctional things are. You deserve depth and big feelings in your life and in your relationships; don’t settle for anything less. The new moon on the 19th is a good time to pay very close attention to how people close to you are making you feel. Cut ‘em loose if they aren’t on your team.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

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